A Major Women’s Issue: Repeal the WEP and GPO! Support House Bill by Davis, H.R.82

The Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision are poorly written laws that have been levied against public workers for nearly forty years.  They are particularly harsh against women.

The formula for the Windfall Elimination Provision does not produce the effect that it was designed to do.  It has a harsher effect on retirees who have had lower-paying jobs and lower pensions.  Currently, the one way of mitigating its effects requires a level of “substantial” yearly FICA earnings for 20-30 years. This level of “substantial” earnings discriminates against women who have been more likely to work at part time or low-paying jobs. Women are 43% of those affected by the WEP–currently nearly 780,000 thousand retired women.

Particularly egregious, the Government Pension Offset currently affects more than 700,000 retirees, 83% of them women.  The GPO reduces and usually eliminates all spousal and survivor benefits. More than 70% of retirees affected get none of their earned benefits. The GPO formula results in an average loss of $555 a month for men, but $745 for women.  A spouse who has been married for at least ten years normally earns both spousal and survivor benefits that their marriage partner has paid into FICA for them. The GPO ignores the 10-year dependency rule and eliminates the spousal or survivor benefit based on the spouse’s earning of a government pension which might not even have been earned during that marriage. The GPO continues to increase its penalties over the years for those who actually receive benefits, since, if the government pension recipient is given a raise, the law requires that person to report the raise to the Social Security Administration.  If the raise is for $30 a month, then the spousal or survivor benefit is reduced by $20. Every other retiree gets $30 a month cost of living, but the GPO affected senior only gets $10.

The WEP and GPO affect retirees in every state, and they have their harshest effects on lower income public employees: mail carriers, teachers, school bus drivers, police and fire employees with partial careers, city secretaries, and clerks. Their pensions are both taxed differently in different states and earned differently than Social Security benefits. Balancing a public pension’s benefits against Social Security benefits is inherently unfair and indefensible legislation. The Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset must be repealed!  

(Figures from CRS Reports RL 32453, and 98-35)  


  1. Beth Stafford says:

    So important!! I worked part time for 25 years at a hospital and went back to teaching at age 44. I was not able to get my full retirement from teaching when I retired at age 68. My Social Security was reduced. My husband has Lewy Body Dementia and I won’t be able to get his Social Security when he dies. We still have a mortgage and other bills to pay. Something needs to be done to help.

  2. Diane Durante says:

    AMEN!! PLEASE repeal this crazy, unjust, illegal ‘provision’!.

  3. Rebecca Quinlan says:

    This truly is so unfair. There are so many who receive benefits that have not even worked to earn them and then to put in a law to penalize someone whose only mistake is to take a job that is a state or government facility and take awake their earned benefits is criminal! I work for a school as a secretary. I don’t make a lot of money. I pay into my state retirement benefits account and my employer puts in a matching percentage. Imagine if they would begin penalizing every person that has a private 401K or another similar retirement account. That too would be completely wrong. This needs to be rectified, now.

  4. Bob Carreiro says:

    How long will it take to repeal these unfair laws, and “make good” the coffers of the swindled?

  5. Perhaps if some of the Big businesses paid their fair share or any taxes in this Country this would not be an issue. Time to expose the Congressman and Senators who support Big Business and don’t support this Bill which is only FAIR!!

  6. I have been getting these alerts for a couple of years and nothing has been done or ever will be. The government will never give up the money they have stolen from us and that is the hard fact.

    1. Suzanne advey says:

      Is it possible to take legal action? Isn’t it a crime to steal money that is not yours?

  7. Patti Gardner says:

    I would like to get involved in seeing this bill get passed. If anyone could provide the information on who to contact, please email me.

    1. SS Fairness says:

      Patti, Your two Senators are the same for the whole state. The latest Alert has a link to your Senators and a way to contact them. You can find your Member of Congress by going to house.gov and putting in you zip code. They will have a comment form on the website.

  8. I worked two jobs whenI was younger, not to get ahead, but to be able to feed my family of 6. One job was not civil service and my employment at the USPS was not full time. I paid 100% into social security, but because of the WEP, my benefits are reduced.

  9. Susan Dewitt says:

    Please fight for the Rights of Men and Women who are affected by this ridiculous “Windfall Law” It is so unfair, those who have worked to earn a Pension, they are penalized and this ridiculous “Windfall Law” takes away money they honestly earned. Men and Women who contributed to society, who were loyal to their employers are being disrespected by those who deem this law fair. It is a disservice to all those, who work throughout their lives to build a retirement. These Men and Women have followed the rules, they should be able to retire with the monies they rightfully “Deserve and Earned.” Dispose of the “Windfall Law” allow those Men and Women to Retire with what is theirs to live the rest of their lives as they have worked hard to do. That is the “American Dream” to contribute to society to earn the right to enjoy life. To be respected by their peers, to be proud they have given their lives to everything that is living the dream. This Law not only takes away their hard earned money it is demeaning and and so disrespectful, to all Men and Women who work to attain Retirement and live out their “Golden Years” safely, comfortably and without struggle. Please do away with the “Windfall Laws”

  10. christine swanberg says:

    I have supported Social Security Fairness for a couple of decades and am frustrated that nothing has changed. I am personally impacted majorly by these unfair laws as a retiree with partial pension, reduced EARNED Social Security, and virtually no chance at a spousal coverage that would be much better than my own SS, and yet no one seems to care enough to follow through and change it. I have written reps and congressmen several times over the years. Most say they support passing SSF but then it almost gets there and then gets dropped. When will this ever end? I am tired, sad, and betrayed. Come on. Get it done.

    1. I’m in the same situation. I have written letters, sent emails to various congress members and senators, have not even received a response.

    2. My wife here in Louisiana was a teacher for 35 years . She has been impacted with the same issues others are having . It’s unfair she can’t draw off of me when I’m gone but if she passes away I get to draw her retirement plus my social section. How fair is that . I suggest spreading the word on this bill on social media platforms and calling your congress man
      Daniel M .

    3. SS Fairness says:

      Your Senator Kennedy has been a strong supporter of repeal. Call his office and ask what you can do to help.

    4. Elaine Bernard says:

      You said it well. We all feel the let down by our congressmen. False promises

  11. June Evans says:

    My resulting Social Security benefit is less than half what a SSI recipient—who most likely NEVER worked and contributed to the plan —receives even though I contributed to SSA for 30 years!

  12. Cindy Taylor says:

    Because this mostly afffects women and politicians are con artists, nothing will ever change. Things like this are why people in places like France have actually taken to the streets. Americans are like sheep to the slaughter, ie the scamdemic, vaccines, and mask BS. We deserve what we’re getting.

  13. Donald L Harville says:

    I would love for someone to explain why this issue has shown no progress for decades. Supposedly, it has bipartisan support and most agree it is bad law.

  14. So is this where people just voice their complaints. Does this organization speak to government? I email my representatives about this 2 times a year and nothing. But we will keep trying. Think, if your representative does not do anything, vote against them next election. We don’t need them! They say they support it, but do you ever hear them say anything in public about it?

  15. Bob Cherry says:

    I have also supported the elimination of GPO/WEP over the last 20 or 30 years by writing my congressmen & senators to no success. I thought with the passage of several bloated bills
    including non-essential moneys, it might be included rather than the wasted money they contained.
    These laws passed in the 1980’s affected the wrong people who really deserved their share. I cannot say I’m optimistic anymore but I have hope that maybe one day our representatives pass the much
    over due legislation to correct this foolish mistake !

    1. SS Fairness says:

      Bob, unfortunately, or fortunately, Social Security benefits have to be paid with Social Security funds. People tried to get repeal into the stimulus, but it didn’t fit.

  16. Joyce Chunias says:

    We have waited for 40 years-what the chances of it being repealed even though it is so unfair? I am. under the poverty level after teaching for 30 years….sad.

    1. Most people think teachers make an awesome retirement. It’s really hard to explain these provisions to someone that isn’t affected by them. I’m sure most of congress doesn’t understand or care to understand the unfair burden this inflicts on us. They are not subject to the provisions. So the bills go nowhere. I worked for 30 years in private work, and just over 10 in a public school as an aide. I made way less money than a teacher but these provisions treat me the same. They also only counted 21 years of my private work as eligible to earn my retirement because of their “SUSTANTIAL EARNINGS” clause,(changeable every year to manipulate eligilbility) which reduces my benefits even more. And for 6 years I was disabled before I was old enough to collect the SSI (that I earned). I should have been able to draw SSD. Since I was affected by WEP/GPO I was denied Social Security Disability for 6 years. I now can draw my reduced benefit because of my age. These provisions are not explained to workers before they take the job. To most it is a kick in the gut whe you go to collect your SSI.

  17. Why do teachers,firefighters and police officers support Democrats they do nothing for us

  18. Donna A Hank says:

    We can all thank and blame Ronald Reagan. This was his idea, that no one could double dip. The sad thing is this will never ever change.

  19. We have been told to let our representative know how much we are impacted, so they can do something about the bill. I have written to many but the response John Conley “it would cost the government too much”. I could live comfortably on the amount above $100,000 he gets every year of our tax dollars.

  20. Alex George says:

    All we hear about is “stimulus this” and “stimulus that!” This is no different, it would put money in the hands of a very small number of people who have been screwed for years.

    I worked in “private” industry for years before coming to a fed job in which I get an annuity now. When I was a Fed, I worked alongside people who did 20 years in the military and then 20 years in Federal service and they get TWO, count them TWO annuities!! How is this fair and how is the GPO/WEP not allowed?

    Wake up Congress and fix this now.

  21. Bruce DeMerchant says:

    Question. Does the members of the U.S House of Representatives and the members of the U.S Senate Get a redused SSI?

    1. I believe these provision do not affect them,or capital police.

    2. That’s a great question. I’m not the expert, just a visitor and victims of the WEP. But, it appears under the right conditions they should be penalized under the GPO. The problems is lack of term limits and the present younger ones don’t understand or care how this would impacts them. “Term limits” a form of being forced out of a job/career . I’m an LEO that was forced out of my job due to “line of duty” injury, and I’m still penalized by the WEP. Those dumb-bells in DC, never considered the true impact of WEP and GPO.

  22. James Mils says:

    Millions for other countries and now more millions for folks illegally entering the USA. Yet those of us who played by the rules get penalized by these arbitrary and discriminatory laws(GPO & WEP). Write your reps and tell them to find the time to treat us as fairly as they want everyone else in the world treated.

  23. Jonel Mueller says:

    I concur with all the comments. I too have repeatedly supported the repeal to no avail. I lost all my husbands benefits after 42 years of marriage . Pathetic that nothing has been done to get rid of this unfair legislation.

  24. Carole Vandersteeg says:

    The WEP and GPO are discriminatory! Those of us who have a pension, yet worked many, many years contributing to Social Security, we should be able to receive full earned benefits of both.

  25. Nancy Foster says:

    Taught for 25 years. My rent eats up my retirement earnings. We need the money that is being stolen from us.

  26. Daisy Padre says:

    I worked in the private sector an earned social security benefits Then i eent to work for the county When i retired i wss told i can only receive half or less of social security because WEP I was told i cant receive two paychecks from the goverment WHY? I worked hard before i went to work for the county,why is the county minding my benefits before i worked for them UNFAIR

    My mother was a World War II soldier in the Philippines but never tasted her monetary pension or educatipnal benefits for us her children When i called Veterans Benefits i was told the same thing- she can only receive one check from the government so she chose the social benefit from her deceased husband cause it was more She was living under or at the poverty level Thanks God i was there to help and took care of her untill age 102 when she joined her maker 6 months ago Very sad conditions at old age Hope my childrem will take care of me too whrn i cant take care of myself anymore If my social security is paid fully instead of one half will be easier for yhem to spend for needs
    My name is Daisy Padre Email – daizeye@ gmail.com I support the Repeal

  27. My name is Carole and I have been following this since June 2008, Nothing has changed and each year when the COLA is added to our SS checks it is taken up by increased Medicare payments so I absolutely never see any extra money. My SS check is approximately $555 less each month that what it should be. When I retired in 2008 and realized this was happening to me, I broke down and cried. It is definitely not fair and the government is not even remorseful to those of us whom are struggling because of the WEP. PLEASE GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF SO THIS 76-YEAR-OLD can enjoy a little extra living expenses before my time on this earth is up!!!!! THANK YOU AND WILL EXPECT TO SEE A DIFFERENCE IN MY SS CHECK SOON!! PLEASE!

  28. Dora Morrison says:

    I have been collecting a very small social security check since 2007 and my pension. I’ve been hearing about the repeal of this bad law for a couple of years and do not see any action. First of all, is anything ever going to be done about this and second, if so, do we get any retroactive remuneration? I doubt it will happen because it would cost the government a ton of money.

  29. Philip Amoroso says:

    Maybe we should depict this as a “racist” issue since that seems to be the only thing that motivates politicians to act.

  30. Daniel Esler says:

    Nearly half of my social security benefit is withheld from me simply because I worked and now live outside the continental US. My plan of retirement has been decimated, now I live in poverty. If I went to live in Israel I would receive my full ss benefit. I am not anti-semite, but this is grossly unfair. The progress to repeal WEP is very very slow. I am sot surprised though when listening to all the self-serving, gutless, and stupid congressmen and women we have. And that goes double for the two faced crooks of the Senate too.
    Belfast Ireland

    1. Susan Pezzino says:

      You do not say too much about your Irish pension, so perhaps some background will be helpful to you. Persons receiving pensions from Israel do not get the WEP because the Israel pension is an old-age pension, not a work-based pension like Social Security. If your foreign pension comes from a system where everyone receives a pension whether they worked or not, you may be able to collect benefits and get back what was taken from you. You need an attorney, I think, to help with this, but that also depends on what the Irish government is willing to state or has already stated in public about the nature of the pensions which it gives. It could be worth it to look into this.

  31. Erma Taylor says:

    This is the most unfair law ever. My husband was an executive for many years and paid more in Social Security than I ever did. I worked and paid Social Security for 31 years. Retired from the state of Texas and have been totally been screwed by this law. Can not draw any of his benefits since he passed away. I was a teacher for 25 years and at this time of my life I could use the extra money, but will never see it.

  32. Roberta Rosenberg says:

    Very irksome law. Reduces my EARNED social security!
    Not only that, social security workers do not often deal with this problem. Often giving misinformation about how reduction is done, how benefits is handled, and the overall impact to the retiree. Constant need to monitor the correctness of coordination of social security benefits and Medicare payments. Not a fair law to the elderly! It is a steal of my EARNED benefits. Help us during my lifetime that is getting shorter day by day. Would also like past benefits stolen to be calculated and returned to me. Ha, ha. Poor law from day one! What will it take to change law!

  33. I agree. It causes some uncomfortable financial situations.

  34. James Bolds Jr. says:

    If this is ever going to get done,we need to focus getting it done during this present administration., and especially during this pandemic period.
    This administration seems to especially care about the people’s lives more so than any other past administration.
    We should try presenting this bill to the Vice President because she is a women and she understands inequality.

  35. So true it, women get hit hard. Like many government employees we always had jobs where we paid into social security because these jobs supplemented our governmental income! As a widow, there is a grave difference now. Thx for caring.

  36. Last time I received notification on where this bill sits as far as coming up for repeal I wrote all my representatives in California and the freaking President as well requesting an answer; as of this date, Friday 16 April 2021, I haven’t received an answer from any representatives or the President .These people talk the talk but DO NOT “walk the walk”. They are more interested about their “In House” Bickering than they are about the money they have stolen from “Seniors” who worked in public service.

  37. I can totally relate to the frustration that most of the commenters have expressed, and their anger is totally justified. But I refuse to give up. I have repeatedly contacted my representative about this issue, and I will continue to do so. Sometimes, I craft my own correspondence and other times I copy and paste the excellent information from sources such as ssfairness.org. I usually try to mention some or all of the following points about this legislation:
    – According to most politicians, they want to help the middle class, and this Bill does exactly that.
    – According to most politicians, they want to work in a bipartisan way. Currently, this Bill is cosponsored by 95 Democrats & 36 Republicans, so it is about as bipartisan as it gets.
    – According to most politicians, they want to do something about the unfair pay gap between women and men. This Bill would make some strides to help women since GPO/WEP unfairly penalize females more than males.
    – According to most politicians, they want to help teachers and other public servants. This Bill does just that by helping public servants who have been unfairly penalized by GPO/WEP.

    So don’t just complain to like-minded individuals. Contact your representative, over and over again. Eventually you will get their attention and make a difference.

    1. SS Fairness says:

      Great ideas, Kevin! I LOVE THE ATTITUDE. Thank you. I don’t see you on our 5,000 member ssfairness.org member list. If you sign in as a member, we can contact you more easily. We are setting up action groups in different states. GO TO SSFAIRNESS.ORG AND JOIN US!

  38. So interesting how the government justifies its decisions. Steals, bribes, but benevolent to the most trending causes. Somebody has to pay the tab. Hey, let’s make retirees pay. If they didn’t save enough money for retirement, who’s fault is that? Left to its own devices, the government only undoes its evil ways if public reaction is severe enough. The reason that violent protests work so well. Short of violence, sorry folks, social security fairness is a lost cause. Wish it was different. I could def use the $450 they take from my $850 pension every month.

    1. SS Fairness says:

      Unfortunately, the money we deserve is in the Social Security trust fund, which, although it is separate from the general US budget, it isn’t as strong as we need it to be. Fewer contributing workers. Social Security needs more young workers!

  39. Edmond Lee says:

    GPO & WEP is A mentality from civil war still imbedded and held by/from “the good-ole-boys” saying women wash the sheets, minorities stay in the field… One may say “A laborer is worthy of his hire”…. Some religions may differ after work is done or other justifications or for the sake “of”…. Eventually Humanity appreciates children being taught… light for the night with at least some token of wisdom from a senior. We the people hope to reach golden years and “live” through them because of earnest work. Burdens (GPO & WEP) are intentionally inflected on so called Old weaker segments of the population (women & people of color) to assure a lesser quality of life during hopefully getting to “Golden Years”. Having Age & at least 30 years of working history teaching & serving in and of our Great Nation opens the door to a fruit of our labor (money) cleverly taken with no hope of it benefiting quality of life.
    To seniors quality of life is family; church; food; shelter; medical; transportation; phone; restaurants & cable.
    Consequently as COVID-19 has proved to the human body: effects of it can be devastating, unforeseen and unpredictable as is with poverty; imprisonments; mental health; police motivation; GPO & WEP.
    Perhaps raising the bottom cap of GPO & WEP for allowing $50,000 would be more human across our nation.
    It is the spirit which frees, chains and burden bounds.

  40. Ed Kostreba says:

    The Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision should NEVER have become laws. Repeal them.

  41. Geraldine F. Donohue says:

    You have not included, (to my knowledge) the effect pregnancy had on time served, years ago, when women had to leave the classroom in their 5th month, thus reducing time served. This resulted in many women being denied the opportunity to reach the necessary # of months needed to meet the bills guidelines. Fortunately for the opponents in Congress, many, if not most of us will be dead before too long and no longer bugging them. Meanwhile, keep up the good work!

    1. SS Fairness says:

      The 5th month limit. I forgot about that one! Actually, I had to quit after two months, and they terminated my health plan when I had to quit….Thank you!

  42. Lee Moore says:

    I am 74 years of age and working because I have been denied the proper amount from Social Security.
    Our government should be ashamed if they took the time to see the number of women aging in financial strife brought on by this bogus law.

  43. Stephen Muser says:

    Both of these provisions are obviously unfair. The lack of interest on the part of our “representatives” in Congress is obviously minimal. I have supported SSF by sending emails and making calls for years. Frankly, I don’t have much hope of anything changing.

  44. Cheryl Olis says:

    Yes it effects me a woman. I didn’t get quite 20 years in my pension system due to disability and the offset set my SS from almost 800 a month to 183 .00 ‍♀️ How is this double dipping when a person don’t have 30 years in either system . I worked 2 jobs most of my working years. Paid into this and I’m not getting what I paid into . I can’t even get by these days on 1250 a month. Yet the left proposes to give illegals all kinds of free money.

  45. Gary Dayton says:

    Repeal W.E.P, I’m only getting 1/3rd of my SS $$s after paying into SS for 26 years.

    Me and my wife have 75 yrs 1st responder, both disabled, she gets no SS benefits

    Not fair to be singled out and punished.

    Gary Dayton

    1. You’re correct, I for one am sick of the false hope in these emails and FB posts! 2/3’s of out benefits are taken while ALL politicians (not just one party) get raises and benefits. Some even with life time positions with a huge retirement while we get stepped on for our service.

  46. Talk, talk, talk. When I retired about two years ago my SS benefits were cut by 40%. What made no sense was that while I worked I collected 100% of my benefit. It really should have been the other way around. I agree this needs to stop but am tired of all the talk with nothing getting done. Yes it will cost the Federal government more but whose money is it? The government mostly runs on our money!

  47. I agree that this seems to be some sort of farce or game to our representatives. We are accepting the appeasement they offer by putting forth a bill that never gets a vote, year after year. What do we need to do to get some attention— in a positive way? We keep doing the same thing and accepting the same response. Shame on us! Although a bipartisan issue, with supposed bipartisan support, if this repeal does not pass during the Biden administration, it never will.

  48. How do we get these both repealed ASAP? We are hard-working people who pay taxes and paid into Social Security before taking a 2nd career in teaching! I wish I knew before I left corporate!

  49. Lori Batchelor says:

    I worked 38 years as a CA.public school teacher . I also worked several other jobs paying into social security . My social security benefit was decreased by 80%. I have been penalized by both the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government
    Pension Offset. I advise young people against pursuing a career in public education due this unjust and outdated

  50. Nothing has been accomplished in all these years. Stop sounding so optimistic causing false hope in people.

  51. Diane Clement says:

    The WEO/GPO has been disastrous for me. I started teaching in my forties and never knew I was losing my SS from other jobs plus spousal and survivor benefits. Certainly my school district was not going to tell me for fear I’d quit. Now I’m in my late 70s, getting poorer every year and living in a tiny mobile home. Is this really what the authors of this legislation intended? I tell others to stay away from teaching if they are considering changing careers. That is is really awful. I’m hoping this will finally be repealed for all of us who are affected and so I can at least enjoy a cup if coffee or a lunch out with friends.

  52. Patricia Wilmoth-Hicks says:

    WEP needs to be repealed. My husband worked 25 yrs in private sector, before becoming a firefighter at age 50. I worked in the government sector, spending 32 yrs. And then he passes and I am told I am not entitled to spousal benefits that he earned. This law is totally wrong to treat a spouse that way.

  53. Jeanette Scanlan says:

    It is time to admit the government stole our money. All or most politicians live in million dollar homes and really don’t care about us. They must be laughing at us with all the House Resolution Bills that go no place. Stop the dog and pony shows and let us have the SS money we are legally entitled too.

    1. Exactly!!

  54. Theresa Kolody says:

    This is really a form of discrimination against women as it is women who often interrupt their employment, often moving in and out of government employment. Sometimes because of family needs but often because the circumstances requires it.

  55. I worked since I was 14. The substantial income index meant that many of the years I worked and supported my self do not count even though I contributed during those years. Everyone should get the same social security benefits. I should not be punished. Another thing is the GPO. I should get my husbands full social security if he should die first. This is unconscionable.

  56. Jamie Blair says:

    I support repeal of this legislation and have written my Senator.

  57. Stephen Muser says:

    I submitted a comment earlier today. Where is it?

  58. C johnston says:

    If could do it again I would just take my money out and invest it somewhere else, that is what everyone should do.

  59. Christine Linden says:

    I wrote to Kamala Harris and Jill Biden in addition to my representatives.
    I see so many supportive things being done, but NOTHING is being done for seniors. This fix is easy and won’t break the bank. It affects too few people to get press coverage, so it’s not a priority.

  60. MARK VAN WINKLE says:

    I am a retired LEO and Court Bailiff and my wife is a retired school employee. We both worked prior to our public service in jobs that we were required to pay into the social security system. We didn’t have a choice and was told that we would get it back when we reached the age of 65. During our time working as public servants, to make ends meet, we worked other jobs that withheld SS from our checks, we weren’t given a choice again.
    We both attained the age about the same time to file to get our “paid for benefits” from Social Security. After it was all said and done, we left the SS office extremely mad because due to WEP/GPO our benefits were slashed by; about 70% for me and 75% for my wife. The mere pittance that I’m left with will be eliminated soon by the annual increases of the Medicare deductions.
    But, we see all of the illegal invaders from Mexico getting paid amounts that our parents only can dream of getting even though they worked all of their lives in the hopes of getting a decent benefit.

    1. Raul R. Cardenas says:

      I agree , the WEP and GPO MUST BE REPEALED . It is so unfair and biased against Texas teachers who worked and paid into SS before they became teachers as a 2nd career . We get penalized up to 60% while other state agency employees are allowed to get their full retirement from the state and SS . This law is so unfair to Texas teachers who paid into SS who put in their 40 quarters into the system. We should at least be able to get 90% of our SS if they can’t give us 100%.

  61. Jane Cameron says:

    I feel like other than the people this affects, the general public has no idea that this inequity exists. I don’t even know if all of our representatives in Congress are aware of this. I’m wondering if we need a piece on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, a write up in the monthly AARP magazine or some other media blitz to bring awareness. It’s looking like we are going to have to more or less shame our government into changing this law, since they aren’t really motivated to do so. It doesn’t seem like we are getting anywhere just leaving it in the hands of lobbyists or elected officials.

  62. Lori Batchelor says:

    This raises the question:
    Why haven’t we seen the public’s will make its way to the decision makers in Washington? Please treat us as fairly as you want everyone else to be treated and repeal the GPO and WEP .

  63. Gary Dailey says:

    This tax is costing me $750 a month.. I paid in but FINED $750 because of my Kentucky State Pension!!

    Stop this State law

  64. Maria Narganes says:

    Congress needs to make this a priority. It has been in existence for far too long. Most people who are not affected can’t believe that this unfair practice is going on. Come on legislators, pass the repeal of this unfair law

  65. Lisa LeBeau says:

    I don’t understand how this is even legal. It is discriminatory against public services workers, those who usually choose their profession to give back to society. They’ve dedicated to give back their work lives NOT to give back their retirement.
    I have contacted my congressman Richard Neal, who heads the ways and means committee. (Which is reviewing this bill) I received a form letter stating all of the bills he is working on. WOW!! I feel heard and
    sooo valued as a constituent!
    We need to get loud and proud and demand fair treatment! This has been kept silent for too long! Where are the unions voices in this??

  66. Linda Hughes says:

    Its sad that all other Bills have been addressed and not ours. It’s wrong for anyone to take money and claim it when they didn’t work for it.

  67. How in the world are we going to get a Bill in front of the President to sign if we can’t even get it out of ” Ways and Mean “?My brothers and sisters have every year done our part and it’s still not enough! I have had my Police Retirement slashed for the last 32 yrs. By over $1400. per month…WHY? Now I’m 71 yrs old and need every cent.

    1. SS Fairness says:

      We came close to getting it out of the House by nearly having the required 290 co-signers. this year we are starting even stronger. Stick with us!


    I’ve written letters, posted on FB and can’t get David Kustoff to respond with anything more than he supports my interest in Social Security. I’m affected by both of these bills. My husband also is. I don’t think it matters to my representative.

    1. D. McCain says:

      Same here in Ohio except for Sherrod Brown who is really working on this. The Republicans( Steve Stivers and Ron Portman) I wrote to just send me a generic message stating they “care” about social security. Very discouraging. Actions not words is what we must have. They must quit stealing money from hardworking Americans. Some of my coworkers had no idea about the WEP and GPO affecting them until I told them. I was never told about this before I as hired to work in the library im 2000, a job I love.

  69. Sylvia Kuster says:

    I have repeatedly tried to speak with Senator McConnell about this issue even flew to Washington and went to his office. This repeatedly only produced form letters back to me. He is not hearing us. Until state unions i.e. KEA are willing to form a united front to all of their senators and representatives we will not be heard. This was designed for a different time and a different era and continues to be one of the most radical moves against lower income individuals. Teachers, county and city street and highway workers, etc. etc.

  70. It will take a non-partisan act in Congress to pass any bill to eliminate WEP/GPO. When was there ever a non-partisan act in Congress?

  71. Margaret Dalessandro Vecchione says:

    My late husband worked extremely hard and paid into social security. He was receiving social security when he passed. After applying for widows benefits, I received a letter that I was entitled to $1500.00 a month and that was reduced to $0.00 due to my government pension of which I did not pay social security on (postal CSR)! My late husband paid into social security, was receiving social security and it stopped at his passing. This caused a hardship to me, his widow, while not only while grieving of his passing, I had to sell our home that we thought was to be our forever home, in order to make ends meet. And now, talk is being done on giving illegal invaders social security benefits, whom none of them contributed at all, yet deny American Widows (government workers) with deceased husband’s who contributed! Washington decision makers there are so MANY of us hard working Americans hurt by the GPO and WEP, now is the time to HEAR us and cancel the GPO and WEP.

  72. Roberta C Rich says:

    I am a retired master teacher and became disabled at 60 with only 15 of 20 years credible service. Prior to that I worked nearly 30 years, most of which in the public sector. I was told I’d get nearly 800. SS; then when they calculated after retirement, well lets just say 400 SS per month is a far cry from that original amount. I worked and went to school my entire life and raised 6 children and have been helping raise a slew of grandchildren. It has never been fair when you have earned it all. I want a retro on the WEP/GPO.

  73. Marion Cooley says:

    It will probably stay the way it is, because we have a bunch of politicians that don’t care.

  74. Daniel Esler says:

    One commet advises me to find a lawyer to pursue my case against WEP deductions. Do you , SS fairness, agree with this approach ? and do you have any lawyers that would help ?

  75. After nearly 40 years, many of those effected have sadly passed away. Since employers were not required to tell you about the WEP / GPO until 2005 it was too late for many of us to change careers. I personally lose two thirds of the Social Security that I paid into for many years. I guess if the legislators wait long enough we’ll all be dead and they’ll be off the hook.

  76. I have written letters, made phone calls, passed petition for 25 years to no avail.
    I am about to lose my home due to this unfair, cruel, senseless provision….the WEP/GPO !
    When I retired two years ago, my husband was alive and was receiving a hefty Social Security benefit due to a lifetime of hard work. He died suddenly in 2019 of a stroke leaving me in shock and heartache. On top of my grief, I was made to proactively send back 11 days of pro-rated Social Security benefit as an extra slap in the face to losing him AND his Social Security ! How heartless. I have given 30 years to special education and am proud of my career, but it did cost me my own AND my husband’s Social Security. They are stealing money that we earned through hard work. We must repeal this terribly misdirected provision. I will do anything possible to share my story…….we must make our plight known !! Judi Welch, Retired LAUSD Teacher

  77. I am about to face leasing out the home I’ve lived in for 42 years due to this unfair, cruel, senseless provision….the WEP/GPO !
    When I retired two years ago, my husband was alive and was receiving a hefty Social Security benefit due to a lifetime of hard work. He died suddenly in 2019 of a stroke leaving me in shock and heartache. On top of my grief, I was made to proactively send back 11 days of pro-rated Social Security benefit as an extra slap in the face to losing him AND his Social Security ! How heartless. I have given 30 years to special education and am proud of my career, but it did cost me my own AND my husband’s Social Security. They are stealing money that we earned through hard work. We must repeal this terribly misdirected provision. I will do anything possible to share my story…….we must make our plight known !! We are not only being robbed of our own Social Security benefits but also that of our spouses. It is heartbreaking.
    Judi Welch, Retired LAUSD Teacher

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