Dear supporters,

A rally in Washington, D.C. on May 18 for Social Security!

Can you make it? A planning group of retirees from different unions and employee organizations–the National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force–has been working to pass legislation to repeal the offsets to Social Security benefits and public pensions. Now we will meet in Washington to confront and persuade our legislators.

As of this week we have 268 of the 290 co-signers needed to demand a floor vote on H.R. 82, the current House bill for full, permanent repeal. To energize our movement, we will gather in D.C. and visit with our Representatives and Senators, everyone still observing Covid safety precautions.

Click here for the signup sheet and get more information about our full day of activities.

We will also plan activities for those of you who can’t make it to D.C. this time. 



    1. Go for WEP/GPO! Help out the educators that certainly do not need to be penalized on their social security. This has been such a disgrace!

    2. WE ALL need to GET THERE uless you are really physically disabled. If we really want to show that people are injured by this injustice enough to take a BIG Action we need to do more that applaud what others are doing and hope things will change. We need to come together in DC on May 18th, tell our stories, talk to people in Congress and MAKE SOME NOISE.

    1. Then we need you to GET THERE. If we really want to show that people are injured by this injustice enough to take a BIG Action we need to do more that applaud what others are doing and hope things will change. We need to come together in DC on May 18th, tell our stories, talk to people in Congress and MAKE SOME NOISE.

  1. Talk, talk, talk, talk. All talk with no progress. Congress needs to be ashamed of itself. Make it all states or none!

  2. This has been a long hard fight for what is right. I hope as many people that can come will. This important cause needs support now when we are closer to ever to th truth of harm created by these laws has gone on to long.

    1. I am one of those individuals who continues to work at 70 because I cannot live on my teacher pension. I have worked with social security for well over double the required minimum. I am angered that my employer and I are both still paying in and I am not able to get the full benefit. I am unable to attend but I strongly support and bless those that can. Thank you for the fight.

  3. I hope that I will be able to attend the rally and I look forward to reading more about it. I worked in Alaska for many years and like others, have serious financial concerns because both WEP and GPO have affected me. Thank you to the organizers of this effort.

  4. What can I do if I can’t attend? Is there any kind of petition or document that I can sign?
    Thank you,
    Judith Zimberoff
    Retired School Librarian
    San Francisco Unified School District

  5. We need everyone under the WEP to contact everyone they know under the WEP to join in the rally, sign petitions, contact their representatives and follow this group of leaders fighting to be heard in the House Floor! We deserve to see this injustice permanently repealed!

    Let’s Roll!

  6. I will not be able to attend due to work conflict, but will do anything I can from home to support the cause.

  7. I won’t be able to be there for the rally but will do anything I can to spread the word. Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Can’t attend the May 18 event, but certainly support your efforts. Will contact my Congress and Senate reps for support.

  9. We are so close in both the House and Senate to demand a vote. Let’s all work on getting the 22 more needed in the House. We are up to 39 +lead sponsor in the Senate. Go through the list and we CAN get more Senators aboard such as the two from VA, GA, NY, Maryland, and one from PA and Washington and Dick Durbin of IL. Please let’s work hard to get more aboard!

  10. I’m so glad there will be something for those of us that can’t get there. I wish I could but it’s not financially feasible right now.

    1. It’s like a Catch 22 – we can’t afford to do this, but if WEP/GPO were repealed, we could.

  11. I can not attend but would be interested in contacting congressional and senate representatives, and could use a script which will encourage them to be more proactive in supporting this.

    Tim Thomas

  12. I hope to be able to attend but I am not sure as of now. Good luck to everyone who attends! I will never understand how my government can deny me my right to invest in Social Security when I was hired as a public school custodian at the age of 60 then penalize me for obeying the law when I retired at the age of 69. They even made the WEP penalty retroactive to my 62nd birthday.

    1. I like William, started a second career in Public Education at 58. Now that I am at retirement age, it is so detrimental to my retirement income due to WEP penalties. I also can NOT understand how my government can withhold earning that I worked many years paying in?? I pray these Legislators will listen to all in attendance.

  13. I’M sorry that I’m not able to attend. I pray that this can be can be corrected. So many hard working people have had their earnings penalized. People who were willing to work for a better tomorrow, only to have their earnings used to support God knows what.

  14. I can not attend but will follow on line and will sign petition on line if I sent to me.

  15. Google HR 82 co-sponsers and call your state U.S Congerss legislators and encourage them to co-sponser if they haven’t.
    My wife passed away in January, and trust me this needs to be passed. Don’t be hesitant to call. Some staffers who are federal employees are not familiar with WEP/GPO and don’t know it applies to them.
    Lets get this passed!!

  16. Jan: Can’t make it but best to you….As a widow and retired school teacher know full well the harm these laws have created (20 years of reduced income) …glad there will be something for those who cant attend .

    REPEAL GEP /WPO!!!!!!!!!

  17. Would love to go and share in the campaign, but I can’t make it this time. I am so grateful that the bill is up for a vote. This law is so unfair to those of us who have worked so hard and had money invested in SS to have had it diminished and taken away. I will send positive energy to have this campaign suceed. For those who can’t go to Washington, please let us know how we can be active in this campaign.

  18. I’m 74 years old and Connor attend, but this very good news for us who have suffered the unfairness of these provision.

    Thank you for keep hope alive.

  19. This would be fantastic if it’s repealed. It really affects hard working folks who chose to work in other sectors. I think it’s wrong to just cut off our hard earned money !! Hope it goes safely and well!!

  20. Due to my age and walking restrictions I I’ll not be able to attend.
    If I was even 5 years younger I’d be there supporting the cause. My husband and I have lost so much of our social security due to our STRS and OPERS pensions.
    If it is ruled by he United States government why do 13-15 states make their own rules…Ohio being one.

  21. Cannot make the trip, but am so grateful for the outpouring support. Thanks to all who are able to attend and hopefully succeed.

  22. I am unable to attend, but glad to see there will be a rally. It seems the politicians want to help everyone but those who are being affected by this unfair law. I know there are so many of us who really need the money we and/or our deceased spouses paid into Social Security.

  23. I am unable to attend but would like to thank every one who has worked so hard to push HR-82 to where it is today. I am a retired school teacher but worked for well over 20 years paying in Social Security. However, back in those days, I worked full time but still, according to the SS administration, I still did not earn substantial earnings during many of these years. I did not know about the WEP until the day I sat down with SS to discuss my retirement. Because I had earned a teacher retirement benefit, I was told that my benefit would be minus 50% what I expected. Needless to say, I was devastated. So, I proudly stand with all of you and have contacted many Congressmen both in Georgia and other states. I pray that you will be acknowledged with respect and receive a promise of repeal.. Thank you all so very much. Carole Poitevint

  24. Will not be able to attend because of health problems but hope you’ll are successful.

  25. I cannot attend but will be cheering from CA where as a teacher and a divorced single woman, both laws rob me of full benefits. I wrote my first letter in the 90s when I learned about the two laws so there have been many more over the years. The difference it would make in my financial situation is substantial. Multiply me by millions who are impacted. First, as government workers and teachers and public service employees, we’re underpaid for years and years. These two laws which are impossible to understand without a legal background, and that wasn’t accidental, add insult to injury.
    Repeal them. We’re not asking for retroactive payments; just start the fairness NOW.

  26. My husband was punished for being a federal retiree plus paying in to SSI. His social security check was reduced by $80 a month for 30 years! Do the math….$960 a year times 30 years is $28, 800! He passed on in 2017 so it’s too late for him to benefit from this legislation (IF it passes). I’ll believe it when I see it.

  27. TRULY wish I could go!!!!! I will support in any way this wonderful event!!!

  28. I am so happy that this issue has not been forgotten- thank you!
    Is there anyway for the your organization to publish the list of remaining names that have not supported our fight ?

  29. As this unfairly impacts so many of us compromising our financial security, is there any consideration of repealing the GPO and WEP through Executive Order?
    Because of a spouse’s health issues, I cannot attend, but want to learn more about local involvement.

    1. Unfortunately, it must go through Congress. The Biden support repeal, but they can’t do it alone.

  30. This has been going on for many, many years. What is the status after at least 20 years? To me, it’s just a game that is being played!

    1. We have more legislators than ever supporting repeal. If not this year, then next!

  31. I am a victim of the WEP, and I live in the UK. I worked part of my life in US, and part in UK. Does anyone know if the WEP is applied in one lives in the Republic of Ireland?
    I know residents of Israel are exempt but are any other countries? I would move to Donegal Ireland if it meant getting my ss benefit returned in full. It is an anomaly to me why WEP can be applied differently in different countries. Of course, it should not be applied, we should be free to travel and work wherever we want in the world without penalty.
    Once again the wealthy are allowed to travel and work around the world, while the workers, in the end, get shafted.

    1. Yes, unfortunately. The only reason that it doesn’t apply to Israelis is that their government retirement benefit is not based on their work history. All older Israelis get the amount based on their age.

  32. I believe the Israeli system exemption is just playing with words. All countries provide social security benefits to their senior citizens, regardless of work ; there is always some basic pensioner age benefit. I might add that most countries in Europe ( UK exception ) provide pension age citizens with numerous benefits, as well as a fair monthly payment. The US is a dog eat dog, your on your own Jack , tough luck society of misinformed notions of freedom . Some of our grifter congress men and women think social security is Communism !! Look at them !! self important ignorant fools

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