Action Alert #100 Is Social Security Too Broke for Repeal?

Here’s the story. Originally Social Security had its own lock box. The money was just sitting there. During the Reagan administration, it was decided to let the General Fund of the U.S. Treasury borrow the funds from SS and then pay interest on what they borrowed. This was a win-win. The U.S. government had more money to spend, and Social Security would earn interest on the money it loaned out to the government. These funds are in the form of special bonds, which the government is required to pay back. They also earn interest for the Social Security Trust Fund.

Currently, the combination of yearly employee contributions and the yearly interest on the money it has lent the government is more than what it spends on payments to retirees. There is a surplus.This will be true through 2021. At that time it will begin to spend the money from contributions that has built up in the Social Security Trust Fund. This extra money is projected to run out in 2034, at which time Social Security will only be able to pay out ¾ of an individual’s earned benefits.

There are a number of ways to solve this problem.

Raising the retirement age is one. Slowing the percent of inflationary increases in benefits is another. These measures will lower the total amount of money a contributor gets back.

Another solution is to raise the income level at which a worker ceases to contribute to FICA. This year workers do not have to pay into FICA for the money they earn above the $128,400 taxable maximum. Some have suggested getting rid of this cap on contributions. Watch the news for proposed legislation which will strengthen or weaken the program.

Every year, Social Security pays out about $768.6 Billion to beneficiaries through the Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance (2016 data). Nearly 60 million persons receive those benefits.

The most recent estimates of what it would cost to repeal the GPO/WEP, which affect about 2.5 million people, have been about $10 Billion each year. We don’t have good recent figures for the cost, but a possible current estimate, increasing the estimated cost of repeal by 50%, gives you only a cost to the Social Security Administration of about 2%. And that 2% is returning our money!

Don’t let anyone tell you that Social Security can’t afford to repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

See our website,, for more Information: Look for “The financial condition of Social Security”


  1. John Hammer Jr says:

    Suffering a 2/3 loss for 20 years, now!
    How will I ever live to see justice?

  2. This provision effects me personally. Please repeal the WEP as soon as possible.

    1. deborah a lariscy says:

      Please tell us the best ways to make our voices heard on this. I have looked up my representatives, but the Senator for my area is against repeal. I do keep getting alerts from your very helpful site. THANKS

  3. This repeal has been going on for years. I for one would like to have the 2/3’s of my S/S check back in my pocket…I’d even take it without the interest that has accumulated over the past years but…. I don’t see how it will ever happen. This administration is so screwed up they can’t do anything right. I appreciate all the effort but I believe it’s a mute point. Sorry for being so negative but I hate getting my hopes up with these news letter updates seeing nothing has changed. Good luck in your fight!

  4. Linda A Windhorst says:

    These two laws are so illegal, and yet our government continues this practice under the guise of legality! How these laws ever got passed is beyond all reasoning. The country’s leaders have swindled so much money out of us. Things will never change in my lifetime, and we just keep on electing the same bunch of crooks year after year. They pay lip service when asked about WEP and GPO and do nothing! If our lawmakers had any intentions of repealing these laws, they would have done so long ago.

    Life is not fair and never will be. I for one am sick of fighting this issue. Wake up folks! This is a good lesson in the fallacy of democracy! Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  5. The Primary Elections are coming up soon. C’mon America stop voting for the incumbents, regardless of the party.

    1. Linda A Windhorst says:

      I will not vote for any incumbent. PERIOD!

  6. K. Schulter says:

    As an impacted party, I have been writing and complaining for years. My local reps don’t seem to care. I won’t stop and that is important for 2.5M impacted people. Can this SSF forum send this (and all future mailings) to each member of Congress so that they are informed in addition to our letters and pleas. I would also add the President as he is doing a good job repealing laws, improving the economy, and working on draining the swamp. This should be a monthly mailing to them especially with mid-terms coming up. Let’s make this an issue for them if they won’t. Remember, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. And Linda (above), please don’t give up. We are in this together to right a wrong.

  7. Chuckster 23 says:

    I have been a party to asking for this repeal for 14 years now. My Congress people always say that they support repeal, but nothing ever happens. I want this bill CALLED and VOTED on by the House in 2018. 14 years is enough of a wait. Otherwise…….this issue is just a waste of time.

  8. Thank you for clarifying the cost of repeal, and of the low percentage, relatively speaking, of Americans unfairly affected by the WEP and GPO laws. I, unfortunately, am one of them, a woman of 70 now, whose adult life consisted of the first half married and working, the second half, divorced and teaching in CA public schools. No one told me about unfair WEP/GPO! I live on half of what I earned, which impacts me greatly financially. Repeal unfair WEP/GPO.

  9. Quite frankly I really don’t care whether the SS account would go broke. They took MY MONEY and I want it back. If we have the money to pay immigrants that come to this country money before they have even contributed ONE DOLLAR to our system, the VERY LEAST this government could do is give us back what is rightfully ours.

  10. The WEP and GPO are blatantly unfair – please do everything possible to repeal.

    1. The surplus is probably due to the fact that we in Ohio are punished by the WEP and GPO if we receive a retirement pension. As a result, the money I paid to Social Security by working 2 jobs is reduced!

  11. It is time to repeal this blatant act of theft I want what is due me just like every other SS recipient.

  12. Joseph Romero says:

    The WEP/GPO is an Attack on Public Retirees Social Security Benefits! Repeal these Acts Of Travesty ! Ronald W. Reagan Wealthy Tax Cuts were lies in 1983 and 9 Million and counting are still being affected today and it is a Travesty!!!!
    Pass the Social Security Fairness Act Of 2017. Repeal The WEP/GPO Act!
    Teachers,Police,Firefighters ,PostalWorkers,Public Retirees!
    #REPEAL The WEP/GPO ACT Of 1983!

  13. Hewitt R. Joyner Jr says:

    I vote for repeal and for collection of the debt that the federal government owes the people from borrowing our money. I also vote to raise the amount of money that individual contributors receive after they retire. No one can live on social security after they retire!

  14. The repeal will never happen unless all the groups working to repeal unite under one name. A little here and a little there just doesn’t make an impact. Only 148/435 Congress members have signed H 1205. We are beating our heads against a brick wall.

    1. Appreciate the info provided re: SS Fairness. Agree with forum/comments, especially Barajas: too little here and there. Where is the action group and who is heading it up? Where are the lawyers that worked for federal and fall under CSRS WEP themselves? Ive written senators and congressman. Writing isnt getting us much.

  15. Marie Michaud says:

    Why is there not a class action suit similar to the one a Jewish group did and won not long ago? Marie

    1. Donna Smith says:

      Hey Marie: The reason we cant sue the B—ds is because Social Security is not mandated by law and unless “Congress acts with great impunity against the general public,” their actions are condoned.

      Remember Ric Robson tried that in Court? Failed, failed, failed. And these bills are all a crock — politicians trying to placate us — will never pass. Kevin Brady is a fraud — did you read what HIS proposal was for US — a lousy maybe $756.00 back on our WEP windfall. We need full-fledged repeal but we need to mount a petition for signature. Thoughts on this? Perhaps “Military Times” if we all contribute “something” to take out an ad in the “Military Times” to collect email addresses to send our “Petition to Congress” to. Honestly, that is all I can think of. Next thing would be a “ballot initiative” of some sort, but I honestly don’t know how that’s done.

      If ANYONE reading this reply can assist me with “how” to start the ball rolling for a ballot initiative on this as well as “Petition to Congress” let’s get started. Send a ringleader (me, I’ll do it) say $15.00 bucks and I will place an ad somewhere in the Military Times and “perhaps” someone take the lead for CALSTRS retirement newsletters. The ONLY way– ballot initiative and Petition to Congress.

      Thank you for listening.

  16. Bill Hansen says:

    I will not vote for any incumbent, and currently persuading everyone in my sphere of influence to do the same. Utah people wake up! Chris Stewart us up for reelection. I have tried for four years to have him support the repeal. I don’t even get a response. I will not give up! Mitt Romney is not the answer, a carpetbagger who the establishment has indorsed. Mike Lee, I have tried for two years, and his responses are wait for the CBO to make a decision. He is not supportive enough to do his own research, and will not answer the question if he supports SSF. Get rid of all incumbents NOW!

  17. Janice N. Brinkley says:

    We must not give up. We must step up our efforts. There have been a number of school shootings, but Congress did nothing to prevent more until the folks in Parkland, FL kicked up a huge ruckus and refused to be ignored. We must do the same for our cause. Keep contacting your Congressmen, the President, Vice President, and all the organizations that lobby for the interests of senior citizens. Send letters, emails, faxes, phone calls. We must continually flood them with pleas for our case until they get so sick of hearing about it that they will comply just to shut us up. We really need to do something drastic to get their attention. Anyone up for organizing a march on the Capitol building?

    1. Janice, you hit the nail on the head, we need to organize and make ourselves known, the legislature voted themselves a 40k a year raise on top of their already high salaries but expect me to live on $500 a month social security plus a reduced public pension. I will not vote for any incumbents as they have done nothing for seniors. Ronald Reagan screwed us while Nancy was spending our money buying expensive china for the White House! No one cares what happens to senior citizens, they want us to fade into the background.

  18. Congress is violating the US Constitution. Their laws punish millions of retired public servants in 26 States. Last time I checked there was 50 States. What happened to equality for all?

  19. Congress is violating the US Constitution. Their Bills are punishing millions of retired public servants in 26 States. Last time I checked there was 50 States. What happened to equality for all?

  20. R.A. Kunz says:

    You can thank the Federal Employees Union. They threw up the roadblock to the the signing of the bill. They got greedy and claimed it was not enough. Granted it wasn’t 100%, but any amount more then 0 is better. So the Congress/Senators pulled the bill. It was good to go and was going to be signed into law.

    1. Donna Smith says:

      Hi: Sorry to disappoint, I believe. Wasn’t the Federal Employees Union — it was Ric Robson, yep — he wrote something I “understand” to Kevin Brady saying ANY withholding was illegal.

      But in the long run, Brady’s proposal was BS anyway — a lousy formula that amounted to a mere like $756 – $800 per year rebate — BS. But okay, now that it passed, let’s look forward to “full repeal” if it’s possible.

  21. Rachel Suba says:

    We can give money to countries, money for Santuary cities, money to everyone except the elederly people who can no longer work for money, it is sick this Wep and Gov offset, passed by Polosie in 2000, it is raping the elderly of a normal life! It is so unfair, putting it only on government workers, who are at the end of the payscale, already. It is underhanded, people don,t even know about it till they retire, it took my SS from 1600, to 225 and still being reduced, my pension was only
    850 a month when I retired, I had a car payment and a mortgage, you tell me how you can live off 1000. A month? This law is sick, unjust and prejudiced against gov. Employees. Repeal it, now stop the excuses, it is wrong!

  22. M. Goldstein says:

    Figured out my retirement income, because of WEP I will have to get another job to survive. what hurts is my social security is from my husband and why should that be affected he earned it not me. I worked all my life and now when I should be having fun I have to go back to work to survive.

  23. Just learned about a lady that has been retired for 10 years from a local school district. She was notified that her Social Security Benefits were going to be reduced and she owed $80,000 in overpayment due to WEP/GPO She had to go back to work and drive a school bus. I pray nothing happens to her or the kids. Hopefully this will convince some people that e-mails, letters, phone calls are’t working. Watch out D.C. we’re coming.

    1. William, sounds like you’re ready to organize a march on Washington. I’m with you! We need to cover the steps of the Capitol building with thousands of pissed-off victims of WEP/GPO, yelling in the faces of all the legislators trying to go in and out. Seems like that is the only way to get their attention and convince them that we are serious. Let’s do it! In the meantime, I am going to the local satellite office of my Congressman EVERY WEEK, taking letters signed by anyone and everyone that I talk to. I refuse to give up. We must keep fighting for what is right. And I am praying that God will move on the hearts of those who can fix this. HE can do the impossible!

  24. In 2018 it would appear that more people are getting vocal about effectuating some type of change to this absolutely “horrific” law. With all the protests being made by teachers in so many states, hopefully not only will their pleas be heard, but along with long overdue salary increases their FUTURE retirement benefits will not be compromised based upon the affect this law has on state retirement benefits. With so many people’s lives being deprived of what they have rightfully earned, it would appear that those in Congress would get the message. I believe as some have expressed the only way to send a message is to determine that those who are up for reelection need to be sent home. Maybe a “new broom” will listen to the outcries of hard working Americans who continue to be “screwed”.

  25. This is making me sick…I have been watching and waiting for the repeal. I am 71 and have been waiting to retire for past six years and cannot because of the WEP/GPO PENALTIES. I will lose all of my husband’s social security widow’s benefits, if I retire from Texas Teachers system. $1600 plus! Looks like I will have to keep working and die at my desk during my lunch hour!!! Someone PLEASE help us!

  26. Susan Nunes says:

    Stop peddling the Koch brother-financed lies that SS is “going broke.” No federal government program can “go broke” because of something called sovereign currency.

    The Kochs don’t believe SS or any program should exist. People can die for all they care.

  27. Lenore Rosenberg says:

    If the leaders REALLY cared, they could push the repeals forward, unfortunately there is nothing in it for them! I was told previously the union leaders have to push for it! Why don’t they? I missed being grandfathered in by 24 days and i’ve been waiting and waiting while answering requests for money to help the cause, but without real help it is useless! I am 90 years old, paid and paid for NOTHING!

  28. Angela Diaz says:

    Repeal ,Repeal, Repeal this terrible “Windfall Bill” went to Social Security Office a few weeks ago and boy did I get a big Shock. Benefits will be cut by more than half. I want my hard earned money I put in when I was working for the private sector. Unfair to us retirees!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Recently wrote letters concerning WEP/GPO to the editors of my local newspaper, which is owned by Cox Publishing, the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch and US Today and no one printed my letter or reported on the criminal act better known as WEP/GPO.

  30. Alex Louis says:

    I don’t understand this unfairness! I have a friend who was in the Air Force for 20 years. He retired at 38, and rather than sit around picking daisies he took a federal job and worked another 20 years, retired at 58. He gets TWO…TWO full pensions; one from the Air Force and one from the federal job. How is that fair? I did not know that after years of working in social security type jobs that I would take a federal job, yet when I retired from USG, my SS was dinged due to this ridiculous unfair law. Change it…it is patently not fair….

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