Action Alert #104 New Congress — New Bill! H.R. 141

The old bills from last year and the year before that didn’t make it through Congress and finally get signed by the President are officially DEAD. New bills must be introduced.

We are delighted that we can announce a new repeal bill in the House of Representatives! Republican Member of the House from Illinois, Rodney Davis, has quickly re-introduced the same WEP/GPO repeal bill that he sponsored in the last Congressional session.  His bill, introduced on the first day of the new session, already has 57 Members signed on to co-sponsor the bill—from 24 different states.

Retirees from every state are affected by the offsets, so we need to work for support in every state. Check this link to AB 141 to see if your Congressperson has jumped into this fight: Cosigners of H.R. 141

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We hope you already have the phone number of your Member of Congress on speed dial.  Please call them and thank them for being there, or remind them it is time to step up for you by co-sponsoring AB 141!

Find your Congressperson at

Those of you who have chosen a group to concentrate on–your union, your city, county, or school district, your former employer, a seniors group– please contact them and tell them it is time to stand up for their retirees. We need a broader base of support to pass the repeal bill!

Thank you for your efforts! To make a difference we must each choose an agency or seniors group to educate.  Too many current workers do not understand the devastating effects of the GPO/WEP. We will need everyone behind this campaign!

Repeal the UNFAIR Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

Correction update January 16, 2018: The name of the name of the bill was incorrectly stated as AB 141 on our original post. The correct name is H.R. 141 and we have corrected the mistake.


  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. I just sent emails to two Colorado Representatives.

  2. H.R. 1411. (not A.B. 1411)

  3. There is a story on WEP by Jane Bryant Quinn in the latest AARP Bulletin. She is against our cause. It appears on page 31. Am thinking of canceling my subscription now.

    1. I agree with you, that article is completely wrong. I’m going to write them a letter.

    2. I already cancelled my AARP membership because of their refusal to support the repeal of WEP/GPO. They need to be hit in their pocketbook.

    3. Richard Cohn says:

      I think Jane Bryant Quinn is correct in her analysis. Please contact me at [email removed] and I will try to explain her reasoning.

    4. ROBERT BRUNI says:

      I have contacted AARP to see if they will be an active participant in getting Congress to pass HR 141. I was informed by a representative of AARP that they only “partially” support the repeal of WEP. I let them know that it is totally unacceptable for an organization like AARP which markets itself as a champion for retirees to not “fully” support the passage of HR 141. I will not join AARP and encourage others to also not join or to terminate their membership.

    5. Michael J Gossman says:

      Wrote to her and AARP complaining about article. Talking points no one gets penalized for 401k etc.,

  4. Eileen Hiss says:

    An update to the 1970’s view of retirement needs a new eye. It is time to repeal and reset. I have earned every penny of my retirement. I worked 2 jobs for 25 years. Because I am an educator, the chances of being a woman are 3 out of 4. The agenda behind the “winfall” was that I could not collect both…IN CALIFORNIA. (just in case I had a husband who did earned Social Security) Enough. Balance the US for the same taxation.

  5. Linda Saghi Aidan says:

    Hello, this is good news. Also, 11 reps from CA have co-signed.
    What we need is to highlight cases of those of us who had more than half our ss benefits taken away, that they are the lower middle to poor strata. Why give a gift with one hand (exemption from tax while pension grows) then at retirement we are doubly hurt, first by paying taxes then by slicing pensions. Why have the wep in the first place. This must be emphasized. Thank you.

  6. John Hammer Jr says:

    I am sort of giving up on this after more than 20 years of protesting and suffering a 2/3 loss of my benefits earned through self-employment, where I paid double contributions, while serving as a public school teacher.
    I once had a friend who boasted that he was a triple dipper because he collect 2 government pensions, and I have never been able to get one full one.

    1. janet boyle says:

      me too…I have been a widow for 16 years with a lot of other widows in my same predicament and all I see is emails ….but not repeal….I have had it with all of them….thinking of not even bothering to vote,DEMS

  7. John Hammer Jr. says:

    That was meant to be collected 3 government pensions. Sorry!

  8. Kenneth Barychko says:

    The WEP/GPO must be repealed. It is totally illegal in my opinion.
    It’s time to stop steeling from the American People who worked for the Government and private sector. We didn’t work multiple jobs and pay multiple pensions to get robbed. We did it to survive. Meanwhile The Government gives money to other countries.
    The WEP/GPO, in my opinion is like a Felon, convicted and still out on bail for thirty years.
    This is the United States of America, where everybody is supposed to be treated equal. This makes working for the Government a disgrace. It is no different then me saving for future by stuffing my mattress and the Government coming and taking it out.

  9. I just sent off two personal emails to Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, in Oregon. I was surprised to see that only one representative from Oregon, Peter DeFazio, is supporting this. We MUST keep pushing to get this unfair law repealed. It is unfair to ding me for life just because I worked in a community college that didn’t take out FICA for 8 years! My Social Security was dinged by two-thirds.

  10. JAMES MILS says:

    RE: AARP and the Quinn article – write and call to let them know the true story and the incorrect logic behind the WEP and GPO laws. AARP can be very helpful to us in this fight. I believe that Jane Quinn does not fully understand the way this impacts those of us who are affected and why it is unfair.

  11. Nathaniel Lawson says:

    Retired federal gov’t (CSRS) after 37 years, retired from Air Force Reserves after 30 years. Before I started working for the gov’t I worked 10 years (part time mostly) 4 of those years active duty military. I stayed in the USAFR 26 years paying into social security. My original social security statements indicated I would get about $670 per month in benefits. But as I got closer to retirement my statements indicated I would get approximately $370 at age 62. When I turned 65 in October and I opted into Medicare my benefits were reduced $180 per month to pay Medicare A&B benefits. I worked 2 jobs for 26 years just to be able to contribute over 40% of my entitlement to social security. The full impact of your entitlement reduction isn’t completely felt until you reach 65 and decide to opt-into Medicare.

  12. guy e potter says:

    I worked 28 yrs at the usps and finding out that since I am fers offset I will only get about 1200 of the 1500 that I paid into? While many other fers employees have no penitly at all? This law needs to be changed and let people collect what they have paid into the system.

  13. Carolan T. Odom says:

    The members of Congress have no concept as to the detrimental effect these two discriminatory provisions: Government Pension Offset (GPO) & Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) affect educators & federal employees financial stability! How can Congress justify penalizing some educators & federal employees by using our benefits to fund welfare-type programs??? How can the SSA legally reduce my benefits on the grounds that I receive another pension?????

  14. ROBERT BRUNI says:

    Bob says
    I think that the NEA should join forces with other employee membership organizations which represent military, fire fighters, law enforcement, and all other organizations whose members are also negatively affected by the WEP and GPO and file a class action lawsuit. I believe this may be our best strategy since the legislative branch (Congress) has failed to eliminate this injustice which has been negatively impacting retirees for 35 years.

  15. Stephen Turbee says:

    Year after politicians reintroduce similar pieces of legislation aimed at appeasing their constituents. They all too well no that nothing will materialize simply because the people affected by the current law do not constitute a sufficiently large enough voting block to potentially infringe on their future retention in Congress. Add to that, legislation of this subject if forwarded to the President would cost money, and no politician currently in office is interested in bills which help retired people who struggle to live on fixed incomes. Think about how Social Security COLA’s are determined!

  16. Hilary Siebert says:

    Thank you for your efforts! I am an ex-pat who is having his US pension cut because I have worked at a government job in another country. My total pension after working for 40 years will amount to about $1400 a month. Ex-pats do get affected by this.

  17. Robert Lepore says:

    22 Democratic Congress persons and 2 Republican in California have co-signed Hr 141 in Jan 2019. Republicans are not on board with this. Ken Calvert is Republican and has Signed on and is my District Rep. If you have a Republican Rep and you need your benefits you will need to contact them and let them know how you feel. It will work

  18. Sandra Bailey says:

    I am extremely upset with this totally unfair WEP program. I worked a gov. job for over 27 years and a public job for over 3 years. I know I did not pay enough in soc. sec. taxes to collect anything on my own record. However, my husband worked for over 45 years and paid into the soc. sec. tax for all that time. Plus he was overseas in the Korean war and soc sec. taxes were taken from his pay there also. I should be able to get a soc. sec. check based on his record as a widow. However I am not getting a penny. If I had never worked a day in my life I would be eligible for a monthly stipend from his record. The pension that I am getting is a civil service retirement pension which did not cost the tax payers a dime. I paid 8 1/2% per pay and the agency I worked for paid 13 1/2%. They then have a group of people that invest this money wisely to be able to pay pensions etc. This did not cost the public a dime so there is NO double dipping here. I hope this problem can be cleared up this year so the many people that are affected by this unfair program can finally get what is due them.

  19. sharon keenan says:

    The old bill needs to be repealed. The Congress and Senate do this every year and guess what it does not pass. So unfair. I am not double dipping, I worked for social security w-2 employers as well as state employment with totally separate income

  20. Francine Smith says:

    The WEP is totally unfair. I am a 64-year-old never married woman who worked low paying jobs for many years until “trying” to become a teacher in my 40s. During my low pay years as a hospital worker I miss the substantial earnings for that year by literally $100.00 for three years! During this time I was a single mother who qualified and could have moved into Section 8 housing. I didn’t, because I did not want to change my daughter’s school and could squeeze by with my lower than normal rent. I WISH I HAD TAKEN IT NOW!!! After I finished my degree and became a teacher it was temporary and part time assignments, becuase I was not “related” to anyone important or coach, etc. I am credentialed in three subjects, but I’m working as substitute after school closures, trying corrupt charter schools, etc. I If I had gotten a job initially in this district I would be making $80,000 now. My top salary was $58,000. With only twelve years in I can retire making $1,300 a month. My mortgage and taxes are $1,700. My paid into Social Security of $900 will be cut in half by PERS. I DID NOT WORK THE JOBS AT THE SAME TIME. I will not collect from a husband I never had, and IS THIS FAIR??

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