Action Alert #105 - H.R. 141 is Starting to Move 1

Action Alert #105 – H.R. 141 is Starting to Move

This year’s Social Security Fairness bill is already adding co-signers!

This is why we have hopes that we will at least get a floor vote in the House of Representatives this year or next. Nancy Pelosi has said that any bills that have a large number of co-signers should get a vote from the whole House. Davis’ bill last time had 195 co-signers, 61 of whom were Republicans. This is a bi-partisan issue! It hurts everybody! 

1. Go to:

2. See if your Congressperson has signed on to this year’s bill: Search “H.R. 141” under current bills.

3. You can check bills from the last Congress to see if that Representative signed on last time: Search “All Legislation” in the first box and then “115th Congress H.R. 1205” in the second box. 

4. Put the district and Washington office phone numbers of your Member of Congress in your phone’s contact list.  CALL them and ask them to support public employees!

For those who are wondering….Party Leaders do not co-sign bills, but we know that Pelosi is with us.

Listen here to what Rodney Davis thinks about getting a vote on his new bill. Apologies to Mr. Davis for chopping off his head. FaceBook did that.

Article Link: Congressman Crafts Social Security Fairness Act

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  1. Unfortunately we who paid into SS and are screwed by the government from collecting what is rightfully ours will never see Social Security fairness. the government would rather take care (pay for social services) of illegal aliens invading our country and legal citizens go to He!!

    1. You’ve been watching Faux News too long. The only way our government “takes care” of illegal aliens is emergency medical care to save a life. They don’t get food, shelter, or medicine. If they work they pay taxes from their wages and receive nothing in return. In this way they actually add to our economy.

    2. It has nothing to do with illegal aliens. It’s all about the government taking and screwing whoever they can! It’s time to fight back!

  2. ELIMINATE The Government Pension Offsett and The Windfall Elimination Provision,

    I figure that have “lost” approximately $70,000 plus —–since I have been eligible for Social Security. I am currently 79 years old and I would Love to receive ALL OF MY BENEFITS before I Die.

    1. I too have lost. I paid into SS for 27 years and because it wasn’t 30 years, lost a portion of my SS (actually quite a bit) because I had worked and paid into a government pension for 22 years. My husband passed away 3 years ago and normally I would have received the larger of the two SS. With the big Trump tax cut, my medicare doubled and therefore, I am receiving approximately $150 LESS per month.


  3. Usually bills with lots of Co-signers do not get passed. Co-signing just makes a politician look busy. In fact, I doubt any of them will keep up with the status of this bill and try to push it through. Even the author of it will not keep track of it. Check the statistics of what I just said. It is the unfortunate truth. Wish I was wrong. Need to keep contacting these politicians to remind them.

  4. Anyone with a brain knows undocumented workers pay taxes even social security taxes but they do not receive a social security check. When I signed up for social security I was eligible to go to the web site and view all my years of earning some substantial and some unsubstantial. So when a mindless BOT makes a statement like undocumented workers receive social security benefits is a lie! If employers were all using e-verify and were fined for hiring undocumented workers this pipeline would dry up! Farmers in the mid-west, south and out in some of the western states all use undocumented workers as a source of cheap labor. Folks just don’t make willy-nilly statements about something you have no knowledge about!

    1. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. They have no SS#, so there’s no way to establish a payroll account. They are paid in cash by employers who also benefit from not having to pay into FICA, state unemployment, workmen’s comp.

  5. Going on 21 yrs. now having paid double through self-employment, while also teaching in CT public schools, I have been penalized 2/3 of my earned benefit.
    Probably too late for me to receive any compensation, but I have great resentment against our government for imposing this severe penalty on me for so long. This is AMERICA??

  6. The way this is going, I will be long gone before it gets a pass from either house in Congress. I went back to work from my retirement just to make ends meet. Social security should not be taxed at all as we pay for it going in and we pay for it when we take it out. What good is that? Between WEP/GPO and taxes the people on SS are up the proverbial creek with out a paddle.

  7. Politicians love to stir up voters from their district, but unfortunately any meaningful action on this subject will ultimately go nowhere! You ask why? The answer is simple. It costs money! What amazes me is that with every day that passes more people fall victim to this unfair piece of legislation, and yet the larger the number of impacted feel the “pain” and nothing takes place to remedy the situation.
    For years Social Security receiptants complain about how COLA’s are determined, and inspite of how many people receive SS the formula remains the same. I guess the bottom line is, if you become a retiree you had better have a lot of savings or investments otherwise expect overtime to be added to the welfare rolls of our country.

  8. It takes a lot more than introducing a Bill or signing on as a co-sponsor. Until they actually fight for the Bill in the halls of Congress, including demanding a vote, we will never know who truly supports us or are simply beginning their next political campaign. Think about it, how much did Tony Thurmond’s resolution actually accomplish?

    1. I have tweeted Congressman Rodney Davis to urge him to bring the bill to the floor and also asked my representative to endorse it. If more of us pressure them , hopefully we will see action.

  9. John Larson’s Social Security 2100 ACT is all over internet now. It doesn’t mention WEP or GOVERNMENT PENSION OFFSET at all. Does he support repeal? What about HR 141? I’m a victim of both WEP and GPO. Would the 2100 ACT give me a 2% benefit raise on my own record? A 2% raise on my deceased husband’s record? What about the minimum benefit at 125% of poverty. How will 2100 ACT….treat us???

  10. Since many current and future retirees have never heard of the WEP/GPO doesn’t that mean the US government is committing fraud by enforcing the WEP/GPO in 26 States?

    1. Try this group:
      I have written their secretary but have not gotten an answer.

  11. Every new Congress introduces this or a similar bill. Methinks it’s just an appeasement for us victims to think somebody in the government really cares. Nothing ever coomes of the bill, and probably never will. There are so many of us who are affected. I, when I started to teach, planned on getting my “fair” share of Social Security, and I planned accordingly.

    Unfortunately, some of my teaching was at a private, rather than a state supported, University. So, I didn’t get any credit on my STRS pension, but paid into Social Security. I also spent 3 years in the U.S. Army during Vietnam, and all that was taxed to Social Security. I also had my own business and farm income which contributed to Social Security. All-in-all, I have 27.3 years credit under STRS and 25.25 years under Social Security. And, I work parttime now under Social Security. ( I retired from teaching 8 years ago). I took Social Security at age 62; so our fiine government, the government I fought to support, has screwed me out of 8 years of what I should have received.

  12. Why does everything sinister have to do with undocumented workers like they exploit at Bedminster Golf Resort rather than the issue at hand and that is social security unfairness. In my state social security pension is exempt from Ga state taxes at 65 but out of the limited amount of social security I received Medicare premiums are deducted. So the limited amount of my social security is further reduced by Medicare insurance premiums. Why don’t law makers see how unfair this is to working people. Folks if you are serious we need to elect the national figures who are supportive of eliminating the WEP.

  13. Because of WEP my social security benefits will be cut by 2/3rd’s. I don’t qualify for spousal/widow benefits under GPO. I do qualify to receive SS benefits by earning 40 credits from the taxes I paid over 25 years of SS earnings. My local government pension check and reduced SS benefit is not enough to live on. So….I continue to work. I have not received SS benefits yet; trying to figure out WHEN or if I can even retire and be able to afford minimal living expenditures until I die! Government continues to screw the people who worked for them! Btw-future government retirees are unaware of WEP and GPO.

  14. My view on this issue is I paid into SS and therefore I should receive my full benefit. I am not ranting over undocumented workers or other(s) that have never contributed to SS and receive benefits. But I paid into MY benefit for 24 years and I should receive my FULL benefit not some reduced amount that’s not worth printing a check for and I should be considered for a spousal benefit. Truly feeling cheated by my government..

  15. Please keep the pressure on to repeal the WEP and GPO! It’s terribly unfair to teachers who happen to work for a district in GA that does not pay into SS. I have SS benefits from my first career in banking, but I will be penalized in retirement for deciding to change careers to teach children. If my husband dies before me, I will receive no survivor benefits and will have to live solely on my teacher retirement.

  16. I worked as a Firefighter 26 yrs, I payed into SS before and during working on Fire Dept. I have not gotten a raise on my pension for 12 yrs now. I have been self employed for 15 yr now paying in double SS, And now I’m only going together 40% of what I should because of WEP & GPO.

  17. My wife Initially worked in the private sector and also worked as a teacher and paid into social security for both assignments, accumulating over 40 quarters.

    She was then told that her school was switching from Social Security to a state pension plan and she had to pay into that instead.

    She is still teaching part time and has accumulated 33 years of teaching under that circumstance.

    Question: Does the full WEP apply in this situation.

  18. I recently went to a retirement seminar; I am in Civil Service Retirement and found out that I will lose 91% of my Social Security when I retire. I am 66 now, so I continue to work. The government seems fine with me holding up a job that could go to a younger worker who wants to get on with their life also. The system is unfair and we have politicians who don’t step up and fix WEP & GPO by repealing it. I write, call and anything else that I can think of to get this issue on the table for discussion and repeal. It is very frustrating and in the end I feel anger because is impacts my life so much. I have worked hard my whole life and I would like to think that I can rest at some point but I feel “rest-day” will be when they put me in a pine box. I don’t know how to prod a politician or get them to at least see how important this is to the people it impacts. These laws were passed in 1977 and 1983 (Clinton & Reagan) and they are in their pine boxes now. Party lines is not the issue on this matter so why can’t we get the House of Representatives and Senate to move on this?

  19. I paid into my Federal Pension for some 34 years and even bought back my Military time to count for that and I have 72 quarters of Social Security Credit. When I started to take my SS Benefits, I lost 2/3rds of that money because of the WEP. This most certainly is not fair and hasn’t been since it was passed into law in the mid-80’s. the spousal offset began in the late 70’s. We need to call and press our Members of Congress. They certainly didn’t reduce our Medicare Premium.

  20. I have spoken to an attorney who is interested in pursuing a class action law suit to repeal WEP / GPO in KY. If you are interested, speak with some of your co-workers to generate interest and email me with a preliminary number of folks we can count on to get signatures from to get the show there is a real interest throughout the state.

  21. Please talk to others Congress members explain what happens to the people who work in the 26 states that don’t pay into social security but that also work in social security paid jobs. Help us get to 220 votes so that it can come up for a vote. This group of polite baby boomers is not screaming for their rights like others who have not paid into the system at all. We can only talk to our local government officials. This current bill from 1983 is not fair. The Government should be held to the same or better standard of Private Employers!

  22. My wife for 30 years under SOCIAL SECURITY she pass away in 2004 we talk while she was alive about retirement with her SOCIAL SECURITY,and my 40 years as a federal worker and a volunteer during the VIETNAM WAR we be ok.So when she away i apply for a widow claim under my wife SOCIAL SECURITY plan i was told i do not qualify because as a federal they use GOVERNMENT OFFSET and they use a formula two-third of my pension if that total is more than what i would receive from my wife SOCIAL security benefit i receive $0.00 that NOTHING my wife work her whole life never No government ASSISTANCE program she work
    Then i was told if i do not file a widow before i die the GOVERNMENT keep my wife money she work 8 hours a day for almost 30 years. This id my statement;
    I WROTE 60 MINUTES TO INVESTIGATE HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE THE GOVERNMENT KEPT SINCE 1986 to 2019,i am asking everyone who read this and is effected my this call””60 MINUTES ASK FOR INVESTIGATION “ask how much money have they kept of OUR LOVES ONES WHO WORK FOR OUR FAMILIES

  23. Please call 60 minutes to investigate why the GOVERNMENT KEEP DEAD PEOPLE MONEY FROM THEIR FAMILIES,,, thats what happen when you do not file a WIDOW claim on your late love ones last LEGACY they life for their families when u die without filing a WIDOWER claim the government keep your loves one money they work for my wife work for almost 30 years and being a federal worker they use government OFFSET a formula they take two-third of my pension and if that more than what i receive from your late love ones SOCIAL SECURITY benefits i receive $0.00 Nothing her 30 years just sitting there gaining interests if i do not receive it by my death that right THE GOVERNMENT KEEP IT ALL .Call 60 MINUTES ASK THEM TO INVESTIGATE THE GOVERNMENT KEEPING DEAD PEOPLE MONEY FROM THEIR FAMILIES BECAUSE WE ARE FEDERAL WORKERS THATS DISCRIMINATION

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