Action Alert #107 – Get Your Family on Board!

Who is it in your family who will lose out because you have lost so much of your earned Social Security retirement benefit? Not inheriting the family home because you couldn’t afford to keep it? Not being able to put your grandchild through college? Get your children and family members on our mailing list to support the repeal! Here is the link to our “Join Us” page.

Hit by the WEP? You can be hit by the GPO also!
This is a long and hard campaign. We recently spoke with a man in his mid-eighties who was well aware that his retired teacher wife was not getting all the Social Security she had earned herself because of the WEP. But he had no idea that when he died, she would get NONE of his survivor benefits. The Government Pension Offset can cost a widow/er more than $20,000 a year! We have more work to do!

The repeal bills in this Congress got off to an early start, and 165 Congresspersons have already signed on to co-sponsor! Forty of them are Republicans. Remember, the offsets are indefensible, and they are a bi-partisan issue. January 3rd was the beginning of the “116th Congress,” and Member of Congress Rodney Davis, from Illinois, immediately introduced another bill like the one he sponsored two years ago to repeal the GPO and WEP. The number of the bill for 2019-2020 to repeal these unfair penalties is H.R. 141. Has your Representative signed on? Here is a link to the page showing the sponsors from the House.

We are also encouraged by what is happening in the Senate. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, once again, introduced a repeal bill, this time numbered S. 521, which already has more supporters than the one last year. We are particularly pleased to see Dianne Feinstein rejoin supporters of this bill. She sponsored repeal bills for 10 years before giving up on our issue, despite knowing how badly it harms public servants. Welcome back Dianne! Here is the link to the names of the 30 Senate sponsors.

Thank your Representatives and Senators who have signed on. Tell the others that real Social Security Fairness means repealing the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

More handy links to your representative: