Action Alert #107 – Get Your Family on Board!

Who is it in your family who will lose out because you have lost so much of your earned Social Security retirement benefit? Not inheriting the family home because you couldn’t afford to keep it? Not being able to put your grandchild through college? Get your children and family members on our mailing list to support the repeal! Here is the link to our “Join Us” page.

Hit by the WEP? You can be hit by the GPO also!
This is a long and hard campaign. We recently spoke with a man in his mid-eighties who was well aware that his retired teacher wife was not getting all the Social Security she had earned herself because of the WEP. But he had no idea that when he died, she would get NONE of his survivor benefits. The Government Pension Offset can cost a widow/er more than $20,000 a year! We have more work to do!

The repeal bills in this Congress got off to an early start, and 165 Congresspersons have already signed on to co-sponsor! Forty of them are Republicans. Remember, the offsets are indefensible, and they are a bi-partisan issue. January 3rd was the beginning of the “116th Congress,” and Member of Congress Rodney Davis, from Illinois, immediately introduced another bill like the one he sponsored two years ago to repeal the GPO and WEP. The number of the bill for 2019-2020 to repeal these unfair penalties is H.R. 141. Has your Representative signed on? Here is a link to the page showing the sponsors from the House.

We are also encouraged by what is happening in the Senate. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, once again, introduced a repeal bill, this time numbered S. 521, which already has more supporters than the one last year. We are particularly pleased to see Dianne Feinstein rejoin supporters of this bill. She sponsored repeal bills for 10 years before giving up on our issue, despite knowing how badly it harms public servants. Welcome back Dianne! Here is the link to the names of the 30 Senate sponsors.

Thank your Representatives and Senators who have signed on. Tell the others that real Social Security Fairness means repealing the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

More handy links to your representative:


  1. Pierre Peterson says:

    Ronald Reagan decided that as a public school teacher (45 years) I’d be double-dipping if I were able to draw social security. I started teaching at $4800 a year and retired at about $40,000 (some 2800 a month).

  2. elvira Lopez says:

    i retired on may 1 2003 immediately i was affeted by wep and then two years ago my husband pass away and was told i will not collect his social security between both wep and gpo thy are taking a lot good earned money that i worked for years we deserve to be help but when may i will be dead before we will get what we deserve

  3. T. Halter says:

    I retired from the local school district after 28 years of service. Before moving to Nevada I had worked 15 years in New Jersey. During those 15 years I paid in to Social Security and according to my Social Security Statement I was scheduled to receive approximately $350.00 per month. Upon retiring I was told by Social Security that I would receive monthly benefit of $64.00. The reason I have been given is I’m penalized because I’m receiving a State Pension from the State of Nevada. Also, I cannot collect any of my husband of 53 year Social Security because I receive a NV State pension. I feel this is unfair and illegal.
    How can I be denied what I’ve paid into Social Security.
    Many folks collect and they never contributed a dime. How can the government justify this?

  4. I am also not going to receive my ex husbands social security because of these terrible offset rules. I received an award letter stating that as a retired federal employee they will not pay me anything. This was never mentioned when I attended the retirement seminar in 2003. I retired in August 2003.

  5. I hope and pray Congress repeals this ridiculous Penalty made to citizens who have worked in Public Service like myself as a Teacher in California. I just retired after teaching for twenty years. Why should l give back to the Government my Social Security because I am getting a pension as a teacher? Living on a fixed income will be harder because of this unjust penalty. Hope you read my comment.

  6. Donna Smith says:

    Jason: Hello: If you are now spearheading our campaign, I would state that I am trying to be a one-man show if possible. I am affected by the WEP. Please have our members or you, on behalf of, as I did write to: Senior Citizens League, Attn: Mary Johnson. They are active in appealing to Congress to repeal WEP and GPO. Also, it is important for our “individual members” to boycott AARP and tell them so. Get your family members to do the same if they are AARP eligible.

    One last thought : any thoughts on a group trip to D.C. The House Ways and Means Committee headquarters and “show them” exactly how much is being taken from us. To say “we are being penalized” is not enough. Who cares? HOWEVER, if you SHOW them how much we are losing, maybe then we can get some attention!!

    Members, if anyone is interested in a group trip to D.C. this summer or whenever to display amounts lost, please email me: I can’t support (or Jason for that matter) a protest without enough members? We need at least 200 people willing to make the D.C. foray? If we get the supporters, we can show them the BELOW numbers. We know the media will be on hand to report it and they themselves can see the lost amounts for WEP alone. Maybe we will get support that way.

    Okay, that’s it for me. God Bless all of our hardworkers and supporters.

    2014 408.0
    2015 413.0
    2016 428.0
    2017 442.5
    2018 447.5
    2019 463.0

  7. Donna Smith says:

    Folks: I sent a prior comment — don’t see it yet. (1) DO NOT SUPPORT AARP. They will not help us!!! (2) Support and email to: Senior Citizens League, Attn: Mary Johnson (they publish a quarterly newsletter and they want to hear our stories — they contact Congress regularly on our behalf.

    Any group members interested in a D.C. trip — at least 200 — for a protest (House Ways and Means Committee). It is NOT ENOUGH to say “we are being penalized.” We must show them figures (see below).

    2014 408.0
    2015 413.0
    2016 428.0
    2017 442.5
    2018 447.5
    2019 463.00

    If 200 people would like to do a D.C. protest (hopefully showing above figures and garnering media attention) please email me:

  8. wendy beck says:

    Thank you. It would be helpful to have a list of twitter handles for those who have co-sponsored in the House and Senate so we can thank them. Then we can also write to our specific representatives who haven’t joined them to urge them to join. I find tweeting gets more attention than emails. Calls work, too, but calling everyone to thank them is too laborious.

  9. Leslie Luthe says:

    My husband died in 1997. At the time when I contacted SS, the lady said I would qualify for almost $600 a month. Then a pause on the other end….”Oh, you are a teacher. Sorry, you won’t be able to get widow’s benefits because of your profession.” Why should that matter?? He worked for the SS benefits, and I , as his widow, deserve my widow’s benefits !! My other question : Who is getting my $600 a month ?????? With cola, it would probably be a little more, after 22 years. She also told me that if the WEP was ever changed, it would be retroactive back to his date of death. Not sure I believe that, but , hey!!! I’ll take it.

  10. Kenneth Barychko says:

    The WEP/GPO, in my opinion is like a Felon, convicted and still out on bail for thirty-five years.
    This Repeal should be acted upon “Now”.
    As I previously mentioned, this law is in my opinion illegal.
    If you take money from what the people paid for, it is called stealing.

    1. Jerry Getzel says:


  11. Marilyn Winn says:

    I am getting ready to retire. I worked 20 years away from the government and put in for social security the whole time. Totally not fair that they are taking a lot away from me. Wrong very wrong

  12. To all replies, please call, write or tweet. We are getting movement this time!

  13. The WEP amounts to taxation without representation. If the State of KY takes 60% of my hard earned SS, then they should give me something in return. I worked and paid into SS for 20 years. At 62 years old, I will never be able to afford to retire. That is my money and KY has no right to steal it from me.

  14. Hello: Here is what I found out — please read and try to respond, if you can? H.R. 141 has a breakdown as of 6/3/19 as follows: DEMS: 143 REP: 32.

    Everyone needs to participate folks. Some info for progress: Call the Democratic National Party at: 202-863-8000 (for the Democrats)

    For the Republican National Party: (Well, call this number — it belongs to Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader: 202-225-2915. Tell operator you would like the phone number for your respective “Republican” candidate. Then get a contact email address for that individual.

    It will be for Republicans in the House: …..””

    Now to get MORE Dems to sign off — easier task — go to this website: “”. Do a right hand click to MENU. Under MENU you will see a contact page for Nancy Pelosi. PLEASE FILL IT OUT, OKAY…..

    There are 435 members in the House of Representatives, with a “majority” of Democrats. If only 133 have signed H.R. 141, there is a lot of work to do, folks.

    One or 2 or 3 or even 5 people can’t do this alone. Everyone who is reading this is intelligent, educated and now armed with contact information to some degree.

    Congress will adjourn session this year (to my understanding in September). It is imperative that we try to get the 290 votes needed for a vote on H.R. 141.

    Everyone please stop complaining and do your part to make this happen.

    God bless all our members.

    Thank you.


    Hey folks: I posted a comment but they don’t seem to appearhere : Anyway after contacting: “ (he works for Rep. Kevin McCarthy) looked what happened with H.R. 141:

    Rep. Doyle, Michael F. [D-PA-18] 06/03/2019

    Rep. Tlaib, Rashida [D-MI-13] 06/03/2019

    Rep. Wittman, Robert J. [R-VA-1] 06/03/2019

    Rep. Cuellar, Henry [D-TX-28] 06/03/2019

    Rep. Horn, Kendra S. [D-OK-5] 06/03/2019

    Democratic [137]

    Republican [43]

    We all have to do this , people. Email and write. Nancy Pelosi’s email: (use the MENU + CONTACT ME link).

    Let’s get these 290 sponsors THIS YEAR.

  16. Tom Turney says:

    I worked 24 years with meaningful earnings under social security. I have worked the past 14 years as a teacher in Texas. I will be eligible to retire in three more years. If I decide to retire I will lose 30 percent of my social security. This is unfair, if I worked in any other profession other than teaching I would not be affected. This is not eliminating a windfall its robbing me of my social security. If one adds my 24 in social security to my 14 years in TRS ,it would be 38 years. I would get 2.3 per year. That would be be over 80 percent of my present salary and I could draw it immediately. As things are now I will be 63 when I retire with 17 years . That would be about 40 percent of my salary or about 22000 a year less than 2000 a month. I should get 1200 a month from social security less 30 percent or about 840 . Added to my 2000 would be about 2800 a month but I have to air until I’m almost 67 to get that. A teacher with 38 years of service and no social security would get 4000 month immediately on retirement . Clearly this is a penalty to anyone who draws social security. To make matters worse if my wife passed away before me I would get no benefit from her . This whole law should be illegal!

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