Action Alert #108 – A Father’s Day Gift for this Weekend!

Are you someone’s father? Is that younger person supporting your
retirement income, and their inheritance, by being a member of our
mailing list and responding to our requests for action? If you are
affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision, you could be losing
nearly $5,000 a year. If the Government Pension Offset affects you,
you easily could be losing $12,000 or $24,000 every year!

It’s easy! Have them go to, click on the blue “Join
Us”! Having your heirs sign-on also works for a belated Mother’s Day gift. Do you have any other relatives sympathetic to your plight?

One hundred and eighty-five Members of the House of
Representatives have signed onto H.R. 141, the House bill to repeal
the GPO/WEP. These include 45 Republicans. Do not despair if you
are represented by a Republican—this is a bi-partisan bill!

Thirty Senators have co-sponsored S. 521, however, Collins,
Murkowski, and Boozman are the only Republican Senators. There
are more out there who have supported us in the past, such as
Kennedy from Louisiana. Call up your Senator’s local office and ask
why he/she hasn’t signed on, yet.

Remember though there are teachers from only 15 states, state and
local workers from 26 states, and Federal workers from all states—
RETIREES ARE EVERYWHERE! We already have nine Members of
Congress signed on to support us from Florida!

It is a busy time in Congress, but keep reminding them of how
important this is. Go to their website and email. Buy postcards and
mail them. Make friends with someone in their state or district office.
You can always track the bills from the links at the top of our
homepage on our website—! And Carry ON!!!

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  1. This is some kind of sick joke. If anyone actually intended to make this happen, people would be talking about it on the news and organizing people. Just great…. taking advantage of people who you have already let down! How long does it take you to make something happen?! How does it feel to have Cruz carrying the torch while you all sit there and try to collect money! I was a Democrat all my life, and you dropped the ball and have never picked it up with any intention of righting this wrong!

  2. It distresses me that I am not receiving my full Social Security…when was this bill passed and which party promoted…teaching was by far the most difficult job I ever held…but, nobody ever wants to pay teachers money to live well…and now that I am retired, it is still happening…

    1. The Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision have been penalizing public employees since the early 1980’s. Go to GPO/WEP Information under the GPO/WEP page on our website and read the Congressional Research Reports for the whole information.

  3. This has been going on for so long now with no vote in the house. I fear that as time goes by, the government is just waiting for all of us to die. With so many bipartisan sponsors, what are they waiting for?

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This has been going on for years. So there is some support butWHAT IS HAPPENING TO DESTROY THE WEP? i’VE DONE ALL YOU’VE ASKED.
      I’m going to apply for my CALSTRS pension next week and have lost all hope that my SS benefit will NOT be cut in half or stolen from me.

      I feel so powerless.

    2. Was hired by USPS in 1980. Union told me they were working on the repeal back then. 39 years later, sad part is in our monthly union publications, you see nothing about this. It’s all about 6 day delivery and CCAs rights. Like it was already mentioned, waiting for is all to pass away so it will go away.

    3. This is EXACTLY what they are banking on. And we cant ALLOW it any longer. Everyone impacted by the WEP or GPO needs to call their elected officials if they have not already done so. TODAY!

      This is far more urgent than a postcard. Our $ is being STOLEN out of our pockets! Most would react more vehemently to an overcharge at Target! Pick up the phone and CALL your representatives TODAY!! No one is going to make this happen for us.

    4. There have been different bills just like this one. All they are doing is changing the bill and rewording and they seem to go nowhere.

    5. My opinion–for what’s it’s worth– You are exactly correct. Furthermore, WE do not or are unable to get enough of supporters in our position on this to matter to really rattle out legislators to support and pass the repeal. So unfortunate as they are taking OUR S.S. and giving it to GOD knows whom of which did not even work or pay into the S.S. system. Just my thoughts—.

  4. We need to unite and lobby each state representatives and senators all at once until we get support from the state targeted. Then move on to the next state.
    It would be hard for them to ignore us if we work together.

    1. Correct Bill! I have been lobbying two – three states in particular. Missouri, Arkansas and Georgia. Missouri and Arkansas have not a single congressional member cosponsoring it, and Georgia just one. Go to the to find members’ numbers and call either their D.C. or local state offices. We also have allies and calling them will put the message out to their membership to make the calls, write the letters and send the emails. Never have we gotten this far, (185 cosponsors!), so quickly with less than 6 months into the new congress, (116th). This is the time to push forward and lobby them! Stress the bi-partisan/non-partisan nature of the bill and how it HELPS Americans. Be honest about the facts and educate yourself about the opposing arguments as well but simply calling, being neutral without engaging in the details is what lobbying is about. Let the representatives office know that you would like to leave a message with the member, and about the number of the bill, (141), and its name, and that’s it. That way, they will be drawn to see its cosponsors, and see its success which will incentivize them to partake in its success too.

  5. I think you would get more responses using a pre-written email, script or petition. Like 500% better.

  6. REPEAL THE WEP/GPO Act Of 1983! H.R.141 & S.521 ! Sign “The Social Security Fairness Act Of 2019”
    If you went to work today, and a total stranger came up to you and said.. ” you just lost your Social Security in your old age without any Warnings, only because you are a “Federal or Public Employee”!
    Teachers ,Police ,Firefighters ,State & Federal Public Support Retirees !This is a Travesty !Wrongful !

    This is what suddenly happened without any warning or notice to 6.5 million (and still counting) Americans on a sunny day in April, 1983. Some were given warnings and quit. The vast majority’s new Social Security Plan became their current Government Retirement Plan. If they quit then after the passing, they would still be penalized by the Windfall or Offset penalty written into the law. A total failure of due process and the rights of employees!
    #REPEAL The WEP/GPO ACT Of 1983!
    Public Servants beware of this penalty!
    As always, check to see if your Representative in Congress signed on to H.R. 141 and S.521 the WEP/GPO Repeal Bills!

  7. Please do your best to repeal these unfair laws. I am 72, single & have only my retirement pension under Ohio PERS. I worked 25 years under Opers. I worked previous jobs in between raising my 3 sons. I was married for approx 30 yrs, and should be able to draw SS from my ex. I could really use the extra income now.
    Thank you!!

  8. I’m a retired teacher and unable to collect my full benefits from putting in Social Security for over 20 years. I deserve to collect my full S/S I’m single and deserve my entire S/S. Please repeal the WEP and GPO.

  9. The government does so much of giving to unnecessary bills and continues to pass on eliminating the Windfall Elimination Pension. It has been taking away full benefits of S/S from people long enough. People have a right to collect their entire Social Security. Repeal now

  10. It’s nice to see that so many Congressman are signing on, but that’s all futile if it doesn’t make it out of Committee, like it’s done for so many years. I’d like to know when this bill comes up again before another Committee & get a little more traction before this Session ends then they have to start all over AGAIN!!!!!

  11. I am affected by both the WEP and the GPO losing about 1,200 a month being a widow for almost 9 years now. I’m running out of savings trying to supplement my income to stay afloat. These acts should have been repealed by now. Not fair that soon my children are going to have to help me when I should be collecting widows benefits. I pray every day the repeals finally happen!

  12. This affects both my husband and myself! We both paid in and are both penalized!

  13. I am divorced and have no other source of income in my household. This money that is being withheld by SS, could help me with my monthly bills. Furthermore, I PAID into SS and I deserve to have my money as well as anyone else who paid into it.

  14. I also am effected by GPO/WEP. I have been around long enough to know that the only way to get anything passed in Congress is to buy politicians. You have to hire lobbyists who then give money to the politicians. If it doesn’t increase the politicians net worth it doesn’t get passed. It’s not right but that’s the way things work in Washington.

  15. This is EXACTLY what they are banking on. And we cant ALLOW it any longer. Everyone impacted by the WEP or GPO needs to call their elected officials if they have not already done so. TODAY!

    This is far more urgent than a postcard. Our $ is being STOLEN out of our pockets! Most would react more vehemently to an overcharge at Target! Pick up the phone and CALL your representatives TODAY!! No one is going to make this happen for us.

  16. All of us affected will all be dead before Congress acts. I believe a bill similar to the latest has been introduced for the past 18 years. Go to House .gov if you doubt this is true.

  17. They have been talking about this for years but nothing ever happens. My husband was a teacher for 30 years along with all of his part time jobs. He Is gone now as many others are and probably with all the money that they contributed over the years. What are the chances of this being voted on now? Probably 0.

  18. To everyone reading this: “Tweet” Ivanka Trump on Twitter. I did. She spearheads a hashtag: PledgestoAmericanWorkers. What better forum for her to hear us?

    If you are not familiar with Twitter but have a computer with internet, Twitter can guide you to setting up a profile. Please try and “tweet” Ivanka Trump to see if she can get her father to get Republicans to support H.R. 141. We must try harder, right or wrong.

    Thanks to all of you who are helping — Bonnie and Joseph, is it.

  19. When your Senator, Congressman, Congresswoman holds a public meeting, on the campaign trail, be sure to attend and ask them to explain WEP/GPO to you and those in attendance. If they are unable to explain it you should try to briefly explain it to them and inform them that it is fraud which is criminal. I am sure your fellow citizens will be shocked and supportive.

  20. Sitting in a pile at sub committee now. Nothing being done once again. It will take more contacts from all of us to get this rolling. Totally stalled out and forgotten.

  21. Retired in 1990’s—- worked another 10 year to earn just 65 % ow SS benefits–

    I worked from 1957 to 2003 part time in the same industry– only to be penalized–

    OUCH !!!


  22. No one in elected positions seems to grasp the unfair damage WEP/GPO is doing and has done. How specific public servants were ever singled out to be penalized and stolen from in this manner is a mystery to me. I had someone tell me at one time that Social Security can’t afford to pay those affected the money we have earned (yet we were forced to pay into Social Security). I think in the ‘90’s Social Security money was foolishly robbed for some other purpose, now retirees are still paying for that. Those in power please wake up and actually realize the depth of this earned benefit denial. And – there is NO “windfall” involved here.

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