Action Alert #108 – A Father’s Day Gift for this Weekend!

Are you someone’s father? Is that younger person supporting your
retirement income, and their inheritance, by being a member of our
mailing list and responding to our requests for action? If you are
affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision, you could be losing
nearly $5,000 a year. If the Government Pension Offset affects you,
you easily could be losing $12,000 or $24,000 every year!

It’s easy! Have them go to, click on the blue “Join
Us”! Having your heirs sign-on also works for a belated Mother’s Day gift. Do you have any other relatives sympathetic to your plight?

One hundred and eighty-five Members of the House of
Representatives have signed onto H.R. 141, the House bill to repeal
the GPO/WEP. These include 45 Republicans. Do not despair if you
are represented by a Republican—this is a bi-partisan bill!

Thirty Senators have co-sponsored S. 521, however, Collins,
Murkowski, and Boozman are the only Republican Senators. There
are more out there who have supported us in the past, such as
Kennedy from Louisiana. Call up your Senator’s local office and ask
why he/she hasn’t signed on, yet.

Remember though there are teachers from only 15 states, state and
local workers from 26 states, and Federal workers from all states—
RETIREES ARE EVERYWHERE! We already have nine Members of
Congress signed on to support us from Florida!

It is a busy time in Congress, but keep reminding them of how
important this is. Go to their website and email. Buy postcards and
mail them. Make friends with someone in their state or district office.
You can always track the bills from the links at the top of our
homepage on our website—! And Carry ON!!!