Action Alert # 115 How Are You Doing?

With all the current dislocations, the illnesses and the deaths, it is harder to stand up and complain about the GPO/WEP. This is especially difficult when we know others who may have been hit with worse outcomes and have lost more of their income to our closed society than we have with the Social Security offsets.  

The truth is that, in addition to dealing with being among the high risk group for the worst outcomes from COVID-19, many retirees have also lost income from part time jobs or businesses that made retirement work for us.  Those of us who have rented out rooms in our homes in order to keep up with the cost of living in those homes, have lost rental income because of the closures of schools and businesses. 

The Social Security benefits that would have helped cushion these blows, aren’t there for us.

So we demand, again:  Repeal the punitive Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!  

Something to look out for:

There has been talk of alleviating the burden on workers and businesses by eliminating the percentage of salary that a worker and an employer pay into FICA—the Social Security funding mechanism.  Adding less money to the Social Security general fund would WEAKEN our chances for repealing the offsets since it would cut back, even slightly, Social Security’s financial situation. During the big financial crisis ten years ago, contributions to the Social Security fund were also cut back, but then the Social Security account was replenished by the Federal Treasury funds. Any cuts to FICA payments must include back-filling by the Federal Treasury!

The repeal bill in the House, H.R. 141, currently has 245 co-signers, a quarter of them Republicans.  We need to add more supporters to make sure that it seems a safe win for House leadership to bring this bill to the floor. This is a bi-partisan bill! Is your representative on this list?

Here is a link to the bill and the names of those who are on our side:   H.R.141 – Social Security Fairness Act of 2019

Call your Representative and tell them how the COVID-19 crisis has added to the penalties of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision.  Let them now how this is affecting you! If they are thinking about doing something to make sure Social Security works better, the first thing to do is to REPEAL THE GPO AND WEP!


  1. Debora Winn says:

    Why no action alert with a letter to our representatives?

  2. Jeanette Scanlan says:


  3. christine swanberg says:

    It’s time to eliminate WEP and GPO. It unfairly penalizes those who have worked in both pubic and private teaching settings. It virtually eliminates spousal benefits and hurt a lot. When will this finally be fixed?

  4. Steve Caine says:

    Be fair- I have worked two jobs almost my entire (working) life and should not be penalized for wanting what is fair. I am losing about $600 per month that I need to live on. I along with others on this sight demand what is fair.

    1. Same here, the government steals from us to give to people who never paid into the system. I want what is owed me.

  5. Daniel Esler says:

    why are Israeli Americans exempt from the WEP ? this is not anti-Semitism, but a question about nationality discrimination. It has to do with the Israel lobby in Washington.
    We need to all oppose the WEP and its theft of our entitlement

    1. Susan Pezzino says:

      What happened is the some SSA beneficiaries who had lived in Israel successfully brought legal action under the language of the law that says that the WPA deduction shall be brought against all persons receiving a pension based on work. The pension of Israel is not a work-based pension; it is an old age pension and people who have never worked at all or who have never worked in Israel are able to receive the old age pension from Israel and their full Social Security. Unfortunately, not everyone who has a European pension has the awareness or the financial resources to bring an action under the language that the people who had pension from Israel were able use in what I assume was litigation. I have no knowledge as to whether any Israel lobby was involved in this litigation or whether it was a private party. I only know that the SSA posted the result of the decision on their website some time ago and that is how I found out about it. If you look for it on their website, it might still be there.

    2. Social Security Fairness says:

      The WEP affects EARNED pensions. The old age allotment is given to any Israeli, without taking into account their previous earnings. This was decided by a court a few years ago.

  6. Luther Beal says:

    It simply is unfair. I paid into Social Security since I was sixteen years of age. I would like to have the advantages of it before I die, but I don’t have many years left. We are having the struggle to make ends meet. You would think both parties would want to be fair, and we have been treated unfairly for many years. Thanks

  7. Mary Dempre says:

    Do the right thing! This is unfair to those of us who put into Social Security before making a decision to teach.

  8. Marie Michaud says:

    How about a class action similar to the one from people who worked in Israel? Why not follow their exemple? They won !
    Is any one in touch with their lawyers?

  9. Mark Allen says:

    I’m 71, retired for 9 years, the GPO so far has cost me $25,272.00. My mortgage would be a thing of the past if it hadn’t been for this ridiculous penalty. Don’t see any rationale in being punished for having an excellent work record, and having invested in these supposed benefits.

  10. How many years have they try to repeal WEP and GPO. It’s an election year no wonder Reps and Dems are signing on. The Billionaires in Washington are going to make cutting decisions for this mess we are currently in.

    Stay safe.

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