Action Alert #116 Invitation to sign repeal petition

Here’s a chance to have your say. This is a nationwide petition that will go to Congress to demand a vote on HR 141 and S521 to repeal the WEP and GPO.

Link to Petition:
Elimination of the Unfair GPO and WEP Provisions of the Social Security Act

We are inviting you to sign this petition written by the Alliance for Retired Americans to repeal the GPO and WEP provisions. This petition is hosted by

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  1. I switched careers to work with kids and am penalized by the current system. Please repeal!

  2. Many do not know about the law and are hurt by it when they change states, change careers, or stay home with children then go back to public sector jobs. It is more likely to hurt women. The public is not well informed about this law.

  3. The WEP is the ultimate oxymoron. A law that legalizes theft of SS benefits from mostly women . I’ve only been receiving SS for one year and have already have thousands stolen. Repeal WEP and stop the theft!!! @Repealwep.

    Repeal GPO as well!! Both impact mostly women and we will no longer remain silent while lawmakers give endless lip service! Here is ONE thing you have the power to do, so just DO IT!! @RepealWEP

  4. The WEP is the ultimate oxymoron. A law that legalizes theft of SS benefits from mostly women. I’ve only been receiving SS for one year and have already had thousands stolen. Repeal WEP and stop the theft!!! @Repealwep.

    Repeal GPO as well!! Both impact mostly women and we will no longer remain silent while lawmakers give endless lip service! Here is ONE thing you have the power to do, so just DO IT!! @RepealWEP

  5. This law is so unfair! In my case I taught school for 25 years and since the income was low I also worked a second job for 14 years contributing to SS. Now because of the WEP I will not receive the SS that I really need because my teachers pension is very low.

  6. Since we did not pay Social Security, our SS payment is only based on those years we DID contribute. Taking away other pension payments is simply theft.

  7. I’m literally loosing thousands of dollars a year that I could surely use. The government is stealing my widow’s benefits from my deceased spouse’s Social security due to GPO. We paid taxes on this money as a married couple for 43 years. This is theft to the highest degree no matter how you look at it.

  8. I worked for 20 years and paid into Social Security. Then I became a teacher. I should not be penalized because of a career change. I will not have worked long enough as a teacher to get much of a retirement. Yet the present system steals the social security I paid. Repeal!

    1. You are absolutely correct legalized government theft from the people who they are supposed to answer to and work for. Our government is a joke run by criminals. if it were a business we could sue for our money. Face facts we will never get justice

  9. Ridiculous laws! Unfair treatment of public servants who deserve better. Repeal this now!

  10. I have earned this money and I am being denied it. I need this money to live a life where I can afford to pay my bills and buy groceries.

    1. Same as Vicki, my husband and I worked hard for 38 years and because I am on CSRS retirement that is a dollar for dollar calculation. I AM NOT ABLE TO GET ANY SOCIAL SECURITY. NOT FAIR.

  11. I’ll be dead before this ever happens. Im sure the pandemic will stop it. The excuse will be after all the stimulus checks, there just isn’t enough money.
    I wonder how many other people we have supported through government programs over the years, using money that should have gone to us?

  12. This is the most unfair issue facing hard working retired people in America. The government is dictating how much money “some earner” get asked on their income. This amounts to a Communist dictatorship.

    If you work hard, work two or three jobs to help your family you should reap the rewards like everyone else.

    Maybe government workers, congressmen, senators, etc. should forfeit 50% of their SSN when they retire. How dare they dictate to me when they give themselves pay raises?

  13. You are stealing from citizens who worked hard for a living. It’s ashamed. Please get rid of The WEP program. It is unfair

  14. As public employees, we have no profit sharing, no stock options, no bonuses etc. We paid into SS while working side jobs or jobs early in our lives before becoming teachers, firemen or police but most of our spouses worked totally under SS jobs. A widow of a person who gets a private pension, stock options, profit sharing, bonuses, and SS is not deprived of Widow’s SS under GPO nor their own SS upon retiring. Public employees are not treated the same. We are actually penalized and discriminated against because we were teachers etc. This is NOT FAIR and should be ILLEGAL.

  15. Earned 40 quarters throughout my working career and should receive about $300 more per month. But, I worked for 16 years at a Community College until I retired and could only pay into the college’s state retirement plan. Now I am being penalized and cannot get my full SS. However, there are individuals out there earning huge pensions who really don’t even need SS but they get the maximum amount. How can this possibly be fair and equitable? It’s not! This law needs to be repealed!!!

  16. Why is it thatour message and concerns are not being heard!?
    Politicians all play the game telling us we’re behind you but do nothing.
    Sometimes I think they are just waiting for us to die off. We should be having a strong voice and respected as a legitimate “voting group”. It’s a shame! If we were a gay or transgender group we would have had hearings and action long ago but we are only senior citizens who have worked all our lives to be forgotten and seen as “disposable collateral damage”!
    We need national attention and media coverage. Time is running out for bills in this session. Let them know, SENIORS LIVES MATTER!! We deserve this!

  17. I worked for our company for many of my early years and paid in both parts of SSI but often did not meet the required amounts to count as a substantial year for the 30 year exclusion of WEP. I paid in all my required quarters before working in a state pension job that would allow me a little extra income once I was of age to retire. I don’t get much from the state pension but half of it will come out of my SSI that I counted on as a supplement to SSI. I was not told about WEP when hired (2004) or I may not have taken the job as I made low wages but wanted the insurance and retirement benefits. I don’t think I should be penalized because I made minimum income in the early years of our business and all the hours/years I put into the business succeeding for thirty years don’t count towards WEP substantial earnings counted years.

  18. You lost me at Could you not find a centrist messenger. I’d rather go without than sign anything associated with George Soros funded MOVE ON

  19. Any work outside of teaching school (in Connecticut) is my main source of social security pay. I am being penalized for collecting teaching retirement — (not fair to receive FULL social security?) I am presently receiving Half of what I would be getting if I had been teaching in another state.

  20. I have earned all of my 40quarters and paI’d the maximum SS after retiring from my Government job. I should receive the full SS benefit with no reduction. I shouldn’t be penalized for working over 40 years!

  21. Many of those impacted have already died and most of us will be dead in the next decade while living below the poverty threshold and receiving less than those who did not work and lived on public assistance. The original intent was to stop Govt employees from retiring and then working in the private sector to draw minimum SS benefits. This law has been applied to everyone who has worked Govt and private sectors throughout their career. This affects military families that had to move, educators, and others who worked and contributed to both retirement systems prior to 1983 when FERS was instituted.

  22. Repeal the WEP and the Govt offset. Stop taxing and penalizing those who earned the right to receive SS.

  23. And the Senators and Representatives are wanting to give illegal immigrants benefits of all sorts! What a disgrace. My deceased spouse was self employed and paid both the employer and employee SStaxes for many years! He died before he collected a dime. The. Hindrance have not benefitted as they woukd have if I had received spousal benefits. It is theft from poor and middle income people!

  24. Teachers need protection from WEP. It is not fair to not receive money paid into Social Security.
    We deserve to receive our full Social Security benefit.

  25. Over the years, I had high hopes that the unfair WEP/GPO laws would be repealed. These laws do not affect all workers in all states. I should receive the full amount of SS for all work I produced and earned. Money from SS should not be reduced because I have also earned a pension for my years teaching. Again, there should be no unfair reduction. Also in the event of the death of my husband, I will be disqualified from receiving his SS benefits based on his own work record in addition to my pension. Flat out.I should be entitled to these benefits! My earned benefits should not impact my potential widow’s SS benefits at all. In effect, all the years my husband worked and will continue to work will not serve to benefit me. I am his family. I am the person he wants to protect. I will not receive a penny! All of his FICA payments for his work record will be lost to me. Private sector families receive benefits. Yet, I would not. This is all shameful! We have worked hard and have earned our benefits. We are entitled to our earned benefits. A slim number of the population is penalized by these laws. We have been singled out. We have served loyally, responsibly, and worked so many years. We are the core workers of the country. We need to be valued. We deserve our earned benefits. It is our right!

  26. I have worked more than 40 quarters after retiring from teaching. At 69, I continue to work & pay into SS to be able to pay my bills. I earned this! Yet, I am penalized 2/3 of what I’m due because I get PERA. My check from SS (after they take $$ for Medicare) is a measly $7. This is insulting!!
    UNFAIR to those of us who chose to be educators – who never got paid much to begin with!

  27. My retirement years as a single woman are so stressful due to losing over $500 between the WEP and GPO. I need this money to survive. I wasn’t even aware of this until too late in my career to change jobs. I rightfully earned this money.

  28. Having taught for for over 30 years and working other jobs under SS and paying in for to SS for over 40 years tell me why the government can deny my earned benefits. My wife also has been denied her earned benefits since she also worked in the school system as a secretary. We have been impacted unfairly and we are losing thousands every year. Repeal the law now

  29. Please repeal WEP-GPO to give equity to all effected by those that receive their full Social Security each month

  30. I have lost $900.00 a month and became ineligible for a widow’s pension when I retired from an Illinois state university because of this terrible law. It is unfair and wrong. This law needs to be repealed.

  31. Yes! More than ever, we need to repeal this unfair legislation. People are in great need during the Corona virus crisis. Let’s make this happen now!.

  32. Taught high school over 30 years. Social security was reduced 70%. Worked on farm for 26 years. Paid into SS every year

  33. I worked more than one job, one modest paying govt job with a salary 1/3 of that being earned outside for less responsible work, and one public sector supplemental job, to earn enough to pay bills, put children through college and to try to be self sustaining in retirement. However, like thousands of others I am also being denied SS. Our hard earned benefits are not charity, they are earned and promised. The illegal siphoning off of SS funds for other projects is a travesty. Our “SS savings accounts were not collected for any other purpose than to pay back out tot hose who paid in. We are apying the price -1st by our sacrifices and 2nd now by being denied our earned and promised benefits.Tho’ most of us would gain relatively small amts it could make the difference between self sufficiency and going on the dole-which means the govt would end up paying out even more. Please act now to repeal the WEP and GPO provisions in the Social Security

  34. Unfair discrimination to government employees that also worked in the private sector. My benefits will be reduced by 60 percent. Only our own government would take away or reduce benefits you earned to receive. Politicians who wont vote to repeal the unfair wep and gpo have no respect for the working man.

  35. I taught for a mere 15 plus years…but I worked for many years before that and paid into SS…however, I find that I am not entitled to my full SS…the government always sticks it to teachers…

  36. We have worked for years and payed into the system for years and don’t forget about Medicare.And now when it’s time for us to collect our money there seems to be a problem.Just like if someone loses a spouse I feel the surviving spouse should receive both.Where is our money going?This law really needs to be revised.Give back to the working class people of America

  37. The funds would go along way in managing month expenses as a retiree in California where the cost of living is far above the nation average.

  38. I don’t feel this bill ever should have been considered legal or constitutional because all 50 states don’t follow this. It is way past time to make it right and eliminate it.

  39. This is theft of money we and/or our spouses paid for years. I am denied widow benefits and my husband worked for over forty years and paid into Social Security. Additionally, I paid into Social Security until the last 16 years when I went to work for L.A. County so I receive about 1/3 of what I would have been entitled to receive. My husband passed away after receiving 4 Social Security checks so they get to keep the money he would have received and as his widow, I should receive. Disgusting!

  40. This unfair discrimination against my wife and I is unjust. We were required to pay our full amount due when it was withheld while we were working nonpublic jobs. Then when we became of age to file to receive what is due us it is severely reduced by about 75%.

  41. A previous writer wrote, many are dead and a lot us affected will be in another decade. Seems to remind you of Agent Orange and our veterans.
    I have followed Rep. Rodney Davis HR1795 & S896 to now H.R.141 SS Fairness Act 2019.
    As I’ve said it’s an election year and unless it affects our representatives directly it’s not going to pass. It will stay in the House Committee No Way and Means.
    Sorry to be so negative, with what we are experiencing of late they always take from government, state, and military to pay the bills.
    And now we have our military paying their own retirement, unbelievable. Don’t thank them for their “service” thank them for their sacrifice!

  42. I didn’t begin teaching until the age of 37. I had paid into Social Security for well over the required 40 quarters by that time. Because of the WEP/GPO I only receive 2/3 of the benefits I EARNED. These provisions are blatantly unfair and absolutely should be repealed.

  43. I cannot get a dime from my husband’s SS but I have to pay my own Medicare of $433.80 every quarter. It is hard to come up with that much money especially when your monthly salary is so low even after working over 37 yrs for state government.

  44. This is discriminatory – I worked…I earned my SS. If you won’t let me collect my fair share send me a check for what I paid in. Keeping MY money is a form of taxation without representation and criminal. Since we are not allowed to sue the federal government, our elected officials are our only hope – PLEASE let me collect my hard earned contribution to SS. I am not asking for free money, I am asking for what I paid in!!! And while you ate at it, make it retroactive for those who have been penalized for years!!!!!

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