Action Alert #42 They Are All Running!

Your Members of Congress are all running for re-election. Opponents are running against them. Now is the time to let them all know that you expect them to stand up for retirees who are affected by the GPO and the WEP. Tell them that these are misguided laws that were instituted to save money for Social Security and, instead, have caused great harm to middle and low-income public servants. It is easy to write a few words to your Member of Congress. Go to our D.C. Action page and use the two suggestions for Congress under “Easy noise you can make.” Use the National Education Association link or find your Member’s website, and let them know how you feel! (Bookmark your Rep’s “Contact Me” page, so you can hop on it on a regular basis.) Go to a campaign rally, stand up and tell your story! If you get a chance to do this, please let us know how it went at Most people are astounded when they first hear about the offsets.

New members continue to sign up for our Action Alerts. These are resuming after a summer busy with grandparent responsibilities and some time off. Welcome to all of you who have recently signed on, and a special shout out to the group of you who have just joined us from Kentucky!

Here are a several stories that have come into our mailbox (reprinted with their permission):


I have worked all my life, both for the state as well as for the private sector. I divorced after 21 years of marriage to someone who took bankruptcy and left me no community property. If he pre-deceases me, my spousal benefit will be reduced drastically due to my earning a state pension. Unless this is repealed, I will never be able to stop working.




I have worked 22 years with significant earnings of which I contributed to Social Security. I was told that I would have my benefits cut in half when I retire as I will also get a benefit from MTRB. I think this is grossly unfair as I have earned my Social Security benefits working in hospitals over the past 30 years.

Stand up for yourself and for these public servants who deserve the Social Security retirement benefits they have earned!

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  1. In my opinion, part of the problem is the massive stereotyping and disfunction of both sides who really don’t have any indepth knowledge of the disparate treatment and discrimination within the social security system, Medicaid and Medicare. Even S-Chips and Obamacare are adding to the insolvency and loss of supposed Social Security Savings.

    Facts and interest groups are even divided, not over the unfairness of WEPP and GPO, but over another issue that divides the total Boomer and Senior voting block. That is the issue of whether everyone should pay into the Social Security System. Low Income States with high pension contributions at the time of the 1960’s opt out, necessarily opted out because of low income and the mandatory amounts that workers were forced to pay into pensions. Prior to 1985,these same workers paid higher amounts for health insurance, were not eligible for many of the more recent food stamp changes, low income rent and Medicaid programs now being offered to union and non union members with low incomes. Regardless, AARP and other senior groups often won’t prioritize or unite with Teachers, cops and firefighters or low income non union states that do not want to join or opt in to Social Security.

    Part of the problem also, is that WEPP and GPO were delayed in implementation until after 1985, with exceptions and current problems with figuring the cuts galore, even mentioned in General Accounting Office reports this year. (Unequal and unaccountable knowledge of who gets cut) At the time the WEPP was delayed to 85, a increase to “save” Social Security, was implemented across the board on all workers, raising the payroll tax to 7.5% for the individual, reduced last year to 4.5. Go Figure, how that adds to the solvency of the program, yet the raise in the 80’s and subsequent cut to those who now retire, created what President Clinton called his” budget surplus”. This is documented in several books, about tricky rhetoric and budget accounting. But new programs and the WEPP and GPO implemented after 1985, including a Supreme court decision on Disability, has totally robbed the workers who paid both general fund taxes to States and Feds, AND payroll insurance taxes for old age security, and now the numerous welfare add on’s, and rises in low income qualifications, unequally tries to do what Romney calls”means testing”.
    One thing all people should do, is ask your parents and grandparents how they did it without all the grants, welare, food stamps, disability and medicaid insurance, now available to those middle agers not working, not in school, and with no payments into Social Security. Even the debates and pundits and pols are dishonest when they use “kids and seniors” as the majority users of Medicaid programs. Only 6% of seniors are currently on Medicaid and those are the nursing home Medicare benefiticiaries on lower Social Security. That according to the Gov Tax Foundation. So who are the 94% of adults who sign their kids and themselves up for free and low Medicaid, S-Chips up to 200% of the poverty level ($80,000) in some States, and also receive thousands a month in low income disability, food stamps, earned income tax credits, heat and rent assistance? Most of which is not counted even if they do file taxes to get a “unearned tax credit”.
    As a retired police officer, I can tell you it is my experience that it is still the single widow/widower worker who tries and live on $500 to $1000 a month, that they feel “they earned”, when next door there may be a family of 10 or less living tax free and quite nicely, on unmonitored, non work supported disability, low income rent, food stamps, and free Medicaid, with no stigma or loss of pride or feeling of “earning” their benefits, justified by polticians as money for “the children” and seniors.
    The difference is there is a middle class of dependents strewn all across the non reporting spectrum of entitlements, that has nothing to do with the seniors who paid into the old age insurance, except that seniors are now the stimatized group with no regard for the State or wages and contributions forced out during their middle age years. Even the unions are divided by their avoidance of the facts and priorities of their memberships. Social Security isn’t even regressive formula’s anymore, but pure fraud and discrimination, with disability becoming the largest growing entitlement both in what is covered and in elgibility, amongst other things. Research just one program and fight for politicians to know what the heck they are talking about when they promise broad sweeping budget reforms. The devil is in the details and the priorities of the Lawmakers who havent got a clue, and Right to work States and Unions that won’t and don’t unite for the purpose of correcting and prioritizing harm done in the past and the pile up of legislation that “lifts” the poor into the middle class while sending the median income workers into the poor house.

  2. what can be done to force the president and romney to take on repealing the ss windfall obama still has not taken any action to remove the ss windfall provission as he promissed he would a lot of people are very pissed off

  3. as of jan 8 2014 no legislator or even the persident has replyed to any emails regarding removing the ss windfall. omama made a promisse now 6 years old to repeal the ss windfall. i pray jesse ventura runs for president and wins. as im also a decorated veit nam veteran and very proud of my service to my country

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