Action Alert # 44 – Petition to Eliminate WEP

Here is a link to a great petition, sent in by one of our members, demanding the end to the Windfall Elimination Provision. We should be able to get a couple thousand signatures on it this week! As with every sponsored petition linked to another website, the carrier collects your email address to send you information. (NEA , for instance, does this) However, if you wish, you can always “unsubscribe” if they should send you something about which you are not interested. The important thing is to sign on now to let people know that we are still demanding fairness! Send it to your family and friends. It’s easy!

Sign On to Repeal the Windfall Elimination

Thank you for keeping our voices in the discussion!

Reminder about the debates:

There are three more debates. Send last week’s letter which is on our website:

Action Alert 43 – Add Repeal the GPO/WEP to the Debates

Or write directly to the Commission on Presidential Debates:

Check out our re-designed website!

One of our members has been working for the past couple of weeks with our tech person to give us a much more attractive and useable information center. We hope you will enjoy using it and find it helpful when you want to explain to others what we are up against. It seems that websites are never finished, so if you have suggestions, additions or questions, please email us.

Thank you for standing with us!

Here is a story from California which is a reminder of why we are so angry about the WEP!

I worked in business and as a substitute teacher, before earning my teaching credential and getting an assignment. My teacher’s pension will be small and does not include the monies I made as a substitute teacher. Those funds were paid into the Social Security system. I should be able to collect all of my Social Security benefit to help me in my retirement years. It’s only fair. I did the work.

Many people in her position lose more than half of their earned SS benefits!