Action Alert # 51 – The Time to Take Action to Back Us Up is NOW!

On April 3, next week, 50+ members of the California Retired Teachers’ Association will be talking to staffers in Washington, D.C. about the GPO/WEP. Many more will be visiting their Representatives in their home offices.

A large number of these CalRTA members also belong to our Social Security Fairness lobbying group, and a team of us from SSFairness will be visiting the offices of other important legislators on the Hill throughout the week.

It is easy to help us!

1. Please sign the resolution/petition that is on the right side of our homepage on our website. (please scroll down a bit)

Join the more than 5,000 signatures that are already on there! Send it to all your friends and family—this is something that hurts you financially. There is also a link to put it on Facebook. Share it with all of your organizations.

This could be the biggest petition, yet!

2. Let us know at if you want us to visit your legislator’s office. (Give us their name and your state district number.) We will hand deliver a packet of information.

3. Are you planning to talk to your Congress Person? Check out Alert #50, “Make an Appointment”:

Or look at for links to helpful ideas for talking to your Representative. We always post our Alerts to our website, so you can catch up on what you might have missed.

As crazy as things are in Congress these days, we must make sure that our voices are still heard! Please do something now!

Thank you!


  1. Elaine Januszewski says:

    These laws also effect those working for private companies abroad, where we must contribute to the foreign country pension plans and are penalized by US Social Security. Could you also add this on your petition?

  2. Martha Blackwell says:

    What happened at the April 3rd rally? We haven’t heard anything about where the petition was delivered.

  3. neil murray says:

    Having worked and PAID all my social security dues, in both the UK and the US, I now find out that the American Government will deduct the sum of 486.00 from my social security. Had I worked for the US my whole working life, I would have had a pension in excess of 2000.00 per month. Now I am almost 69 years old and have not collected my US social security as I am still working full time, still paying into the social security fund with no hope of reaping any benefit, I paid from my hard earned paycheck every week in the UK, social security dues, then here in the US I PAID social security dues again with the expectation that I would receive what was due to me at retirement, I find myself unable to retire because of the money being STOLEN from me. No-one in congress contributed to my pensions in either country, so why are they taking it from me. It is actually illegal what you are doing, and I urge you to look into all of the discriminatory aspects of this horrible practice. I also PAID TAXES to BOTH countries while I was working. I urge you to look up the meaning of the word “WINDFALL” in the dictionary, because I would in no way shape or form call my hard earned money a windfall, Is this so that Government INFLATED pensions can keep getting bigger, and people like myself and thousands of others LOSE their pensions that they HAVE WORKED ALL THEIR LIVES FOR. —–SHOCKING

    1. Elaine Januszewski says:

      Exactly what is happening to those who work partially in the USA and partially overseas. The same thing happened to me. Let’s hope it will be fixed now with the new proposal to eliminate this unfair law.

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