Action Alert # 60 Respond with Tough Language to Donation Requests!

As the midterm election season warms up, many of us are being hit by requests for donations to political campaigns. Some of our members sent in the suggestion that we demand that they respond to our issue before we send them any more money. Here are sample responses:

(1) “I will contribute financially when I see Congressional action to repeal the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset. There are currently two bills in Congress, S.896 and H.R.1795 that will return fully-earned Social Security retirement benefits to the two million retirees who are affected by these laws. Retirees have for years been promised action on these extremely unfair provisions of the Social Security Act, but the bills have never been moved out of committee!  Seniors can give you great financial and voting support but first we need action to show that this candidate really supports us. The GPO and WEP must be repealed!  What will you do?”

See for a complete explanation of why the GPO/WEP are unfair, un-American and undemocratic!  (Important note:  our website not affected by the Heartbleed bug)


(2) “I want to support your efforts to protect the Social Security program but I cannot do so until your organization actively supports and works for the repeal of the WEP and GPO Social Security penalty provisions.
 See the website. I, along with thousands of others, do not see why you are working hard to prevent new cuts to Social Security but not working to assist those, like myself, who have already had our Social Security benefits severely cut or eliminated.”

See for a complete explanation of why the GPO/WEP are unfair, un-American and undemocratic!  

(3) “We need your active participation in advocating for passage of H.R.1795 and S.896 to repeal the WEP and GPO which are Social Security offsets to earned benefits. Then we can talk about financial support for your initiatives from our membership.”

See for complete explanation of why the GPO/WEP are unfair, un-American and undemocratic!


_____________________________________________________________________________              ADDITIONAL CONVINCING INFO TO INCLUDE: 

* The public sector retirees being financially hurt by having their Social Security reduced are now also having their pensions and benefits reduced by the pension cost reduction initiatives of cities and counties nationwide.  The combination of these multiple income cuts to public sector retirees is financially devastating!

*Your own comment about how you have been victimized by the GPO/WEP.

Thank you for your support for our cause.  Our last Alert produced 121 comments on the NCPSSM blog!


  1. Elaine Januszewski says:

    Excellent idea! Let’s hope those effected by the WEP follow your suggestion.

  2. Maureen Hayes says:

    It is time to demand action on this issue. I have written to President, representatives and senators. I sign petitions. I explain to co-workers and anyone else who will listen. I receive $189. per month. without GPO/WEP I would receive $849. per month. I am 71 years old and still employed full time. How much longer can I wait and continue to work? A teacher’s pension is no windfall.

  3. John hammer says:

    16 yrs of being severely penalized, of benefits earned through self employment.

  4. George Charlton says:

    Elimination of this unfair GPO/WEP has been talked about for many years but nothing has been done.

  5. Benita Ryan says:

    We are not asking for anything more than what we have earned… I had to work two and three jobs to make ends meet because my teaching salary was cut in half… I don’t mind giving my fair share but I do mind giving it to be wastefully spent elsewhere! Please vote to eliminate the GPO/WEP act! thank you!

  6. Daniel Provencio says:

    I am one who was effected by the dumb law.

  7. FRED HAMM says:

    I am a retired teacher who switched careers mid-life. I receive a pension of under 30k/yr which according to some guidelines is at or near a poverty or hardship level. I waited until full retirement age (66) before applying for SS so I would receive the maximum benefit which was $800/mo based on my lifetime contribution. I am receiving a reduced amount of $500/mo. How is this justified? To call this unfair is a gross understatement.

    1. Elaine Januzewski says:

      My SS should have been a little over 700 and I’m receiving a little over 300.

    2. Richard Cohn says:

      People do not realize that almost everyone who has two jobs is effected by the Windfall Elimination Provision. I worked a day and I night job for about thirty years. I know someone who just worked my day job for basically the same pay and he is getting 1,200 a month and I know someone who worked the night shift and he is getting about $1,300 a month. I worked both shifts for about thirty years and I am only getting $1,850 a month. I should be getting $2,500 a month.

      The Windfall Elimination Provision effects not only people who have jobs that do not pay into social security but also for people who have both jobs that pay into social security. Therefore it effects about 60% of the American population but most people do not know that they are effected by it.

  8. FRED HAMM says:

    Correction. Pension is under 20k. Total income under 30K.

  9. Mike Griffiths says:

    I think the major issue is that Social Security started out being a retirement system, but now they are letting every entitlement program they can stick under it drain it. If they want everyone to be responsible for their own retirement then say it from the beginning and let you be take care of it. If you save on your own, because you can then you have to pay tax on the earnings. If we went to the flat Tax then the more you spend the more you pay. So if you do not buy anything you do not pay anything. WIN/WIN

  10. Judi Welch says:

    Please remember us…..we are hard-working public educators who deserve our own and our spouse’s Social Security benefits. I am almost 70 years old and still teaching as too afraid to retire since I’ll be without my husband of 32 years’ Social Security if he passes away. This is so unfair.
    How can I live on my measly LAUSD pension ? I’ve taught for over 35 years already and it is time for change !

  11. debbie lariscy says:

    As a Civil Svc. Postal worker I will not receive the monies I put into SS that I earned. I receive a small pension and not having my full amt of SS will greatly affect my living standards. Let a Congress person live on 22K a year and see how that works. I paid into the system and should receive my full benefits. People worrynow about SS being diminished, when it’s already happened to many Public employees with an unfair law. It’s hurting those at the bottom of the pay scale, not the top. The law is theivery, plain and simple.
    I’d do a Walk on Washington if we could all get it together. Perhaps the NEA could lead in this area since so many teachers are involved. But some police, postal workers, state workers, etc are affected, too. Why can’t those Unions get together and help force the issue of this legislation being voted on????? Tell your rep’s, union people, etc to do their part to help their members, future and past. Please.

  12. Alvin Covert says:

    It is time to quit saying, please repeal this hateful law. It is causing a hardship to our family. We need this money for home repairs,car repairs etc., and all of this is expensive. The U.S. Government is a thief that has stolen close to 6 thousand dollars a year from my family. I worked 22 years under Social Security, and then went to work for the U.S. Postal Service, which is Civil Service, and I retired from there after 32 years. I also served 2 years in the military, and this is the way my Government treats me. Because I have a Postal pension, they have cut my Social Security. I worked for that money, and I want what is mine. The Government gives our money to illegal aliens, and also countries that hate us. This has got to stop!!!! Because of this I have lost all trust and respect for the Government. If there is any double dipping, it is by the Government taking S.S. payment from my pay check for 22 years. REPEAL THIS NOW!!!!!

  13. Michael R. Wolititch says:

    It really isn’t fair at all, that I’ve worked all my life, and paid into Social security just to see my monthly annuity reduced by over half of what I should be getting. Something has to be done, and soon, to repeal these two provisions (Windfall Elimination Provision & the Government Pension Offset) that have sat idle for too many years. I retired from Civil Service after 38 years, and I’m forced into accepting the fact that since I’m collecting a government pension, my social security benefits would be drastically cut due to these (2) provisions….totally unfair.

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