Action Alert # 72 – The New Senate Repeal Bill – S.1651

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has introduced a new bill, S.1651, that would repeal both the GPO and the WEP. This bill will be a companion to Rodney Davis’ House bill, HR 973. We are delighted to see this! We have been waiting for this bill for months. We want to thank him and the other 11 Senators who have signed on as original sponsors.
They are:

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If one or both of your Senators are there, please thank them!

If your Senators don’t appear on this list, you have WORK to do!

Here are some ideas:

  • Find information about them at
  • Fill out the “contact” forms.
  • Tell them your story.
  • Tell them that neither the Social Security Administration nor you employer told you that you were going to lose 40% or ALL of your earned SS benefits. You were not even able to plan for this.
  • Get friends and family to write letters or comments on their website, also.

Next week is a great time to get to them. They are “working” in their home states from June 29 through July 3.

  • Call their local offices. Make them take your statement for the Senator.
  • Call their D.C. offices. When they are gone their legislative aides might have more time to talk to you.

Find more information on our website:

Join the crowd on Facebook:  Social Security Fairness –Repeal the GPO/WEP

Demand the REPEAL of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

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  1. Teachers need this WEP eliminated. I’ve been a public scho teacher for 17 years but contributed to S/S for 24 years in private schools and owning a restaurant. Now approaching retirement age, I am penalized in getting my full benefits that I am entitled to. Its my hard earned money in S/S that I should get 100% off. Please eliminate this unjust, unfair, and taking money that should be coming to me in my retired years.

    1. The GPO and WEP is fair. Social Security is a progressive benefit. The more you work the less you get. Very similar to taxes. The more you work; the less you get to keep. Social Security is designed to give the highest benefit ratio to those who work very little. I too am penalized. I work two jobs both under social security. I would get 1500 a month on one job and 500 a month on my second job, however when you combine it, I only get 1750 a month, I lose out. My solution is to mandate everyone in social security and then we can get rid of the GPO and WEP. They did that with the federal workforce. Social Security is the best program we have. Let’s strengthen it by having everyone participate in it. I can be reached at if anyone wants to comment on my post.

    1. Only two congressman from New Jersey support the bill.
      two senators and congressman gave this no support.

      Shame on them

    2. I’m with you. We need to group together. I’m about to claim my STRS pension which will cut my current SS benefit in half!!

    3. I support the GPO and WEP because it is fair. We need to mandate all public employees in social security. Social Security is the greatest program of all time but my sister is a public school teacher in California and does not pay into social security. That is not right and that is not fair and that is what must change. Once that gets changed then we can eliminate the GPO and WEP. Social Security is a progressive benefit which gets reduced with an average yearly salary of 10,000.

    4. No, you are wrong. I retired as an admin assistant last year. I was getting spousal benefits which were cut by $410 because of my $615 pension. Don’t tell me this is fair. I’m a state paid retiree, and the SSA should consider my retirement as moving from one job to another, nothing more as they have no monetary concern except to screw me.

    5. What about the people that worked for both paid in to SS just like you or others did but because we also worked for a county or Government job like a nursing home had our SS cut or eliminated, yes if you never paid into SS that is different , but there is many that did pay in and the government took it away.

    6. I agree. If you work as a teacher which my daughter does and doesn’t pay in to SS. They shouldn’t get both if they receive there benefits through the state. She agrees. I think I am getting hit with it. I had worked in the US for 29 years and paid in. I now live in Australia where my husband is from. I am on disability here getting 0 to 60 a month because my husband works. They have an agreement as several countries that I will file from my home country and pay them back here. SS is trying to say I qualify for 1100 but my statement from 2009 1 year after I moved said I already qualified for 1493. I am assuming they are hitting me for the disability that I have received for the past year. I wont have it here once the US approves it. (hopefully they do its been a year already and I have the 3rd rarest disease in the world which is the 2nd most painful.) But of course its not on their list.

    7. the unfair thing about this, is that people who have paid in to Social Security and have worked for a city government, they get their social security cut in half, or more. That is not fair. If they paid in, they should receive their benefits.

    8. This is not about people that did not pay into Social Security. This is about people that paid into SS before or after they started teaching and saw a reduction is those benefits. Please understand what you are talking about before you address your opinion.

    9. You CANNOT mandate all public employees pay into Social Security. The US Constitution prohibits the federal government from levying taxes on state and local governments. FICA is a tax. State and local governments can voluntarily opt into Social Security, but they cannot be required to do so.

    10. Yes a class action suit like the one that lifted WEP from Pensions received from Israel. You an American born and raised here still have it affecting you

  2. Way to GO!!!

    Just wrote both Senator Feildstein and Boxer..Hey there you two talk the talk but do not walk the walk?

    How come???

    1. that’s why they are politicians, they promise at lot to get voted in
      but fail to execute their promises after sittiing on their as??????

    2. AMEN….after doing some extensive research on this, you are exactly right…..we should ban together in a class-action suit to prove the law constitutional and screw the congress..!

  3. who is affected and from what time period ? I’ve never heard of this legislation before today…….

    1. People who have worked and gotten their quarters under Social Security. At some point in their career they worked and have income coming from a public pension fund that did not pay into social security. If they get an income from a public pension system in most cases their Social Security is reduced up to 80%.

    2. Go to and educate yourself….legislation enacted in 1984 against public service employees in 14 specific states (not all states affected equally). Website has very thorough PowerPoint that explains it.

    3. @Stephen: California public school teachers were affected. You couldn’t collect a CalSTRS pension and SS (that you paid into). It is true in 14 other states, as well. As a teacher, I had to pay (in one lump) into Medicare. This started during the Reagan administration. If you were married to a SS recipient, and that person died, you were denied the benefits, including the $250 death benefit. Fair, huh??? (You could have worked and put in your 40 quarters, and receive nothing.)

    4. Actually you CAN collect both with WEP as long as you have the 40 quarters in with SS, but if you receive a pension your SS will be reduced, sometimes dramatically. If you have a tiny state pension, like I do, and a small SS benefit, like I do, you really get screwed. GPO is a completely different regulation.

    5. Susan, exactly what will happen to me on July 1! Small pension AND Social Security yet my SS will drastically be reduced. My personal opinion only: I feel like I’m being denied money I EARNED working for 50 years! Twenty-five years paying into SS & then switched jobs which paid into a pension for 25 years. This bill needs to be passed.

    6. I only have five years in PERS, not decades like you have, and I am still screwed royal on WEP. I am looking at the very real possibility I will not have a thousand a month TOTAL from both SS and PERS thanks to this theft. You are in far better shape than I am financially, and I have no spouse, either.

    7. Things like this do not seem fair at all. This is not what I was referring to. My husband missed one quarter of qualifying for SS so in that case I will not receive survivors benefits and he is 12 yrs older than I. I haven’t a clue how I will live.

    8. any person who worked as a teacher in Ca. and also worked under the Social Security System and paid into both retirement programs. When a teacher retires they loose 40% of the SSI and can collect only on their STRS retirement. I worked both systems for over 22 years, and yet when I retired I get a whole 108 from SSI more than 40% less than what I should have collected, It doesn’t even pay for the health insurance from SSI. My husband worked under the SSI system also, but I get nothing from that benefit, because I was a teacher and they feel we get enough from that program. Its like you have two savings accounts and put money into each for years and years and when you go to get the money you are told, No, you have another account we are keeping this. Hello. I worked two jobs for years and yet I get benefits for only one.

  4. Please repeal gpo and wep. I have paid into social security for years and have retired from teaching for 30 years and it is unfair

  5. If you receive a public pension and lost a spouse who has a teacher pension in Illinois you get his/her survivor benefit, but if your spouse worked in the private sector and contributed to social security you cannot collect his/her benefit because of the GPO. These reductions (from the GPO and WEP) only apply to those of us in certain states. (There’s an equity issue right there, no?) And those who switched from a job contributing to SS to a job with a “government” pension are really screwed.

    1. I worked in the Illinois public school system all my life but was not allowed to pay into S.S. or Medicare. When “new hires” were allowed to begin paying into Medicare, us old timers were not. So now I am paying $793 per month (1 person) for health insurance in Illinois because I don’t qualify for Medicare. I have 22 credits from other jobs, but most of my “district summer”, and extra work did not pay into Social Security either. I understand that there are around 600 of us in this boat, but because of privacy laws, we can’t find out names, etc. and work together to change this. If I move out of Illinois, I will pay much less. Guess what my plan is. Don’t know if this bill will change anything for me.

  6. I worked as a secretary for years, earned my. 40 quarters by paying into SS. Then I became a teacher and worked 30 years. When I retired I found out I could only collect a small portion of my SS because of my teacher pension! This is NOT fair! I worked and earned both! Apples and oranges! This is California law. If I understand they are trying to change this. Hopefully soon – before I die. I am blessed to have a wonderful pension from teaching but it still is not fair to withhold what I rightfully paid into in the private sector. Thanks for letting me air my feelings!

    1. same in Ga. I contributed to S/ for 21 years, my ex 40 years, I get a total of 225. From mine , zero from spouse because of Wep and Gov, offset, my pension is less than a thousand, I am 67 a retired teacher.

    2. I do hope it passes. It doesn’t seem fair if you’ve paid into it. They have made it so confusing. Part of my illness is memory and learning new things lol. If I didn’t have my husband I would be lost. I’m curious to see how they handle the immigrants and SS. We went through all of the legal things you do so my husband could live with me in the US for 9 years when my father had cancer. We moved here because his adult kids were starting their families then I became sick. We then found out that he was supposed to send a letter to the Embassy stating he was leaving for more than a year or he would lose his permanent residency and if came back into the US he would be banned for 10 yrs. So now I cant be around my family while I can be. Ill be bed ridden at some point and wont be able to fly back.
      Sorry to rant. I have issues with our country too lol.

  7. Please Senators Feinstein and Boxer, help eliminate the WEP and GPO. I’ve worked very hard my whole life and should be paid fairly upon my retirement. I’ve paid into both so I deserve both. If this doesn’t change I may never be able to retire due to the high cost of living in California.

  8. I don’t know why this topic isn’t in the news instead of what songs politicians use for their introductions to their speeches.

  9. If this bill isn’t passed and my spouse passed away. I would have to live with my daughter. Even though I have worked and paid into SS for my 40 quarters. My pension is so small
    Please help.

  10. This needs to be passed ASAP! I worked for the Federal Government serving the public and dedicated my whole career to helping people. I did not pay into Social Security enough prior to my Government Service. When I applied for Social Security from my Ex-spouse’s record I was denied because of my Government Pension. I do not receive very much on my pension and was counting on this check to help me pay for my medications, utilities and food. I really needed this money just to survive. SO many other people are in the same situation as myself and no one seems to care enough to pass this bill. What happened to “For the people, By the people” I guess it doesn’t exist.

  11. I have worked hard all my life and have over what is needed to collect SS , but cannot collect it because of the GPO and WEP. If something happens to my husband, I will not have enough money to live on. I have no family other than my husband. We have taken out life insurance policies and tried to prepare, but that will only last so long. It takes his SS and my retirement just to pay our bills and buy food. At this time, I cannot even file for his benefits if he dies!!! Where am I suppose to go and what am I suppose to do? I have taken care of my mother and father and worked. Paid for a lot of their expenses, because they had no money. I pay my taxes and yes, I have paid my SS. If we paid into the program, we should be able to get the benefits! Please help us!

  12. I’m in the same boat! I worked and paid into Social Security at a high rate and worked in CA as an educator for 20 years. My SS benefit will be reduced by a fourth. CA is in the minority in keeping these laws on the books. Many people receive benefits from more than one source and get to receive it all. Why not everyone. When I asked the SS office, they said that SS was never meant to be the only retirement someone received. If I earned it, I should receive it like anyone else. Maybe if the SS funds weren’t “borrowed” at times and used for other purposes, there would be enough for everyone that earned it. Older people should not be made to live in poverty levels after working all their lives. The huge pensions that are mentioned in articles about STRS retirements are not the norm. Using them as examples is misleading. Since when is living on $3200 a month “wealthy” by anyone’s standards! That’s what most of the people on state retirements receive.

    1. 3200 a month may not be “wealthy,” but it is way more than what most people get when they retire, and that includes people with state pensions. Try less than 1k month TOTAL for SS and Nevada PERS and still be subject to WEP. There is no spouse around to cushion the blow.

  13. Must get repealed!!!! , I have worked for 10 to 12 years, past receiving wep problem, what is the wording substantial income for the later years.. Evidently, those years don’t count, not substantial enough?….. Teachers, public employees, everyone that’s involved, except the bonus receiving fees.. Let’s fight this terrible provision….

  14. Nothing fair about the WEP PROVISION, messed up our retirement years, knew nothing about the penalties, never rely on one retirement income, that worked out well…….??

  15. This needs a class-action suit to deem the law as unconstitutional. Congress won’t move forward with this and it will never get to the floor for a vote, as Ways & Means Chair Paul Ryan is totally against a repeal.
    We need a lawyer or law firm to take this upon themselves as their duty for the constitutional rights of 1.5M retirees who’re being screwed by the SSA.

  16. Folks — get real — we’re all adults here. It’s not going to happen, okay. It’s more and more lip service to pander to us (although I’m not sure why — the Republicans already own the Congress now), but we should all know that it is. It just “ain’t gonna happen.” It’s going to die on the Congressional floor in a lip service charade like all the others, so just get used to it. If it passes, I will buy the last three commentators dinner at a restaurant (or send each of you a $15.00 check for dinner — California, promise).

    Don’t expect anything. Not gonna happen.

    1. It’s people with that attitude that makes them get away with it. I doesn’t matter Republican of Democrat, people are still people they should all see the plain as day theft this is.

  17. Should have a class action lawsuit for violating the 14TH admendment,under the equal protection clause,

  18. This is a totally unfair law.Please vote for the social security fairness act!

  19. Thanks to all who are infavor of repeal of GPO & WEP. I am affected by both and SS has taken all of my SS checks for the last 2 1/2 years saying they paid me too much money and wanting me to send them $15,000.00. I do not know how they managed to turn this around saying it was my fault. The calculations are very complex when dealing with both the GPO & WEP. I notified SS two weeks before my retirement in 2012 and two weeks after advising them of my status. Why is this taking over 2 1/2 years to correctr. I need my money. Please repeal these bad laws immediately. We have waited over 20 years for this repeal. Thank You

  20. These are the most unfair laws that have ever been passed! I struggle to live on $843 monthly. TRS pension plus low SS. I too worked under SS for many years only to be short changed. I retired in 2004 and had NEVER heard of how these laws would so harshly affect my retirement years!!!!

  21. These days I thought worrying about “Hackers” Steeling money was a problem. But it turns out the Government is stealing from me instead.

  22. WEP needs to be repealed. It was a law that was passed without knowledge of the people that it affected. Social Security continued to send the notifications of what I was going to receive when I retired according to what I paid in. I paid into both Social Security before, during and after I became a teacher. I had enough quarters for full Social Security benefits. When I went to apply for Social Security they said because of WEP they would be taking 40% of my benefits. I asked where does the rest of my benefits go and they said oh it goes into the general fund. The general fund didn’t work the jobs and pay into social security. I did. I am not asking for a handout. I just want what I paid for. No one else gets penalized for paying into other retirement programs. I had no choice but, to pay into social security. I was mislead into thinking I would benefit from doing this. Nazi death camp guards get full benefits from our country after they were deported. They killed thousands of people and should be in jail. Yet teachers, firemen/women, policemen/women and other government workers in our country are penalized. WEP makes no sense and penalizes good citizens that have worked for everything they have gotten. If government workers continue to be penalized who is going to want these jobs. It is also how it was done. The government never came forward when they were passing the WEP bill and said this is what is going on. Social Security never said this is what is going to happen. This bill needs to be repealed so, people who have paid in and worked for benefits get them. If you didn’t you don’t get benefits. Make sure you look at who you vote for. If they don’t support the repeal of WEP they don’t get my vote. Make sure you know where our congressmen and women stand on issues you feel strongly about. Be informed….

  23. If those dumb ass Politicians/Clowns don’t want those who have paid into both of those retirement plans to be entitled to receive what they have obviously earned without being penalized at that outrageous percent . Then how about refunding to each of us with interest the funds we so diligently paid into Social Security. There are so many US and non US citizens who have never paid 1 nickel into Social Security and they are collecting a monthly check. And those of us who paid into it enough quarters to qualify are penalized., simply because we worked and paid into another retirement system. Who the HELL is in charge in Washington surely not the working class.

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