Action Alert #81 Talk to Congress now!

This is a good time for you to communicate with your Member of the House of Representatives.  Congress will be in session until May 26th, until the Memorial Day break.  Check out your Congress Person’s position on the GPO/WEP repeal (H.R. 973)and the WEP repeal and re-structure (H.R. 711) bills now.  If they have added their name to the list of co-signers, then send them a thank you and reminder of how much you have been hurt by the offsets.  Find your Rep. at

(Bookmark your Rep’s page, and plan to send reminders every month or so.  We now have more than 4,000 members on our email list—WE CAN MAKE AN IMPACT!)

If they are not on the co-signer list, tell them how unfair the offsets are.  Many don’t know how many people’s lives have been affected. Even if they think they know about the offsets, they probably don’t realize that because of the Government Pension Offset, half a million retirees lose ALL their SS benefits.  Encourage them to get informed and take a position!  Make your case!

Repeal Bill H.R. 973   Rodney Davis (R-Illinois)  This is the bill to fully repeal both the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.  One hundred and fifty-one legislators are on record as supporting this bill, but nothing happens unless they get it to a vote. Here is a link to check their position.

House Bill 973 Cosponsors

H.R. 711 Kevin Brady (Chair of the Ways and Means Committee) Repeal of just the Windfall Elimination Provision and a re-structure the offset.  There will still be a reduction of the monthly Social Security retirement benefit with this bill, but current retirees will get about 30% more in their checks.  New retirees will get 50% more than they would with the WEP.

House Bill 973 Cosponsors

Use our information page if you have any questions:

The Congressional Research Reports will give you the latest information that is given to Members of Congress.

The Battle in the Courts

Ric Robson, a fellow victim of the WEP, has been working on a way to sue the Federal Government for all the money which we have earned and which has been illegally confiscated from us. Despite the fact that the Federal Government (the IRS) had information that we were earning, or had earned money, from a government entity that did not participate in Social Security, they continued to collect full taxes (FICA contributions) from each of us in our other work. They knew that these contributions would not be fully returned to us in the form of pension benefits, as would be done with other retirees. His lawsuit is written in such a way to benefit all of us affected by both offsets. Each time the judicial system puts a roadblock in his way, he finds another angle to use in his case. We greatly appreciate his work, his persistence and his determination to provide us with the retirement benefits we deserve. A heartfelt thank you to Ric!  If you are interested in joining Ric in the battle in the courts, please email him at :


Thank you!!!

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    1. I worked hard as a auto mechanic for 20+years, I contributed fully to ssi in that time period.Then I changed careers and entered teaching auto mechanics,now I am being penalized for changing careers .If I had known about this unfair wep I would have done things differently.Its just not right. I hope when it comes time to vote on wep you will do the right thing.

  1. Thank you for trying to correct this grievous injustice to elderly men and especially women.

  2. I have been trying since March to get a straight answer regarding my Medicare bill… Social security blames Medicare and Social Security blames Medicare! It’s disgusting and shameful! I asked a basic question that should pose no problem for any agency that is supposed to be representing the Government! I repeatedly have received wrong info or opposing info from thirty different people i have spoken to since March! It’s embarrassing the level of incompetence (and that includes my Senator Warren’s office)! Bad enough I have to fight to find why my billing type has changed but I wouldn’t have this problem if I was getting the complete amount of Social Security without the Windfall! The Windfall should include all states or none…That’s simply the fair thing to do!

  3. The WEP/GPO, in my opinion is like a Felon, convicted and still out on bail for thirty-five years.
    This Repeal should be acted upon “Now”.
    As I previously mentioned, this law is in my opinion illegal.
    If you take money from what the people paid for, it is called stealing.

  4. Having worked as a special education teacher for 9 years, and then working for over 25 years in a job that I paid into social security, I find out as I am nearing retirement that I am being penalized for the dedicated work I did as a teacher by the WEP provision. As a divorced woman now nearing age 65 I will have a very modest pension because I left the career to start a family. I will be doubly penalized by a significant reduction in my social security benefits. I will be in difficult financial straits due to this unfair provision.

  5. I don’t see how anyone could possibly sue the Feds over this. I just don’t. The only argument is in disparate treatment between public employees in different states based on whether their states paid into SS. That is the only valid argument to use. It sounds like this guy is pro se, which means he doesn’t have a shot of getting anywhere in the courts.

  6. We need to repeal this ridiculous law. I’ve paid into Social Security for 18 years, I deserve my full benefit based upon my contribution. It makes no sense to penalize me just because I have another retirement. Neither will be enough to fully support me so the penalty makes it that much worse. This is an unfair law aimed at hard working middle class government workers.

  7. I worked all through high school paid SS, 4 years military paid SS, worked all through college paid SS and because of this BS law i am not entitled to my full SS benefits. Yet individuals who have never paid into the system (SS disability) can collect/ Repeal this unjust.unfair law now!!!!!!!

  8. I have been hurt by the WEP. I worked under Social Security for 25 years, paid in full Social Security during those 25 years, then went into teaching not realizing the hit I would take on Social Security. Would never have done this had I known! Very unfair! How can some states have this penalty and some do not.

  9. I, too, encourage a “Yes” vote on repealing the Windfall Law. I retired in 1997, went to apply for my Social Security, which was deducted like my pension while working, and was told about this law. I have a brother who worked on other jobs, drove DC transit for 25 years, retired and got FULL SOCIAL SECURITY AND RETIREMENT. I live in California and mind was cut 1/2 due to this law. It should apply to all states. Please vote to repeal it and give us our money back.

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