Action Alert #84 – Get to Know Your Social Security Legislative Aide

You can use these links:

To find your Representative:

To check on House Bill 973

To check on H.R. 711

This week, the House of Representatives is on break.  They have come back to their districts and will probably be seen at 4th of July picnics and other celebrations.  Catch up with them, if you can, and tell them that you expect action on the GPO and WEP!

In addition to that, this is a good time to call your Congress Person’s office (put their number on your phone’s direct dial list) in Washington, D.C. and set up communication with the person in their office who advises them on Social Security legislation.  You may not be able to talk to them directly, so get their email.  Ask them to call you. They may ask you if you represent a group.  We are the Committee for Social Security Fairness, but pick another group you belong to that supports this, if you wish.

Sample story you can use for WEP. Copy, personalize and send it:

I worked for _________ for ___ years, earning my own Social Security retirement benefits.  But I also worked for________ for ______ years, earning a pension in a job where I was not permitted to pay into FICA to increase my Social Security benefits.  It was not until _________ (just before retirement, when I went to collect benefits, …..) that I learned that the amount Social Security had been telling me that I would get when I retired was WRONG.  Because of the Windfall Elimination Provision, I was going to lose $________ every month.  For a retiree, losing $__________ every year is really hard!

The whole idea of the Social Security offsets is unfair. No one else loses Social Security because they have another source of income!  I believe that the WEP and the Government Pension Offset should both be eliminated, and I hope you will support (or thank you for supporting) H.R. 973, by Rodney Davis (R-IL) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) to repeal the offsets. In the meanwhile, please consider (or thank them for) supporting H. R. 711, sponsored by Kevin Brady (R-TX) and Richard Neal (D-MA).

H.R. 711 corrects the clumsy formula that was devised 30 years ago to approximate what would be a person’s SS retirement benefits if they had always worked in jobs that paid Social Security benefits.  That formula is WRONG for its purpose.  Because of better data, a more reliable formula can now be applied and, because of a more consistent application of the offset, it will not change the cost to the Social Security Administration. This is a no cost fix that will make a huge difference of America’s public servants.

H.R. 711 is a bi-partisan bill and is supported by retired teacher, police and fire fighter associations from across the country, as well as AARP.  Please see the Ways and Means Committee information on the bill:

Please take this opportunity to begin to correct a wrong that has been done to public servants across the country.  We cannot miss this opportunity!

Note to victims of the Government Pension Offset:  once we convince Congress that the WEP needs fixing and they can do something about it, we will have better standing to go after the GPO, which is more expensive.

For more information on H.R. 711, please go to our website, and re-read Alert #83!


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  1. Folks: I don’t know about you, but right now, (and God Bless this website and its monitors), I am so tired of begging, aren’t you?? Let’s follow Ric and pray and work with him — in the Courts — here and now.

    If any of you know persons outside California affected, have them sign up to this website and file a similar action in other US District Courts.

  2. Great! To whom do you suggest I send the “sample story” to? I already called Karen Bass rep’s office and my comment to support HR 711was noted.
    Is there someone else to write to???
    Vicki Blaho

  3. If all the teachers, firefighters, etc will begin to earn about 20% more o f their earned SS benefits, and those retiring after 2017 will receive Full earned benefits how can it not cost the SS administration more? Then who is losing out here? …They say refiguring the formulas does it….that means taking away from a lot of people somewhere . Please explain more.

  4. Again, to whom do you suggest I send the sample letter? Addresses? I already called my rep.

    1. You do understand that teachers, firefighters and police officers (not etc.) were forced to pay into Social Security but now they won’t get what they paid in, right? This isn’t a handout we’re asking for. We’re asking not be penalized because we chose to devote our lives to the service of others. I’m sure if someone said to you a year before retirement, “Oh, by the way, you will only get a small percentage (about 20% for many) of what you paid into Social Security because you have a state pension (which you also paid into).” That you would feel as betrayed as we do. Keep in mine everyone else in the country can have their pensions and what they paid into Social Security–just not we few.

  5. My husband retired one year ago. So he wouldn’t get 100% like the retirees that retire in 2017. What is fair about that? There’s another bill for full repeal. Now that’s fair to everyone. HR 973 eliminates the WEP FOR EVERYONE.

  6. Semi-retired teacher here but will probably have to work until forever. I was active a few years ago in fighting WEP after I learned about it, then I sort of gave up to the bureaucrats. I am happy to learn that we are still fighting this. Who do I send this message to? It is well-written and expresses my thoughts exactly. I taught at a community college in CA where they did not take out Social Security for 8 years. I should have paid more attention. I do not want to keep working anymore. I have paid my dues and I deserve to enjoy what’s left of my life!

  7. It’s time to stop steeling from the American People who worked for the Government and private sector. We didn’t work multiple jobs and pay multiple pensions to get robbed. We did it to survive. Meanwhile The Government gives money to other countries. Well it’s time to take care of your own people first. We are not asking for something special, we want what we paid for. When you pay into two buckets, you should receive from two buckets. The problem is, the government stole from the national bucket. Stop robbing the Americans who supported you.

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