Action Alert #94 – Why Do We Do This?

New Senate bill needs our support!

You may be wondering, with all the ongoing upheavals that are changing the nature of our governmental systems, why we keep demanding the repeal of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision Social Security offsets. Despite initiatives across this country to eliminate or diminish public employee pensions or even their current compensation, we must find ways to support a civil society. This is part of our resistance. As one side subtracts, the other side ramps up its calls to increase Social Security benefits. As part of the increase, we demand the elimination of the GPO/WEP penalties that were part of the attack on Social Security 30 years ago.

We keep the demand for repeal in front of our legislators. They pay attention to the numbers of people who contact them. Many legislators do not understand how the offsets work or how they affect their constituents. Keep telling them. Put the D.C. office phone numbers of your two senators and one representative on your cell phone. Ask for the aide who oversees Social Security issues. Call them twice a month. Contact local offices. Connect with email. With 4500 members, our SSF group could become regular pests.

Action now: There are very few Senators who have signed onto the new Senate GPO/WEP repeal bill, proposed by Sherrod Brown, S. 915. Right now it is just: Collins, Murkowski, Baldwin, Heller, McCaskill, King, and Murphy.   You can always check on signers in both the House and Senate by using the link on our home page.

For inspiration, you might enjoy the video of our 2009 rally on our (still in progress) redesigned website homepage. The PowerPoint at the bottom of the page explains the effects of the offsets.

We are still in this for the long term. We hope you are!

Thank you!