Action Alert #96 – Be Relentless!

Be Relentless: Tell them like it is! Despite the large number of political concerns these days, we must continue our persistence!

The D.C. offices are still open during August! Go to or to find phone numbers for legislative staff.

Members have suggested some short and punchy phrases that will stand out as we keep up our squeaky wheel approach to Congress. Do any of these hit home for you? Try them or develop your own and share them with us:

I paid for all these benefits—I deserve them!

My husband paid for benefits for me—I deserve them!

• This country relies on teachers, the police and firefighters. Why does Social Security shaft us?

• We have a big teacher shortage, but why would someone from another field jeopardize their retirement by becoming a teacher?

No one told us that our Social Security would be cut to practically nothing! • Congress didn’t require employers to tell new employees that they would lose their Social Security until 2005, after I retired!

• As a low-paid school bus driver (secretary, clerk, postal worker) the WEP really hurts me.  I lose a bigger chunk of my Social Security benefits than higher earners!

I worked two jobs to make sure my family was covered. Now my Social Security benefits are cut almost in half!

My husband paid into Social Security for 35 years before he died, but I get nothing??!! • Other widows get their husband’s Social Security benefits, I deserve my husband’s, also!

My divorce settlement said I should get Social Security benefits from my marriage. I don’t get anything!

• My husband died and, since I lose ALL his Social Security, I am losing my house!

• My half a teacher pension means I lose $12,000 every year in spousal benefits, earned while I was a stay-at-home mom!

The GPO takes away ALL of my spousal Social Security. Then the WEP cuts my own benefits! I can’t win!

The “squeaky wheel” approach: every month send an email or make a call to your members of Congress and say these things. Over and over! As of this week: 148 co-signers in the House—37 of them Republicans!