Alert—-12/12/21 Keeping Track of Our Progress believes that the only just way to deal with the Offsets is total repeal.  Denying fully-earned benefits to people who have contributed to Social Security as required is grossly unfair. Other bills before Congress propose to make the Offsets work by balancing them against pensions that are paid for and taxed differently in different states, creating another level of injustice.

Here is a list of where Congress stands now on the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset  (For continuing details on the two WEP/GPO repeal bills we follow, please click on the links at the top of our website, For information on the other bills below go to and add the bill number)  

House Resolution — “H.R.” Senate Bill — “S.”


H.R. 82 – Social Security Fairness Act of 2021 – To repeal WEP and GPO was introduced on 1/4/2021 by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL-13)  

H.R. 82 has a total of  240 Co-Sponsors (183 Dem, 57 Rep)

S. 1302 – Social Security Fairness Act of 2021 – The Senate bill to repeal WEP and GPO was introduced by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on April 22, 2021   

S. 1302 has a total of 37 Co-Sponsors (31 Dem, 2 Ind, 4 R)

H.R. 5723 –Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust –introduced by John B. Larson (D-CT-1).   Introduced on October 26, 2021, originally known as, “To Protect our Social Security system and improve benefits for current and future generations”

  H.R. 5723 has a total of 196 Co-Sponsors, (All Dem)


H.R. 5834 – Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act of 2021 – Kevin Brady (R-TX-8) When this bill was introduced on November 3rd, it had a working title, “To amend title II of the Social Security Act to replace the Windfall Elimination Provision with a formula equalizing benefits…)

H.R. 5834 now has 42 Co-Sponsors, 35 Rep, 3 Dem (Texans)

H.R. 2337 –  Public Servants Protection and Fairness Act, introduced by Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal  

           H.R. 2337 continues with 185 Co-Sponsors (All Dem)

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  1. Another alert ——face facts they stole our money and they will never give us what is rightfully ours. Government theft and we have no recourse.

    1. I have to get something out in the open! I lost my husband very unexpectedly & recently. He worked full time all his life! He only retired a few years ago. I pleaded with him, told him it was time. He passed before his 69th Birthday. I have a mortgage, college tuition, the same household bills, groceries, high gas prices on & on. Poof, his S/S vanishes! I feel, as his spouse I’m still entitled to his funds, nobody else! Insurance premiums are up, cost of groceries. I’m now experiencing visual & mobility issues that are only going to worsen over time. We haven’t kept up with these changes. We need to rethink a lot ofthese outdated 50’s trends & move ahead to these current times.Just who & what are they doing with ALL my husband’s money?? We worked hard together,I deserve it, not those who are not US citizens, those who don’t care to work & those who are in the US but don’t like it here!

  2. All the years I had a second job during vacations to earn the points needed to receive SS benefits were stolen from me upon my retirement and the sudden death of my husband of 35 years. I have now returned to the classroom at age 77 to try to make ends meet due to the cruel WEP/GPO ptovision. With all we give as teachers with so little financial compensation…this is the final slap in the face! This is robbery…no other way to define what is being stolen from us. My husband died knowing that his hard-earned SS would be absorbed back into the system and leaving me with a $2800 deficit each month. Broke his heart.please REPEAL….Judi Welch, Special Ed Teacher LAUSD

  3. This repeal has been a one-way street going nowhere. It’s pathetic that Congress does absolutely nothing to fix it. How many years will writing and calling our senators and reps do anything? Infinite!

    Our government thinks only of fixing something that will benefit their re-elections, like welfare and stimulus checks.

    We fund their give away programs with all the money they made off of WEP and GPO over almost 30 years. Do you think they are now going to treat public workers fairly? NOT!

    As much as the money is needed by senior citizens, no one will ever fix the problem. Now at 76 yrs, old nothing will change. Our SS contributions are never coming back.

    Biden”s regime are crooks that join a whole list of administrations who didn’t care about fairness. They aren’t about to fix it now.

    As I’ve aged, my view of this country is one of disappointment and anger.

    My apologies for such negativism, it’s the truth. Beating a dead horse, will not bring it back to life.

    Yours truly,
    Linda A.Windhorst

    1. I also agree with you but in all fairness this is one of the concerns President Trump was suppose to look into when he was in office . I think he did but it was blocked at every point by Pelosi . I just would like what I have paid into S S all at one time I would invest myself and be happy that way . Instead I barely get 1/3 of what I collect of a reduced pension from OPERS . I am still hoping someone in Ohio gets this reversed for us .

    2. Encourage your Senator Sherrod Brown to keep up his work on the Senate repeal bill,S. 1302, which he sponsored.

    3. I’m sorry. Your upset is understandable. I share it. But the fault is not Biden’s regime as you put it. President Biden has guaranteed to sign a bill that fixes WEP and GPO. Congress cannot seem to get these bills out of committee. It should be bipartisan. The impact of WEP and GPO affects everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

    4. John Larson, the Chair of the Ways and Means Subcommittee for Social Security has introduced a major overhaul of how SS works. His bill didn’t contain repeal of the WEP/GPO until he took it to the White House for approval. The President (and maybe Jill) made sure that any changes to Social Security would include repeal of WEP/GPO. We have friends in the White House.

  4. I appreciate all the hard work from everyone in Social Security Fairness. Let’s keep at it!
    If fairness is the issue, let’s keep explaining that point. Party politics is not the issue here.

  5. The reason that WEP and GPO have yet to be repealed is because elected officials care more about being reelected than they do about helping those in the most need. They give major lip service to low-income people, senior citizens, and people of color, during elections… but return to business as usual once in office. WEP and GPO are not popular issues, and don’t help anyone get reelected. Big news media could help by shining a bright light on it. But they are too busy chasing stories that support their preconceived narratives. Hope remains eternal. And miracles are indeed possible. Keep the faith. Hope for the best.

  6. My teaching career began after I worked my full quarters to earn Social Security. When I began teaching I was not informed regarding the Social Security Government Off-Set. While planning for retirement this act became a total surprise. To late to tun back. Maybe we need a class action law suit to fix this. I feel discriminated against, treated unfairly compared to my peers in other states that do not have this offset, clever o “taxation” above and beyond those working in government/teaching service, and in this time of teacher shortages, prevents well qualified professionals who would like to teach from going into the profession, not to mention newly certified teachers remaining in the field.

    I volunteer to testify in Congress regarding this long overdue correction to a short-sited and damaging law. People such as Judy Welch are twice impacted and we should not be having to force 77 year old women to return to a grueling and difficult profession.

    1. The same thing happened to me, Margaret, and I’m sure to thousands of others. I agree that we need a class action suit or some other course of action to shake things up. We are getting nowhere relying on our representatives in Congress.

    2. I agree with you! I feel like a dog waiting on a bone! I’m a 74 year old retired Ga. teacher who was conned out of SS in 80’s using scare tactics, that there would be no SS benefits left when we retired! I was in my 30s and that tactic was used constantly! I don’t trust that these legislators will pass anything, but will continue to use the affected as ploys for their re-elections. These two laws need to be taken to SCOTUS and I believe something will be done and:or a class action. I receive no SS due to GPO and my school system pulled out of SS before I had enough credits. Good luck to you!!

  7. If Congress held a vote to repeal WEP/GPO right now, it would almost surely pass. They have enough cosponsors to put it over the top. That is the good news. More good news is that both the Congress (HR82) and Senate (S1302) bills have bipartisan support. The bad news is that there are not enough cosponsors for the Senate Bill, S1302.
    Instead of complaining to each other about the unfairness of GPO/WEP (and it truly is unfair), you ALL need to contact your Senators and let them know how important this is to you, and that you would like them to cosponsor S1302. They won’t get on board unless you contact them and continue contacting them until they agree to cosponsor the bill.
    Politicians always talk about how they want to reach across the aisle and work together to help middle (working) class Americans. Well, this is their chance. This is a bipartisan bill that is directly targeted at working class Americans. Despite the doom & gloom commenters who say we have “no recourse,” that is completely false. We definitely have recourse starting with our voices and culminating in our votes. At first, only one of my three representatives cosponsored these bills (HR82 & S1302). I continually contacted them and explained what’s at stake and why these bills are important. Now, all three of my Colorado representatives (Neguse, Bennett & Hickenlooper) signed on as cosponsors. You can do the same in your state and district. But you MUST contact your representatives, keep contacting them and convince your friends, family members and fellow retirees to do the same.

  8. Agee totally…………….as i am 81 with the 2 above letters……I share the same (Judi welch, Linda Windhorst) predicaments…..WPO WEP robbed me an das a former school teacher still substituting to make ends meet………. I agree with Ms Windhorst …my view of this country as I have aged is one of disappointment and anger and nothing will be done about it.

    Janet Boyle

  9. So…just more of the same…more bills introduced and NOTHING resolved. Congress is a dysfunctional, highly partisan joke filled with one percenters who care more about staying in office and pleasing their corporate donors than actually doing anything for the citizens they are supposed to represent. Love my country – disgusted with my government.

  10. I don’t understand why this is languishing so long. WEP and GPO should be abolished. I’ve written my useless senators and my useless representative here in Texas. I know that doesn’t do any good, at least where I live. It will never do any good to write my Congress people. What can we do as an organization and as individuals to light a fire under Congress, to those who are reasonable and will listen?

  11. The point that should be made and should be obvious to anybody who understands the dilemma here is that we are penalized two Way-and Social Security benefits are reduced by some of my pension with the federal government and my pension is reduced to some extent by my Social Security benefit. Besides being unfair, this is madness and theft. It’s way past time for this to be corrected. Get the bills out of committee and onto the floor and have a vote.

  12. Nothing will redress the impoverishment of US citizens being robbed of their full entitlement to Social Security Benefits but the complete Repeal of the WEP. There is no crafty thievery disguised as ‘ fairness ‘ when the congressional millionaires pick your pocket that will be tolerated.
    The WEP is a Regan era theft that requires only one solution, Repeal !! Dare I say Stop the Steal !!Stop the Theft, !! Do it now , start doing your Job

  13. Of thevmultiple letter, including having written a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris on the issue, to no response, and one senator with a glad hand response. I’m not holding my breath.

  14. Full repeal of WEP and GPO is the only fair solution. When my husband dies I will loose everything, I will be under poverty limits. I worked for a small village and didn’t make six figures as a public employee. I have both ss and public time as a worker, please give me what I deserve, please.

  15. I’m 74 years old and have been drawing social security for a good number of years. Will we ever get what we have worked so hard for and if so, will there ever be any retroactive pay with or without interest? Also, why can’t I see other comments?

  16. I have contacted my congressman and senators to no avail. I don’t know how they sleep at night, robbing money from seniors who basically need to get jobs to make ends meet. Shame on them!!!!

    1. HR 82, the House bill to repeal WEP/GPO has been sponsored by Rodney Davis, a Republican from Illinois. Keep explaining to all sides!

  17. Before I became a teacher I paid into ss for 22 years. It is unfair not to give me the benefits I paid into. I also feel it is unfair to take away my spousal benefits because I became a teacher.

  18. I have lost faith in congress ever doing something about this injustice. I don’t know if it’s possible but court action should be the alternative.

  19. Why is there never a question when the Presidential debates occur that NEVER is there a question about the WEP or the GPO?
    Nothing worse than working to get SS for years to find out you get 2/3 taken out or even worse to get none of your spouses SS that they worked hard for. There are people who never worked and are getting half of their spouses SS, that is insanity.
    Trillion of dollars spent to fix roads, etc., and I read 2 billion to repeal this WEP and GPO, where does the money go we are not getting.
    All I ever see on NARFE magazine on the WEP and GPO is “referred to the house ways and means committee”, in other words noting being done!

  20. Unbelievable, the bills have been in the House and NO Means Committee for YEARS. What do these elected representatives do? Keep passing on to the next committee.
    We served (thank you for your service, ha), we worked two, three jobs and we have lots of people receiving SSI who haven’t worked a day??? Or, come to the United States, work, and go back to their country. America the Beautiful!
    From all the previous responses, seems we are all discussed. I too THANK all those involved it working on eliminating the GPO/WEP.

    Retired military and civilian

  21. Another person not informed of the GOP/WEP until it was too late to turn back. My late husband taught in the school system for 30 years. Prior to that, he worked as a teenager, served 4 years in the military, worked part time while attending college then began his teaching career. During his years in the classroom, he worked too many jobs for me to count and upon retirement worked at least another 40 quarters. He preferred that I stay home and raise our 3 children. He paid into social security as required but got a measly compensation for all the quarters that he worked. What happens if during my lifetime it is repealed? Will those affected be compensated retroactively and would I benefit from it? It is unfair that 35 states can collect while the other 15 cannot. Yes, this should have been addressed in the stimulus bills but it wasn’t. The immigrants coming into this country will be the ones who benefit by all the monies paid in by, not only teachers but police, firefighters and other municipal workers. I don’t know if any politicians take the time to read these comments but they really should. I will end by wishling you all Happy and healthy holidays whether it be Christmas, Hannukah. or whatever holiday you celebrate.

  22. No one can live on $399.00 a month! That is all I receive in Social Security even though I went to work immediately when I retired from 30 years of Civil Service. I earned all my quarters but had never been told that my pension would be reduced dollar for dollar. Employers were not required to tell employees about this, I believe, until 1992. I thought that when I went to work for the government that I was establishing a “living wage” for my later years so that I would never be a burden on our government. I have prayed over the years that a repeal would pass, but I have given up hope. Congress sponsors the repeal bills just so far, and then they allow them to languish until the end of the session when they have to start all over. It is so unfair!!!!! There are millions of us in this awful situation.

    1. The rule to inform employees that they would be affected by the WEP/GPO didn’t go into effect until Jan. 2005….

  23. I’m sorry. Your upset is understandable. I share it. But the fault is not Biden’s regime as you put it. President Biden has guaranteed to sign a bill that fixes WEP and GPO. Congress cannot seem to get these bills out of committee. It should be bipartisan. The impact of WEP and GPO affects everyone, regardless of political persuasion. I too have repeatedly contacted my representatives. I get lip service only. I’m from Ohio so I give thanks to and for Sherrod Brown. We all just need to get this to a vote.

  24. I am looking for clear and direct information on how to contact my representatives about this issue. Is there any particular wording or way that would make a representative pay attention? Do I simply send an email? I have never contacted a representative for anything, so I feel at a loss as to how to do this.


  26. We all need massive organizing to identify congress representatives and senators that are not supporting the repeal WEP. There is never a mention of the theft of benefits from senior citizens in the main stream media. Instead we get silly debates about critical race theory , silly talk about that bafoon trump and his grifting family, and vaccine conspiracy nutcases. the WEP theft is a real issue that impacts millions of hard working Americans, now retired. Are we all waking up to the reality of paid of congress representatives and senators, who line their own pockets with bribes from greedy corporations ? or are we all still sleeping through this. I believe we need a larger discussion , most Americans dont know about WEP until it hits them, and its too late. Where is 60 minutes , ABC, Fox ? news, CBS etc. E
    Where are the news reporters who need to expose this travesty ?

  27. I am keeping watch of the progress of HR82, and its hard to believe that as of today 12/21 there are only 242 co-sponsors of this bill, and many of them are only recently joining the co-sponsorship . What has taken these representatives so long ? this issue has been acute for many years. One thing for certain, these congress representatives will all get a good pension, unaffected by WEP, and you can bet when election time comes they will blather about helping senior citizens and not mean a word. The American democracy, on this issue, and on many other issues, exposes the UNREPRESENTATIVE nature of our bogus house of representatives.
    Let’s continue steal benefits from our senior citizens and buy more useless weapons, guns , tanks, missiles, so these arms industry people can pay off our duplicitous congress and continue to enrich themselves. God Bless America ? the land of the free to steal and enrich and impoverish our senior citizens in the name of phoney freedom and phoney democracy



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