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Please cosign H.R. 82 NOW!

Public worker retirees need you to repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

H.R. 82 by Rodney Davis has 283 cosigners. We need 290 to force a floor vote, which House leadership has refused to allow. Help us make it happen! This really badly written legislation needs to be cleaned off the books. Please cosign H.R. 82 now!

Show your support for teachers, police, and firefighters, and other public workers who have fully paid for Social Security benefits like everyone else. Please cosign H.R. 82, which would repeal both the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision. The GPO usually eliminates all Social Security benefits for people who may have had even a partial career in public service. Widows can lose as much as $2,000 every month in survivor benefits. The WEP cuts Social Security benefits by as much as $500 a month for people who paid for both Social Security and a public pension.

The cost of repealing both WEP and GPO is less than 2% of what the Social Security Administration pays in worker benefits each year.

Representative Gwen Moore (WI) – (202) 225-4572                                                                            Izmira Aitch 

Representative Kurt Schrader (OR)- (202) 225-5711                                                                            Simone Auger

Representative Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA) – (202) 225-4272                                                                  Kyla Miller 

Representative Ron Kind (WI)- (202) 225-5506                                                                                    Carissa Goddeau

Representative Jason Smith (MO)- (202) 225-4404                                                                             Ari Kirsh 

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO)- (202) 225-2956                                                                 Cole Donaldson 

Representative Anthony Gonzalez (OH)- (202) 225-6235                                                                    Stephen Hostelley 

Representative Brad Wenstrup (OH)- (202) 225-3164                                                                         Casey Quinn 

Representative Lizzie Fletcher (TX) (202) 225-2571        
Ben Jackson 

Representative Fred Upton (MI) (202) 225- 3761                                   
Mark Ratner

Representative Blake Moore (UT) (202) 225-0453                                                                              Paul Johnson 

Representative Mo Brooks (AL) (202) 225- 4801                                                                                 Sean Griffin

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  1. The members of the House (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) know we need 290 Representatives to force a vote. They will never allow the Bill to reach 290 supporters. We would then know who is really concerned about the retirees and who is playing politics.

    1. ABSOLUTELY correct William I have been “begging” the CA Teachers Association to get involved by writing to Pelosi for a “discharge petition”. Won’t you also email CTA asking them to do this? You are right. This last Bill is their “okay, we tried. Didn’t work. Now go away and die.”. CTA is our best hope, if any, to get to Pelosi. Thank you for also realizing this

    2. I hope my former reply to William was or is getting posted please?? Right now, the best hope we have is for all of you to bombard the CA Teachers Association (email) asking them to write to Pelosi for a discharge petition, please. Thx

  2. Just a note related to the content of the message: I retired last June after ten years public school teaching in Mass, following about 20 years in nonprofits (and 3 years of no income working for room and board for the United Farm Workers). Because of my 25% pension I’m losing $583/month in Soc. Sec. cuts (you wrote “as much as $500”). The reason they took more than the usual is that I waited until age 70 to claim benefits. Silly me! People should be aware of that additional little trap. The amount given in the chart is based on retirement at 65.

    I’m horrified that the California Teachers Assoc. isn’t on board, but in MA, too, I believe the MTA pays only lip service. I think they don’t want current teachers even to be aware of the WEP. A campaign to publicize it might force their hand. I’d love to start something on the order of “Thinking of switching careers and becoming a teacher? Don’t even consider it in (post your state)!” Followed by all the reasons.

  3. I did just contact the CA Teachers Assoc., Donna, and thank you for the suggestion.

  4. I worked 2 jobs to better my family and am penalized. Congress is letting you know that the working man is a sucker.

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