You Can Put Us Over The Top! We have 280 co-signers. We want to get 290 co-signers to be able to demand a floor vote. 

This email is going out to our more than 5,000 members of Social Security Fairness. California Retired Teachers sent the links below to their members, and we can add to their power!

Social Security Fairness is collaborating with the National WEP/GPO Task Force to spread the word and energize the effort for repeal. (See our new homepage at!) 

Please contact these Representatives below who have not yet cosponsored H.R. 82. Urge them to cosponsor H.R.82 now! Write their legislative aide at the email provided, or call their office and ask for the legislative aide by name.  Relief for deserving retired public servants is a bi-partisan issue, and so is H.R. 82.

Of course, if your own Representative has not signed on, contact them first. Check at:

H.R. 82 Status

Tell them who you are and whom you worked for. Explain how you are punished. Mention why the loss of Social Security income is especially hard on seniors at this time. This repeal bill is close to passing the House because Members of Congress are supporting seniors.

Thank you!

Social Security Fairness is run by volunteers. We need a minimum amount of funds for website and emailing expenses. Since our founding, our volunteers have supported the cause with their own funds and grants from California Retired Teachers. This is the first time we have asked our supporters for help. We are a 501(c)3 so your secure donation at is tax deductible. We appreciate your help! Thank you! Please use this link or the links on our homepage: 


Representative Greg Stanton (AZ) – (202) 225-988850,000 AZ retirees affected
Staff: Tracee Sutton –


Representative Gus Bilirakis (FL) – (202) 225-5755138,000 FL retirees affected
Staff: Jonathan Vecchi –


Representative Byron Donalds (FL) – (202) 225-2536138,000 FL retirees affected
Staff: Alexandria Smith –


Representative Carlos Gimenez (FL) – (202) 225-2778138,000 FL retirees affected
Staff: E.J. Valentine –


Representative Mary Miller (IL) – (202) 225-5271148,000 IL retirees affected
Staff: Christina Rabuse –


Representative Kurt Schrader (OR) – (202) 225-5711>23,000 OR retirees affected
Staff: Kelly Nickel –


Representative Nancy Mace (SC) – (202) 225-317625,000 SC retirees affected
Staff: Madison Van Every –


Representative William Timmons (SC) – (202) 225-603025,000 SC retirees affected
Staff: Ann Thomas Johnson –


Representative Lizzie Fletcher (TX) – (202) 225-2571~300,000 TX retirees affected
Staff: Ben Jackson –



  1. The government did not permit me to invest in the Social Security Retirement System, then punishes me for obeying the law and not investing in Social Security Retirement System. I constantly read articles that the government cannot deduct the WEP/GPO before a person receives their pension. I retired and received my pension in November 2015. After Social Security finally calculated the WEP in 2016, Social Security deducted the WEP in February 2008, my 62nd birthday and Social Security’s early retirement. (Happy birthday!) The calculation also reduced my earned Social Security COLA and the credit I earned for working 39 months beyond my retirement age of 66. I have contacted my Congressman’s (Warren Davidson) office, retiring Senator Rob Portman’s office and President Biden’s White House office numerous times. They and/or their staffs have shown they do not deserve my vote and support. However they did agree to increase the US Post Office budget. The same Post Office that took 2 weeks to deliver a letter 10 blocks from my home! Will they ever see the light, probably not! Thankfully my Senator Sherrod Brown introduced S1302 to repeal WEP/GPO. Sadly, his fellow Senators refuse to support him.

  2. Vincent Miholic says:

    Asking me to repeatedly sign up serves no progressive, useful purpose.
    You know, you should really attempt to strengthen your reach out. Has every government employee (e.g. Louisiana civil service workers) and relative state employee received at least one of your emails and clearly, succinctly, simply offered bullet points?

    I, for one, have reached out to both local and national political players. I’ve reached out the the current national administration. Only one response to let me know that the candidate has penned his name to House legislation, which of course, is likely to fail once it hits the anemic Senate.

    So without stronger reach out to those you have not yet reached, these messages seem equally weak.

  3. Deirdre G. says:

    Every Massachusetts representative except mine has signed on; I live in the district of Ways & Means Chair Richie Neal, who has his own partial fix. I’ve spoken with him and written, but he’s not going to change. But here’s another idea. In the past month, in an effort to reduce fundraising mail in my box (I still write checks rather than online giving, for the most part), I’m contacting every request, except the few I still support, to say that since I retired last June, I don’t have extra money, so please remove my name from your mailing list. With the political requests (22 separate requests in 3 1/2 weeks, not counting the duplicates!), I add a note that because I’m losing $580/mo. in Soc. Sec. due to WEP, I no longer can afford political donations. It’s another tack, but might help.

  4. Donna J Smith says:

    Hello: Just a follow up to my comment which I see is not on here (but SHOULD BE) is for all former teachers to email the California Teachers Association and demand that they write to Nancy Pelosi to issue a “discharge petition” for this Bill – H.R. 82. It will still face the hurdle of passing the Senate but at least it will get out of Committee. Pelosi has already been contacted on this issue by Abigail Spanbarger and Rodney Davis. Alternatively, you can just “call” CTA’s “government relations” office and insist that they (CTA) write this same letter to Pelosi (Note: please don’t remove this comment?) Their office number is 916-325-1500 I already did but I am not a retired teacher. Teacher’s voices will bring us over the top. Pelosi and Harris are from CA and YOU can make a difference for 10 votes. Thank you.

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