H.R. 82 On the Line Tuesday September 20th

WEP/GPO Hearing for H.R. 82 in Ways and Means

H.R. 82, the bill to repeal the WEP and GPO has enough co-sponsors to require a floor vote.  Instead, the leadership of the Ways and Means Committee has decided to discuss the bill at a meeting this Tuesday at 10:00 AM EDT.  At this meeting they can amend the bill and change it in any way they want. WE NEED THEM TO BRING IT TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE ON THE BILL AS IT WAS WRITTEN. PLEASE SEND THIS LETTER TO THE MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE AND HOUSE LEADERSHIP AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS ALERT. Emails with links and phone numbers are listed below.   

To Members of Ways and Means:

Urgent request from Seniors affected by the WEP/GPO

Regarding the September 20, 2022 Hearing on H.R. 82, the Social Security Fairness Act.

I am writing to urge you to keep H.R. 82 as written. H.R. 82  is an important bipartisan bill to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO). The National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force is counting on our elected officials to give H.R. 82 the floor vote that it deserves. 

H.R. 82 repeals the poorly-designed penalties that affect the earned benefits of a public employee who has been a Social Security contributor or a public employee who has been married to a contributor. These penalties fall more harshly on lower income public workers, such as teachers and partial career public safety workers. Retired widows who are affected by the GPO suffer a devastating financial loss when their spouse dies and they lose all of their fully paid-for survivor benefits. They are among the eighty-three percent of those affected by the GPO who lose ALL of their earned benefits. There is strong support for complete repeal of these offsets, and more than 100,000 persons have signed our petition to pass H.R. 82. 

We urge you to keep H.R. 82, a bi-partisan bill for full repeal, as written.

Thank you!

Click this link to send an email to all of the legislative members below at once. One click will do it!

(Your email application must be configured to work with this “mail to” link.)

Please use this list to directly contact the legislatures or their assistants.

Representative Richard Neal       202-225-5601

Representative Linda Sanchez   202-225-6676

Representative Judy Chu              202-225-5464.                                       ellen.hamilton@mail.house.gov

Representative Jimmy Panetta    202-225-2861                                       mark.dennin@mail.house.gov

Representative Jimmy Gomez        202-225-6235                                                ben.kan@mail.house.gov

Representative Bill Pascrell     202-225-5751                                                                      dylan.sodaro@mail.house.gov

Representative Brian Higgins   202-225-3306                                                                 lyndsey.barnes@mail.house.gov

Representative Earl Blumenauer  202-225-4811                                                                 jon.bosworth@mail.house.gov    

Representative Terri Sewell    202-225-2665                                            rob.nuttall@mail.house.gov

Representative Gwen Moore    202-225-4572                                     chris.goldson@mail.house.gov

Representative Tom Rice      202-225-9895                                           philipp.clarke@mail.house.gov

Representative Ron Estes  202-225 6216                                            nicolas.oboyle@mail.house.gov

Representative Kevin Hern   202-225-2211                                                            dominique.yelinski@mail.house.gov 

Representative Lloyd Doggett     202-225-4865                                                                                    adam.cissell@mail.house.gov

Representative Ron Kind             202-225-5506                                          rachel.harvey@mail.house.gov 

Representative Stephanie Murphy   202-225-4035                                 rachel.kline@mail.house.gov

Representative Gregory Murphy     202-225-3415                             luke.wallwork@mail.house.gov

Representative David Kustoff         202-225-4714                              eliana.goodman@mail.house.gov

Representative Brendan Boyle     202-225-6111                                               theresa.chalhoub@mail.house.gov


  1. Donna Smith says:

    I told Pam Alexander, I told Bonnie — it ain’t gonna happen. Mark my words. They can forgive $10,000 in student loans — but not us

    1. Deirdre Godfrey says:

      This kind of discouraging comment serves no purpose. As a longtime organizer I have seen “impossible” victories in several local and statewide arenas, and negative predictions were always in the air before those who forge ahead anyway eventually won. One thing to keep in mind when working against seemingly impossible odds is that you never really know all the factors that may be working in your favor behind the scenes on the other side. There can be all sorts of personal and broader political currents in play; our job isn’t to analyze the odds, but to push for the just outcome as hard as we can, without letup, knowing that the walls aren’t always as mighty as they may appear.

  2. hello do not forget SSI and SSDI we should be counted as well , our checks make us all
    live from hand to mouth a dollar a day a potato a day

  3. Bill Hansen says:

    Done, hope this works!

  4. Jeanette Scanlan says:

    Please stop sweeping this bill under the rug. We need your support. All we want is the money that we paid into SS. Northing more nothing less. I don’t understand what everyone is so afraid of. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND DO YOUR JOB AND PASS THIS BILL HR 82. THIS IS LONG OVERDUE.

  5. Jimmie Jenkins says:

    I have sent letter to all. Thank you for providing this and all the hard work done to get to this point. Praying this will be successful! Jimmie Jenkins, Retired teacher in Georgia affected by the GPO.

  6. Donna Smith says:

    Hey folks: Just wanted to comment that this lady – Kathleen Romig — of Center on Budget and Policy Procedures — just wrote a derogatory article on full WEP/GPO repeal. The website: (cbpp.org) has it. You will just have to find the link (sorry). So, if you want to read it and write a rebuttal, just thought I would post it for you. I wrote mine, so just sharing the article (website). Thanks.

    Well, sorry for feeling negativity, but the politicians already knew beforehand they weren’t going to give us our fair share. Rodney Davis and Ms. Spanbarger did work hard, but with the others, I do believe it was just a voter game to “sweep us under the rug.” Thank you.

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