It’s Time! Call for a VOTE This Month!

There are 323 co-sponsors for H.R. 82, the House repeal bill. (218 votes is a majority.)  It’s time for a floor vote! Mike Johnson, Steve Scalise, and Jason Smith can make the vote happen. Johnson and Scalise have signed onto H.R.82. Smith has acknowledged the unfairness of the offsets. Use the direct links below to their legislative assistants to send your comments. Share this with your families, friends, and former co-workers. There is no valid excuse for putting this off anymore!

Send your email to the legislative aides for these important Legislators:

  1. Speaker Mike Johnson – (202) 225-2777
    Staff: Jules Hurst –
  2. Chairman Jason Smith – (202) 225-4404
    Staff: Hilary Pinegar –
  3. Majority Leader Steve Scalise – (202) 225-3015
    Staff: Holly Hendrix –

Remind your own Representative to demand a vote, also. Here is the link to find your Rep:

Some important reasons for repeal:

  1. The WEP takes away fully-earned Social Security benefits from people like firefighters, police officers, and teachers who needed to work extra FICA-paying jobs to supplement their income not only during summers and other off time, but also during training or after stress or age-related retirement.
  2. The GPO penalizes women who took time out of teaching or other public service careers to stay home and raise children. The GPO is a direct attack on the American family!  Even partial pension earnings can totally eliminate fully-earned Social Security spousal or survivor benefits. There is no dollar limit to the penalty caused by the GPO— it can amount to a loss of more than $20,000 each year.
  3. The WEP and GPO withholdings cannot continue to be a revenue source for the Social Security program because they represent money rightfully due to a targeted group of citizens. This is un-American and discriminatory! The CBO estimates that the SS trust funds saved $14 billion in 2023 due to the WEP and GPO withholdings, and estimates that it would cost about $15 billion per year to repeal the penalties. This amount is only a small fraction of the more than $1.2 trillion expended by the Social Security Administration this past year.

We have gotten some very nice donations in the past, and we are hoping to reach the $3,000 we need to cover our expenses this year.  Please check our contribution page and send any amount to keep us going:

Thank you for standing up for receiving the Social Security you have EARNED!