Join the National WEP/GPO Task Force Webinar Events, Aug. 30, 31 & Sept. 19

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You may have seen this webinar. We are repeating it often so that the information gets spread far and wide.

Please share it with your group again so those who missed it before have an opportunity to participate now. Also, please send it to any group or person you believe should be aware of WEP and GPO penalties.

Now is the time to end the decades of public employees losing earn Social Security benefits, due to the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO) penalties. These unjust penalties can be repealed, but only if we work together to get it done. Let’s talk….

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Are you an employee of the federal government?
You might be affected!
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You might be affected!

Learn the facts about the windfall elimination provision and the government pension offset (WEP & GPO).
Be aware of what you might lose.
Find out what you can do and how you can help.

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National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force Informational Webinars:

If your spouse dies, will you lose Social Security survival benefits they earned for you?

Unjust penalties deny earned Social Security benefits.

Could you be affected once you retired?