We will be there. You can you join us! Be there or find us on Facebook Live.

Preparations for the May 18 Rally in Washington, D.C. are moving right along. Social Security Fairness is collaborating with the National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force and we will keep you informed as the event progresses.

If you can be there, you must sign up this week. A training Zoom will be held on this Friday, May 6.

Click here to sign up:

You can watch the rally in real time on FaceBook Live or catch a recording later on our ssfairness.org website or YouTube.

East Coasters can make it down to D.C. on Amtrak. (Penn Station, Manhattan to Union Station, DC – 3 hours, 30 minutes, round trip $58.00) The rally is close to Union Station. We also have some people driving in.

YOU CAN BACK US UP by calling in to your Senators and Representatives on May 18. Tell your story and add some of the pertinent facts they may not be aware of:

  • I (or my spouse) paid into Social Security at the same rate as other workers. My benefits were fully paid for!
  • Social Security was never required to tell people that they would be hit by this penalty until 2005! I was already vested in my pension. (Or retired.)
  • I was a non-paid mom (dad) for more than the 10 years required for spousal benefits, before earning a pension, but I get nothing because of the GPO. Other ten-year spouses get full benefits.
  • As a widow, I lose all the survivor benefits my spouse paid in for me over many years, but my teacher pension means I get nothing of his contributions, even though he never lived long enough to claim his own benefits.
  • I paid into FICA for more than 20 years (as a waitress, a clerk, a part time worker) but my salary was so low, I don’t have the “substantial earnings” to reduce my WEP penalty.


  1. SS must be in terrible shape, right. A guy making 28.5 million a year pays SS only on the first 134.400.
    And to makeup for shortfalls they cut my SS $2808.00 a year. Seems unfair to me. Why aren’t SS deductions graduated like so many others?

  2. I’ve been retired since 1994 on a police pension, I have not had a cost of living increase since I retired. I took my SS benefit when I was at 62 and I now receive a whooping 459.00 a month. I’m now 74 years old and scrapping by because of these provisions. I wish I could be in Washington for this rally because this is the most poverty producing provision in government. Good Luck on the 18th I’ll watch on Facebook.

  3. I have been waiting for this moment. But , alas I don’t think any politician cares about this House Resolution. They just care about being re-elected. Unfortunately we have the wrong people in office. Remember all the politicians that did not cosponsor this bill and vote them out.

  4. I RETIRED FROM A CAREER IN PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHING IN 1994, WITH A Masters plus 30, and then was told I could not have my husband’s SS. So unfair as he worked for 50 yet contributing to SS. I keep waiting for a reversal before I die. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR EFFORTS-PLEASE KEEP US POSTED.

  5. This is a disgusting miscarriage of justice
    These two laws are completely unfair. I’ve read all the counter arguments and they’re not convincing. Where the HELL are the thieves in congress who over the years have voted themselves huge pay raises attaching them to bills in the middle of the night.
    The political elite want our money to enrich THEMSELVES and continue to do so. They make speeches about REPEALING WEP/GPO but they have no intention on actually doing it. After 40 years we don’t TRUST THEM

    1. So true Scott. I don’t trust any of the politicians, including those who sign on as co-sponsors to gain my vote but do nothing. They are playing politics with our lives and our family’s lives. When they stop playing games and show me they respect and appreciate me by repealing WEP/GPO I will respect them.

  6. I retired as a public school in . teacher in 1994, and then was told I could not collect my husband’s widow’s SS pension. My teacher’s pension is below the poverty level, so I hope you are successful before I die…Good Luck

  7. all these useless congresspeople talk loudest about Freedom, Americal First, Critical Race theory, and a load of other vague ideas that are not critical, what’s critical, is having an adequete income when you retire., what’s critical is having the income to feel free from anxiety over rent and heating and food, what’s critical is educating those who only find out about WEP when they are ambushed and robbed by the SSA, while the congress is used to enrich individuals who pose as representatives, but only represent themselves and those who pay them off. What’s Critical is that we get louder and louder in opposition to the theft of our money !!!

  8. The government and the Social Security Administration claim the WEP/GPO eliminates an unfair financial windfall that public servants receive when we receive our earned pensions. The definition of a financial windfall is: an unexpected and unearned financial gain ( i.e lottery winnings, gambling winnings, etc). Our pensions do not fall under the definition of a financial windfall. The only people receiving an unfair financial windfall is the government and the Social Security Administration.

  9. Why is this even legal? It’s blatant discrimination against public servants (and their spouses.) I guess we should have known better than to go into the helping professions, except no one told us this was what we were signing up for.

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