Please do this new list NOW–Only 6 more to 290

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Please cosign H.R. 82 NOW! Provide real support for seniors!

Public worker retirees need you to repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision!

H.R. 82 by Rodney Davis has 284 cosigners. We need 290 to force a floor vote, which House leadership has refused to allow. Help us make it happen! This really badly written legislation needs to be cleaned off the books. Please cosign H.R. 82 now!

Show your support for teachers, police, and firefighters, and other public workers who have fully paid for Social Security benefits like everyone else. Please cosign H.R. 82, which would repeal both the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision. The GPO usually eliminates all Social Security benefits for people who may have had even a partial career in public service. Widows can lose as much as $2,000 every month in survivor benefits. The WEP cuts Social Security benefits by as much as $500 a month for people who paid for both Social Security and a public pension.

The cost of repealing both WEP and GPO is less than 2% of what the Social Security Administration pays in worker benefits each year.

Representative Marc Veasey (TX) – (202) 225-9897
Staff: Thaddeus Woody –
Representative Bennie Thompson (MS) – (202) 225-5876
Staff: Claytrice Henderson –
Representative Jim Cooper (TN) – (202) 225-4311
Staff: Christopher Jerrolds –
Representative Jim Clyburn (SC) – (202) 225-3315
Staff: Ashleigh Wilson –
Representative Lloyd Smucker (PA) – (202) 225-2411
Staff: Noelle Verheist –
Representative Cliff Bentz (OR) – (202) 225-6730
Staff: Nick Strader –
Representative Stephanie Bice (OK) – (202) 225-2132
Staff: Jett Thompson –
Representative Gregory Murphy (NC) – (202) 225-3415
Staff: Luke Wallwork –
Representative Bill Pascrell (NJ) – (202) 225-5751
Staff: Dylan Sodaro –
Representative Cori Bush (MO) – (202) 225-2406
Staff: Lynese Wallace –
Representative Michelle Fischbach (MN) – (202) 225-2165
Staff: Nick Lunneborg –
Representative Dan Kildee (MI) – (202) 225-3611
Staff: Jordan Dickinson –
Representative Bob Latta (OH) – (202) 225-6405
Staff: Mike Davin –
Representative Darin LaHood (IL) – (202) 225-6201
Staff: Steve Pfrang –