Special Message: Contact House Leadership – Monday, December 5 & 12

Social Security Fairness is working in close coalition with several other retiree organizations (see our homepage at ssfairness.org) to keep the pressure on Congress for full repeal of both offsets. This week and next we will all be sending the same message: “include full of WEP and GPO repeal in your end-of-session bills!

We need six days of action from you. Three days for this week and next. We are building on the strongest support repeal has had in years. Please set out a bit of time each day to help us keep repeal alive.      

Here are two of the projects that we are asking everyone to complete during these last weeks of the 2021-22 Congressional session. 

1. Please call your own Congressperson’s office and say:

Please ask Representative_______to support H.R. 82, the bill to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset, which have cost me $____ of my fully-earned (personal/spousal/survivor) Social Security benefits every month. Representative_______can do this by signing House Resolution 1367 or working with the Senate Finance Committee to put full repeal of the unfair offsets into an omnibus bill. It is time for Congress to support all (teachers, fire fighters, police….) Thank you!

2. Below this message are links to the email addresses of important House Members. Click on the underlined email addresses. It should set up a blank email to the legislator’s aides. Copy and paste this email text below onto your email and send!

I urge you to address the repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) now!  We need those of you, in leadership, to encourage members to sign House Resolution #1367 and work with the Senate Finance Committee to put WEP and GPO repeal into an omnibus bill. 

After gaining 305 co-signers, it is clear that Congress understands that the WEP and GPO need to be repealed. We are counting on congressional leadership to act on the voice of the American people and 305 of their elected officials to finally repeal the badly written and unfair WEP and GPO.

Now is the time to take action to repeal these two unjust penalties! I ask you, as a leader who can move this issue to the forefront, by including H.R. 82 in an Omnibus bill.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Representative Richard Neal
Representative Steny Hoyer
Representative James Clyburn
Representative Hakeem Jeffries
Representative Kevin Brady
Representative Kevin McCarthy