This Month It’s GO Time for WEP/GPO Repeal!

The National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force is calling for an all out campaign to get more votes in both the House and Senate. Be ready to join our coordinated effort with emails, calls and a major push on Social Media this month.

ON OUR WEBSITE:, go to our “Contact” page where you can find a link to CalRTA to send targeted emails that you can customize. On the Facebook page, National WEP & GPO Repeal Movement, you can keep up with daily activity. Please get your professional organizations and retiree groups to stand up for repeal! Sign any of the petitions that you have not yet signed.

Call your legislators’ D.C. and home offices and email them on their constituent only website email. Find their websites if you don’t already have it bookmarked:, Keep their D.C. and local phone numbers on your cell phone.

Plan the story you will tell. Write it out and highlight the most important parts. Thank them for signing on, if they have, and tell them it is time for a vote! Repeat….

Repeal of these punishing offsets will be good for your heirs, too, so get them involved in our repeal effort.

After all our work over the years, we are finally seeing that more members of Congress understand how really bad the WEP and GPO are, and how they unfairly penalize the public servants our country needs. 

Trying to make a fair comparison between Social Security and public pensions which are earned, paid for, and taxed in many different ways in the different states is impossible. One formula cannot fit all! Levying penalties against those who make our society work is crashingly counterproductive. The WEP and GPO must be repealed!

The House Problem Solvers Caucus Is With Us! Enjoy these statements and pass them on: