We Are So Close to Repeal, We Need You NOW! 

Cosigners of the Repeal WEP/GPO Bills:

  • H.R. 82—More than 310 of the 217 needed to pass
  • Senate Bill 597—We have 58 voting members of the 60 needed to pass

Large cosigner lists have been overlooked before, so we must keep up the pressure. Lawmakers know the WEP formula is flawed. Remind them that the GPO disregards the years of genuine dependency on a spouse. A single national penalty can’t fairly address the diverse local and state-based retirement systems, each with unique earnings, compensation, and taxation methods. Let’s keep pushing for the change we need!

Your Guide to ACTIONS You Can Take NOW:

  1. Support the WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force team for repeal by Signing up with CalRTA’s Campaign Mailing List. Your participation with this email campaign directed to the legislative assistants of targeted Senators and House members, is just a few clicks and your signature. You can make a difference.
  1. The Facebook page, National WEP & GPO Repeal Movement has lots of up to date information on our campaign.
  1. At least, please continue contacting your own Senators and House Members at least once a week for the next three weeks. Ask to speak to their legislative aides. Tell them your story. The offsets are BAD legislation. They punish the public servants we need for better schools, better local governments, and the police and fire departments we depend on. They must be repealed!  Put their DC phone numbers on your speed dial. Use their website’s constituent-only email link. Find their contact information here:



  1. Get your family members involved.  They are punished by your financial penalty, also. Send this on to your friends and to the retirees associations you belong to. We need their numbers!

For the past 15 years, Social Security Fairness (ssfairness.org) has been a beacon of information, amassing a robust community of nearly 6,000 members. Over the last four years, Zoom sessions with the National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force have united activists from diverse organizations and every corner of the country. Together, we’re seizing a real chance to repeal unjust policies and drive meaningful change.

Our website, SSFairness.org, was used as a reference by an official presenter in the recent Ways and Means hearing. We are pleased that it is often used for information on the offsets. Since the cost of publishing information to our list and keeping our website current has doubled since we started, we are in need of contributions now.

We have gotten some very nice donations in the past, and we are hoping to reach the $3,000 we need to cover our expenses this year.  Please check our contribution page and send any amount to keep us going:

Thank you for standing up for receiving the Social Security you have EARNED!