You can help the NEA to repeal WEP and GPO

The National Education Association is lobbying for WEP/GPO repeal in Washington! We can back them up! Today, May 24 and tomorrow, May 25, they will be visiting Congressional offices explaining the importance of repealing the WEP and GPO.

Please call your Congress Person and your Senators on these days. Give them your personal story and the reasons that the provision is wrong. Check our website for past Alerts that give you the reasons, such as:

  • A.  “I lose All my spousal benefits even though I stayed home with kids for more than the time required to earn spousal benefits.”
  • B.  “The money my spouse paid into Social Security was our family earnings. The GPO keeps me from getting ANY of it!”
  • C. “I paid into my pension and into FICA. I should get both benefits.” There are so many reasons these provisions are wrong! Tell your story!

What to do:
Call their office and say thank them for signing on and tell them why it is important OR ask them to sign on BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT!1.  See if your House Member has signed onto.  See if your Senators have signed on3.  Look up their phone numbers and put them in your list of contacts.

We have a better chance of winning if we all stand together! Thank you for being out there!


  1. Best wishes to the NEA. Everyone needs to inform their Senators and Representatives that if they plan on being re-elected they better support the repeal of WEP/GPO. They need to do more than sign on as a co-sponsor. No action equals no votes in November.

    1. Janet Brown says:

      Help! US Seniors need help too….help to get what we have earned. I taught for 27 years and have 90+ quarters into Social Security. I get very little from SS benefits because of WEP. With poor health, I find I must continue to work to survive my one person lifestyle, all while my employer and I pay In with each paycheck….into something that I cannot get….Theft? I cannot go on with this much longer. Not asking for a handout….just what is due me. Please continue or get involved to change….repeal…WEP

  2. Steven Dictenberg says:

    Get tough on them. They’ve been numberous co-sponsors year after year, yet not a time they even got it out of committee, Rediculious! Remind them of that. This crap had been going on decades.

  3. Mary Anne Urry says:

    When you still have a 2 tiered system where men are the breadwinners and women are not—women should get their full spousal stipend from SS. They should not get dinged for teaching and getting some kind of a teachers retirement. We still held up our responsibilities as housewives and mothers. We never stinted towards our families or cut off part of our household duties.

  4. Dorothy M Bundy says:



  5. Folks. No more left in me. (Sorry). IT IS NOT GONNA MAKE A DAMN BIT OF DIFFERENCE WHO RALLIES, WHO CALLS — Whatever. We should just all thank ssfairness@gmail for their efforts and support and go on with our lives. That b==== Pelosi has the power to bring the Bill to a floor vote through a discharge petition and she won’t Even with 274 votes, we are going to stay there — trust me — and we will never, ever get out of committee. Davis and Standemeyer (whatever her name is) are putting on a show for votes. This bill like all the others WILL DIE. Trust me. It’s over folks. Just face it. If this bill (H.R. 82) fails (AND IT WILL) do we keep waiting for the new circus? NO, just forget it already and thank “” because they truly deserve it. Thank you, Bonnie

    1. So true Donna! Pelosi won’t even co-sponsor HR 82. The members of the House of Representatives know we need 290 supporters to force a vote and they will not allow that to happen. I have e-mailed President Biden, VP Harris, my Congressman and my Senator, who introduced S1302, asking them to support the repeal of WEP/GPO and they thanked me for my concern concerning climate change and gun control. No mention of WEP/GPO! I’m afraid we are all doomed until someone finally realizes WEP/GPO is a violation of our constitutional rights. The Federal government and State governments are both guilty because did not allow us to invest in the Social Security Retirement System.

  6. Deidre Williams says:

    I no longer have faith in our government. They have stolen my money. I started working at 15 years old, and worked every summer while I was teaching. I paid into social security while teaching also. I’m 75 and do not have enough to make it to payday.

  7. Harry Sideborn says:

    Sorry everyone is so frustrated, but the only way to get this done is to keep calling and writing to our elected representatives and urge them to do something. Even if they don’t listen, it´s worth doing. There are tens of thousands of people like us doing this.

  8. Government theft and nothing will be ever done to stop this injustice. Been getting these notices fro several years and not any closer to repealing this.

  9. Kathryn E Vauthrin says:

    I worked both education jobs AND regular Social Security jobs my whole life. If it weren’t for WEP-“Windfall Elimination Provision”—I wouldn’t have to work 25 hours a week standing on my feet at age 73. WEP and GPO need to die—before I do.

  10. Dear Senator Padilla:

    Thank you for your response and for your strong support for the WEP Repeal. As a single, elderly woman who was a semester-to-semester, California junior college academic, my pension is modest (though I am most grateful for it!) and my SSI – currently $800 a month, is reduced by 40% from what it would be, were the setbacks not in place.

    As you probably know, the number of folks effected by the repeal is relatively small and the majority of those impacted are elderly women who were part-time workers during their careers.

    I greatly look forward to the day the WEP setbacks are repealed!


    R.E. Carsch, MS

  11. I’ve been calling and writing for years. These corrective pieces of legislation never get anywhere.
    I truly believe that members of congress really don’t care. They serve their party and their corporate sponsors and focus on getting themselves re-elected – that’s it. Love my country, disgusted by my government.

    1. Daniel Esler says:

      Steven you are completely correct in your description of our self-interested smiling pretenders, masquerading as legislators and leaders. How do we allow this to repeatedly happen? how do we keep sending corporate errand boys to our House of Representatives? Its a great country, but apparently unable to find real representatives for our House of Representatives. Money ? poor education,? deluded vacuous notions of Freedom, what is it ?

  12. I have sent e-mails to President Biden and Vice-President Harris concerning WEP/GPO and their help. I received a response today thanking me for my concern concerning “climate change”! Contacting the politicians and their staffs in Washington DC is a laugh as long as the people receiving our e-mails in the mailrooms have no idea what WEP/GPO is. We need to educate Washington DC. I responded to their letter concerning climate change!

  13. Michael Mills says:

    I got a generic response from $peny Hoyer. What he does for fed employees. He won’t back the bill

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