You can help the NEA to repeal WEP and GPO

The National Education Association is lobbying for WEP/GPO repeal in Washington! We can back them up! Today, May 24 and tomorrow, May 25, they will be visiting Congressional offices explaining the importance of repealing the WEP and GPO.

Please call your Congress Person and your Senators on these days. Give them your personal story and the reasons that the provision is wrong. Check our website for past Alerts that give you the reasons, such as:

  • A.  “I lose All my spousal benefits even though I stayed home with kids for more than the time required to earn spousal benefits.”
  • B.  “The money my spouse paid into Social Security was our family earnings. The GPO keeps me from getting ANY of it!”
  • C. “I paid into my pension and into FICA. I should get both benefits.” There are so many reasons these provisions are wrong! Tell your story!

What to do:
Call their office and say thank them for signing on and tell them why it is important OR ask them to sign on BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT!1.  See if your House Member has signed onto.  See if your Senators have signed on3.  Look up their phone numbers and put them in your list of contacts.

We have a better chance of winning if we all stand together! Thank you for being out there!