Action Alert #49 – Where We Go From Here

The fiscal battles in Washington for the last couple of months have been exhausting. Social Security has made it through so far without any benefits cut, but some people will tell you that there is just no money to even consider repealing the GPO and WEP. Not so! We are only talking about less than 5% of retired SS beneficiaries and a cost to repeal that would be less than 2% of the SSA’s retirement benefit expenditures each year. We paid the money, we earned the benefits!

This year we will continue to educate and influence legislators, increase the number of our allied activist groups, support a legal challenge to the GPO and WEP, and, of course, increase our membership base and our Facebook numbers. You can help!

Spread the word “We paid the money, we earned the benefits!”

1. Contact Congress, again! New Members of Congress and Senators need to learn about our issue; old members need to know that we are still out here.

We are working with a major supporter, the California Retired Teachers Association, in making a big push for legislator contact. CalRTA Washington WEPGPO Lobby Day is Wednesday, April 3. If you can’t be in D.C., make a local appointment with your Representative for that week or the last week of March. See link below for more info about the CalRTA initiative:

We will publish more about contacting legislators and back this up with a letter-writing campaign. You can always reach them at and

2. Contact and inform powerful groups that are already working to make Social Security stronger. Many people in these groups aren’t aware of how unfairly we are treated or have declined to stick up for us. Some think we were able to choose whether or not to pay FICA taxes. Can you contact AARP, Alliance for Retired Americans, Strengthen Social Security, NARFE, NCPSSM, or any other senior activist group? What is your union doing? Eighty percent of those affected by the GPO are women; 75% lose ALL their benefits. This is a women’s issue! Where are AAUW, Delta Kappa Gamma, NOW, National Partnership for Women and Children?

3. Help work toward a legal challenge of GPO/WEP

A legal challenge! An enthusiastic supporter of repeal, Ric Robson, found us online and is working to discover ways that the offsets may be vulnerable to the right legal case. If you like to read legal briefs, have some good ideas or even have a GPO/WEP story that is particularly compelling, contact him at

4. Tell your story to more family and friends.

Show them the explanatory PowerPoints on our website. Ask them to join our Alert list and our Facebook page. Do you know a group of employees who will be affected when they retire? Let them know how badly their retirement will be cut, and then send them to, so they can work for change.

Thank you for your support and your stories!


  1. Pam Crabtree says:

    Kudos to you. I have been e-mailing and writing letters for years, to my legislators, most recently to Pres. Obama asking him why he didn’t keep his campaign promise to repeal the WEP/GPO. It’s so blatantly unfair & makes me livid. One legislator told me that the money just isn’t there…it would cost too much.

    1. Pat Evans says:

      II just read your comment about the money just isn’t there…that doesn’t matter..if you go to a bank and rob it and get caught you are not excused from the crime of robbing the bank..if you can or can’t find the money you still go to prison for the simple act of robbing the bank. So if we can get the dept of justice to start investigating this whole run on the Social Security funds by a bunch of thieves in Washington DC then they can find the money and then go to jail…talking to these congressmen is not going to change a thing..they are either a part of it up to their necks or they know someone in Congress that is and probably could bring a world of hurt to their position so it is the loyalty found in a band of thieves. We need to file a lawsuit with Dept of Justice…they have a website now thanks to Pres.Obama putting all of these different depts of govt online and they have whole lot of numbers to contact and you can even send them your concern and or complaint…we need to push for this I think Pat Evans

  2. Michael Watkins says:

    Why wouldn’t a Class Action Suit apply here since this only effects teachers in like 15 of the 50 states?
    Also, the rule that teachers used in Texas and worked 2 hours in a job that paid ss and teacher retirement was a joke. What about people who did not even know about this loophole before they retired.

    I know of many cases where people had relatives that worked for places that paid both ss and teacher retirement. They worked for their brother,sister or other relative for 3 hours and thus are not effected by either the GPO or the WEP. What about those of us who did not have that luxury. There is absolutely nothing fair about this law and it deserves a legal challenge.

  3. Henry Smith says:

    I am retired from the government, Federal/Military, I worked other civilian jobs and paid into social security, but because of WEP I am only receiving about half of what I should be getting. I worked as a Federal technician in the Air National Guard,( the 177th NJANG), in NJ. I became aware of a court case,, which the WEP was overruled by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals for retired technicians in those states only. Basically the court stated that because
    the federal technicians in the Army/Air Guard wore a military uniform, worked on military equipment and had to follow all the rules and regulations of the military, they were exempt from the WEP. Military retirees are exempt from WEP. Now, I cannot understand how the social security administration can pay & treat retirees differently depending on what state you live. Anyone have any ideas please let me know Email at I did contact a lawyer but haven’t heard anything yet.
    Thank you

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