Information about the WEP and GPO

Quick Information: IN FOCUS Update: 2/13/23

Current retirees affected 12/22: 

Current employees who will be affected by the offsets when they retire (est. as of 2019):

Retirees can be affected by both penalties.

Windfall Elimination Provision Statistics by state

CRS Report Feb. 2023 (See pages 6-7 for state stats)

Government Pension Offset Statistics by state

CRS Report Feb. 2023 (See Pages 8-9 for state stats)

WEP Facts (2/23):

  • 3% of all Social Security beneficiaries are affected
  • about 2 million retirees affected now
  • Among them 54% are men
  • The WEP causes a larger reduction for low-income recipients
  • Penalty is decreased for people with “(Substantial) SS Covered Earnings”. 2023 Substantial Earnings requirement is $29,700.

GPO Facts (2/23):

  • 1% of all Social Security beneficiaries are affected
  • 734,601 retirees were affected (Dec. 2022). 
  • 83% are Women
  • 70% of those affected lose ALL their Social Security benefits
  • 52% have their spousal benefits affected
  • 48% have their Widow’s or Widower’s benefits affected
  • The GPO causes a higher percentage cut for lower-income retirees

The required Social Security Administration form to warn employees about the GPO/WEP

This is the form that public employers who do not participate in the FICA (Social Security) tax system have been required to have new employees sign since January 1, 2005.

NCPSSM Viewpoint

This strong 2022 statement from the National Committee for Preservation of Social Security and Medicare shows why these offsets should be repealed.

Click here to read the report.