Our Goal is to Repeal the GPO and WEP:

  • Educate: Inform the public about the injustice of the GPO and WEP, two Social Security provisions which penalize 1/3 of all educators and 1/5  of all public employees.
  • Motivate: Energize all affected, both active and retired, to speak up for justice.
  • Activate: Coordinate with all professional organizations affected in efforts to repeal the GPO/WEP.
About the Committee for Social Security Fairness 1

Many people do not know about or understand these injustices.

We must make our voices heard.

The Committee for Social Security Fairness

  • A Grassroots movement of active and retired public servants of all professions, working to repeal the GPO WEP.
  • Join us as an individual and ask your professional group to join us too.

Our Case to Repeal GPO and WEP