Alert: We’re Almost There! Sign the petition!

Show our power to Congress now!

We want 100K signers on our petition for next week, and this weekend we have more than 96,470. 

Please help us get those final 3,500 supporters!

Who is it that you haven’t yet hit up for their signature?  Family? Neighbors? Distant cousins? Did they forget to sign?

Carry your laptop, tablet or cellphone to the party this weekend. If they hate MoveOn, it is easy to “unsubscribe” if they get any emails from the group later.

Here is the link:

Thank you!


  1. Vicki Thompson says:

    Repeal WEP/GPO. Vote yes to HR 82. We aren’t asking for anything we don’t deserve. This could affect your own mother, father, daughter, son as well as grandparents and many others. Please help now.

    1. Dorothy M Bundy says:

      YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Repeal this unfair discriminatory law of civil service workers before I die. It’s been way way to long.


  3. Diane Durante says:

    Repeal the rip-off of seniors and working people. NOW.

  4. Linda Black says:

    I worked hard all of my working career. I did not ask for a handout! However, since I retired, I have been struggling financially due to the WEP/GPO.
    Why is the government so willing to give to illegal immigrants, but not to their own citizens who only want what they earned but that was taken from them.

  5. Deirdre G. says:

    In addition to circulating the petition, if you get requests for political donations in the mail, write a note back that you don’t have the money due to the WEP/GPO slashing your retirement benefits. That’s a direct cause-effect that goes to the heart of the matter for politicians.

  6. 296 co-sponsors plus the sponsor of HR 82 (Rep Ryan) and the House refuses to take a vote. What is going on? Our Representatives need to be reminded that simply signing on as a co-sponsor will not guarantee our support in future elections. Stop playing with our lives!

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