Join our Nationwide Week of Action for H.R. 82, WEP/GPO Repeal!

Asking for a MARK-UP of H.R. 82 NOW! Get it ready for a vote!

The National WEP/GPO Repeal Task Force is coordinating pressure on the House Ways and Means Committee to have a “mark-up” hearing on H.R. 82.  This is the next step towards the floor vote that we deserve after reaching support from ⅔ of House Members both during this session and the last one.

Starting Early Monday, Feb. 5th, you’ll receive:

  • A list of legislators’ social media connections.
  • Emails links for their top legislative assistants.
  • A suggested letter that you can copy and paste. 

We need you to take action each day next week:

  • You may comment using the suggested statement included or write your own personal story. 
  • Send your comments early.  Their message boxes may fill up soon!

This is a major national effort. Please join us!