Tomorrow, Monday Nov. 20! Congressional Hearing on WEP/GPO

The Ways and Means Social Security Sub-Committee will be listening to invited speakers about WEP and GPO.

Monday Nov. 20

  • 12:00 West Coast Time
  • 1:00 Mountain
  • 2:00 Central
  • 3:00 East Coast  

How To Watch the Hearing:

Members of the public may view the hearing via live webcast available at The webcast will not be available until the hearing starts. The witnesses are by invitation only.

Written comments may be submitted over the next two weeks (by Dec. 4th).

This is a fantastic opportunity to have our perspectives and insights officially recorded by the Social Security Sub-Committee of Ways and Means. This is a pivotal moment for us to contribute to the dialogue surrounding H.R.82, and the weight of our collective voice can truly make a difference. Let’s seize this chance to have our say and influence positive change. 

Your written comments matter-let’s make them count!

How To Submit Written Comments

  • Deadline is two weeks from now, Monday, December 4, 2023
  • Send email to:
  • Subject Line: Field Hearing on Social Security’s Disservice to Public Servants, H.R.82
  • The email should include who is sending it: your name, address and phone
  • Attach your comment in a Word document (limit 1) no more than 10 pages long.
  • No personal identifiable information should be in the attached submission.

Click for Detailed Instructions (flyer)

If you do not have Microsoft Word:

Attach your comments in a “Microsoft Word” (.docx) document. For those who do not have Microsoft Word installed on their computers, write your submission in your own word processing software, save it as a (.docx) document, then attach it to your message. For Apple or Mac users using the “Pages” word processing software, after completing your submission “export” it to your message as a (.docx) attachment.