Action Alert #62 – AARP is Asking for Input by July 31st!

AARP is currently neutral on whether the GPO and WEP should be repealed. We believe that the statements from SSFairness over the past couple of years have encouraged their move to neutral (no position) regarding GPO/WEP from the previous one actually opposing repeal. They listened to the stories of the real effects of the offsets on real people. From their website, here is a great chance to tell them again:

AARP seeks your input! Tell us your suggestions for AARP’s policy positions during the annual policy solicitation. This is an important way to help AARP’s National Policy Council (NPC) develop recommendations to the AARP Board of Directors. Submit your input here by July 31, 2014. The NPC is a 25-member all volunteer policy analysis and advisory body to AARP’s Board of Directors. In making its policy recommendations to the Board, the NPC listens to the voices of our members and the public, reviews relevant research and expert opinions, and analyzes policy options.

You can also use this link to submit your comments. Click on the bottom sentence in the yellow band.

Go ahead and tell them that since your public employer could not pay into Social Security for you while you worked for them, you lost “quarters.” On top of that, the GPO and WEP cut your already-earned Social Security benefits even more. You were never told that this would happen to you by your employer or even by the SSA. You had no choice. You all have great stories—let AARP hear them!

Some history and their recent statement:
When we first started writing to AARP, the response from them sounded like they were accusing us of asking for something that we didn’t deserve. Recently, however, their letters back to us have sounded like they understood our plight. Indeed, as one of their employees told us, their official position has gone from opposing repeal of the offsets to one of taking a neutral position (no policy position) on our legislation. Here is a recent response to an inquiry:

Although AARP has not yet chosen to take a position on either the GPO or the WEP, every year, through our all-volunteer National Policy Council and Board of Directors, the Association engages in a thorough public policymaking process. We re-examine current policies and consider whether AARP should take positions on new legislation. Member concerns are considered carefully during the process. Communications such as yours play an important part in forming Association policy. So again, thank you for getting in touch with us. I have taken note of your views. I hope you find worthwhile the many other issues AARP has chosen to influence on behalf of older Americans and their families. If there is anything we can discuss with you in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. After all, we’re all about real possibilities.

Your voice CAN make a difference. Thank you for speaking up for all of us!