Action Alert #63 – Obama Says He Wants to Know How We Are Doing!

The President says that he wants to know how folks in the country are doing. OK, we can do that!
This is a perfect chance to tell him how the GPO and WEP are affecting your life.
Click on the link below.  Where it asks who you are, click on “American” and tell him you are retired, or choose one of several other identifiers.  Then you can let him know what a rotten deal the offsets have been for you.
(There is room in the box for a fairly long statement-the box gets bigger as you write) You can send him a picture of yourself, if you like. He needs to remember that we are still out here!  As there is more talk about “fixing” Social Security around Washington, this becomes more urgent.  Go to:

And, if you missed it two weeks ago, here are the instructions again (re-worded by CalRTA) to make your statement to AARP:

AARP is asking for policy input by July 31 so now is your chance to share your story and explain why the WEP/GPO are so unfair! AARP is collecting comments online:

AARP Policy Survey

Step 1: Click in the yellow box at the top of the page, “Click here by July 31 to submit your feedback.”

Step 2: Answer two quick questions about yourself.

Step 3: Under “Pick a Chapter” select “Chapter 4 – Retirement Income” (this is where they list Social Security).

Step 4: Under “Chapter 4 Categories” select “Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision.”

Step 5: Type your personal comments in the comments box. Personal stories about how these penalties impact your life are the most effective.

Please share this action alert with others who are affected by these unfair penalties.