Action Alert : Where Are the Candidates on GPO/WEP?

Remember that many of those candidates running for local, state and national office either have no idea about the GPO/WEP or don’t really understand the damage they do.  This is NOT a political endorsement, but we have decided to share the section below of Elizabeth Warren’s lengthy statement on Social Security. It is concise and has some recent figures on the retirees affected. Challenge your candidates for any office to match her position on Social Security Fairness!

“My plan also ensures that public sector workers like teachers and police officers get the full Social Security benefits they’ve earned.”

“If you work in the private sector and earn a pension, you’re entitled to your full pension and your full Social Security benefits in retirement.  But if you work in state or local government and earn a pension, two provisions called the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset can reduce your Social Security benefits.  WEP slashes Social Security benefits for nearly 1.9 million former public-sector workers and their families, while GPO reduces—and in most cases, eliminates—spousal and survivor Social Security benefits for 700,000 people 83% of whom are women.”

“My plan repeals these two provisions, immediately increasing benefits for more than two million former public sector workers and their families, and ensuring that every current state and local government employee will get the full Social Security benefits they’ve earned.”

Additional notes:

There are also Federal workers who are affected by the offsets.

There are retirees living in every state who are affected.

Go to our website: and look through (or print out) the Congressional Research Reports to find more detailed information on the unfair offsets.

Tell your story and challenge candidates to match the 32 Senators who are supporting S.521 and the 204 House Members supporting H.R.141. Click on the links at the top of our homepage,, to check on both of your Senators and your Member of Congress. Thank you for staying in the fight with us!

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  1. This has been going on for years as a retired federal worker I can only collect 1/3 of my SS the government takes the rest. This will never change I have been responding to these notices for years –NOTHING CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We got to the point of a hearing, which if I recall correctly, got cancelled. Did it ever happen? I agree that this has been going on for so many years that many of us feel like giving up. How can we get this going and voted on? I am screwed totally out of any spousal benefit, most of my own earned benefit, and this only because I have a PARTIAL small pension. I cannot for the life of me figure out why ANYONE came up with this terrible idea. It’s especially hurtful if your pension, such as mine, is–not quite poor enough to quality for loopholes. Just screwed and disappointed.

  3. How can I get more involved in this? This is extremely important to people like me who do not have another income earner in my household.

  4. This has been going on for years! It started when Ronald Reagan decided it was unfair to double dip and did away with pensions. That’s how the 401k started. Why are the senators and members of congress allowed to double dip. they get a wage and pension paid for by the tax payers. All I want is my fair share, I earned my credits, therefore I should have my full amount of social security. The bottom line is they are so far removed from how the common person lives they will never pass this.

  5. Repeal of the onerous GPO/WEP is a laudable talking point for Elizabeth Warren, or any other potential Presidential candidate, BUT, we must bear in mind that it is both the House and the Senate who must first pass this legislation before sending it to the President’s desk for signature. Thus, we must keep up pressure on our members of the House and Senate.

  6. I wish I could believe Elizabeth Warren’s (Native American) statement but I think she speaks with a forked tongue. The Democrats promise free medical care, forgiving of college debt, stopping killings, etc. with no concrete explanation on how they are going to do it. They claim the millionaires & billionaires will pay for it. If it gets out of hand the millionaires & billionaires will simply leave the USA. The Democrats, Republicans, Independents have had 40+ years to stop this criminal act and haven’t done a darn thing except introducing/sponsoring Bills that they know will never escape their Committees. Now they are promising action if they are elected President. Sounds fishy.

  7. I certainly agree with the posted comments. If federal employees realized that hiring on to be a policeman, firefighter, teacher, government employee, etc., would so negatively affect the SS benefits they paid in in another job and are entitled to, they might just reconsider! Where else is your retirement in one job practically obliterated when you change jobs? Christine and I are in the same position; partial retirement stipend and an assaulted SS dividend! Guess all that extra money goes to pay the retirement for our “elected” representatives.

  8. It’s nice to know that one candidate cares about the middle class & public servants. All the rest seem to want to give everything to the wealthy or the non-working class.

  9. My State teachers pension with mandatory contributions has nothing to do with the decades I and my company paid into the federal SS system. We are being ripped off for choosing a second career of service to our students. These are two totally seperate things and should be mutually exclusive.

  10. I have been praying for over five years for the GPO and WEP to be repealed. I worked for 16 years for local government where I paid into SS and 31 years for a Texas school district paying into Texas Teachers retirement. I finally HAD to retire because of health issues. My husband died after working over 50 years paying SS. I have lost all of his SS $1700/mo and 40% of my own SS $500/mo. Will most likely have to sell my home… Thank you for listening.

  11. I have actively been contacting senators and representatives about this forever. I retired from teaching in 2007 in Texas. IF I could get my earned(private sector)Social Security check, I would not have to work part time. I know people who retired military and drew that retirement and went to work for civil service and drew THAT retirement. Why am I punished

  12. just give me what is right!!!!!! I paid in , iwant whats is rightfully mine … or give me back the monies I paid in . one the other will be fine ….. there is so much gov. waste … taxpayer money wasted or used for free takings .. that’s my s.s.

  13. I am LE 44 yrs (28 Le with city, 16 le with state, disabled ,I paid into SS for 23 years and because of WEP I only get 1/3rd SS $$’s My wife is disabled fire captain paramedic 30 years and received no SS $$’s. Our current combined health insurance is $2000/month. Repeal WEP for 1st responders.

  14. The pattern is simple. This issue has garnered very little energy to solve this problem. Dems seem to support a change, but never put forth energy. GOPers do not support a change, and while in the majority, will never call the bill fora vote. Trumpsters see this as a Dem issue, so nothing from them.
    And……on and on and on.

  15. I joined the federal work force in 1968 when the law said I was paying into Social Security
    and the federal retirement system. So I would have 2 retirements. Fair enough…..About 1983 Congress changed the rule….a federal worker could not earn two government retirements. This new rule came too late….I was already firmly set to working in a great job….too late to look for other work……so I am 80 years old and working 32 hours a week….really I should be working less and enjoying my life more.

  16. It is time to do the right thing. My SS not yours to take away. Just asking for what I worked for not more no less.

  17. Do we have any idea how many of us are fighting for our money and justice???
    If all of us sign a petition (I guess everyone of us will do that) may be our voice will be heard !!!
    Can not believe that this problem drags on for years !!!!

  18. Please keep up the fight for those few that have been affected by this law.I had my Social Security quarters before being employed by state government.I became a Maine State game warden in 1977.It was a career that I thoroughly enjoyed and proud of it to this day.When the WEP came into being I was so envolved with my career and family that it went unnoticed.Since my retirement in 1996,i have worked in the private sector paying into the system.When I turned 66 and was eligible to receive benefits, then I was told that I would only receive a third of what I was entitled.Well I am still working in the private sector,73 yrs old.

  19. link at the top does not lead to info on which congresspeople are supporting these bills. please fix it.

  20. Hi to All: Hope everyone is doing well — Bonnie and Jesse, etc. Folks just think it would be nice if we ALL called: Roger Williams, Republican? (Yup, believe it or not). He is the 203’rd signer for H.R. 141. Yup — a Republican. So we are all lauding the Dems (nice, yes) but here is Roger William’s phone number so we should (if possible call and thank him — especially if anyone is from Texas). Dems alone can’t get this damned bill passed once and for all.

    (202) 225-9896

  21. Agree Linda……
    Texas Senators don’t care. I have written them both twice and the reply is SS can not afford doing away with GPO and WEP.
    I also worked for SS paid into SS for 20 years and 20 years paying into Texas Teacher retirement. My SS check also has been cut by $500/mo. and can’t receive my husband SS. Talking about stealing your money legally.
    Bottom line for me…..I can get a raise by voting correctly next year.
    I will vote for the person who cares for me to do away with this injustice.

  22. I retired in 1994 from the Philadelphia police department and I have never received a cost of living increase. I was depending on S.S. after working 15 years in the private sector. When I applied for SS, wow what a surprise I got.

    Think of it this way, if a person never worked until they were 50 years old and then worked for 15 years, and retired at 65 they would receive full benefits. Tell me the fairness in that.

  23. I dont see this ever changing in my life time. Nobody in congress has any real interest in helping us, they just dont care about seniors. They would help illegals 100 times more then helping us any day of the week. They just let this bill die in committee every time it comes up, They are slugs, our great congressman and senators.

  24. When the law was originally crafted, I wondered: if the supporters of the bill really thought I was going to be entitled to an (unwarranted) “WINDFALL” why not just return my SS contributions, perhaps with a bit of interest thrown in, and call it even? That was never suggested. The very use of the word “windfall” begs the question of have you legitimately earned the fruits of your contributions.

  25. I am about to lose my ability to keep our home due to the death of my beloved husband of 41 years.
    This June. I had just retired. I worked in a family business for 10 years while my children were small providing me with Soc Sec. Which I paid into. I am now 75. Between my $900 SS and my husband’s considerably higher SS, plus our small pensions we were fine. The moment my husband died, my SS benefits dropped to $300 and my husband’s were taken away altogether ! Being a 27 yr Special Ed teacher, this is a slap in the face to me and all other public servants who give so much to get so little. Judi Welch, LAUSD

  26. CA Democratic House and Senate support us , I’ve gotten personalized letters from:

    Ted Lieu
    Dianne Feinstein
    Jackie Spier
    Barbara Boxer ( in the past)
    Eric Swallwell
    Maxine waters

    If only Republicans would get on board. They do not advocate for public school teachers……..Duvall doesn’t help

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