Action Alert – All Hands on Deck!

The next four days the California Retired Teachers Association is going to be calling and visiting their Members of Congress (MOC) to remind them that we need action on H.R.141. We can back them up!

With all the activity in Washington these days, your Representative may have signed onto the repeal bill and then just forgotten about it. Our lost benefits affect us every day!  We need to remind them!

Program the DC phone number of your Representative (or MOC) in Washington into your phone, so it is easy to call. (They log the subject of the calls they get, even if they just say “yea, uh huh.”)

Check the link here: (or always on our website) to find out if your Congressperson has signed on.

Check here:  To find their D.C. (or local) office phone.

Call them.

Tell whomever answers, or even better ask for a legislative aide, that you are losing $_____every month that you or your spouse paid for and it really isn’t fair.   

If your MOC hasn’t signed on, tell them you expect them to do it. (H.R. 141 is a bi-partisan bill).  If they have signed on as a co-sponsor, thank them and tell them we are waiting for some action.

By now you should have your story ready to tell. 

You can always add: “The formula for the WEP is wrong for what it tries to do. It has been cheating people for years. It hurts lower income people. It must be repealed.”

“The GPO ignores the years that women may have stayed home, truly dependent on their spouses. The wife is cheated out of family income that was invested in Social Security. Nearly half a million elderly women have lost all rights to spousal or survivor benefits.”

Call Congress today!