Alert #117 – Nationwide Call-In With Friends

Dear SSF Members,

This week we are joining forces with the Alliance for Retired Americans.  Here is a flyer with a free call-in number to easily speak to your Representative in Congress. You can start using it August 5th, this week. We only need 51 more signatures to present a strong enough showing to get the bill to the floor.

If your Congressperson has already signed on, call them anyway.  Let them know we are still out here! ( A trick to finding if your Member of Congress has co-signed on  use the “sort” button to make the list alphabetical.)

At the bottom of the flyer click on the band which connects you to our still growing petition. With more than 60K signatures, we are hoping for 100K by August 14, the anniversary of Social Security. If you have already hit your family, try your neighbors if you can. THANK YOU!

Alert #117 - Nationwide Call-In With Friends 1
Click to see if your congress person has signed on.
Alert #117 - Nationwide Call-In With Friends 2
Click to sign the petition.