Alert 8/20 – Petition to Repeal WEP & GPO

The petition to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset (the one we asked for signatures on a year ago) is still open at nearly 80,000 signatures. We want to be able to show legislators our power next month when a new bill including repeal is introduced. We are still accepting signatures! Same caveat: the petition is on the free MoveOn platform–you can unsubscribe if they contact you, if you wish. Please sign if you haven’t. Please share this with your contacts, your friends and your family!

The Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) penalize people who have dedicated their lives to public service, including many teachers, firefighters, and police officers, by taking away benefits they, or their spouses, have EARNED.

Why is this important?

We need everyone to increase their efforts to make sure the Congress of the United States enacts legislation to repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision from the Social Security Act. Our current bills are:

The bill in the House of Representatives, the Social Security Fairness Act, (H. R 82) by Representative Rodney Davis. (R) (IL) We now have 211 bipartisan co-signers!

The companion Social Security Fairness bill in the Senate, S. 1302 by Senator Sherrod Brown (D) (OH) with 33 bipartisan co-sponsors.

These two pieces of Legislation would completely repeal the WEP/GOP!


  1. I am affected since 2004…lost 2/3 of my EARNED benefits each year. Contacted senators no involvement, but where is AARP in the push to repel the offset. How come about 40 other states DO NOT HAVE, the offset and elimination policy. WINDFALL IT IS NOT that at all for me.

    1. Jim I understand your frustration on this issue .This has effected many people and it needs to come to a end . Please don’t give up on repealing this issue Hopefully AARP will catch wind of this and get involved .

  2. Why do our unions keep telling us to vote Democratic

    1. Linda Windhorst says:

      Because…they are corrupt and always have been!

    2. Linda Windhorst says:

      Because…they are corrupt and always have been! All they care about is power and will lie and promise the moon. They reap all the benefits for their lying cronies and themselves.

      The Democrats were the party of slavery and Jim Crow. It amazes me how people always believe them. They have never been honest. They have nothing to gain by supporting WEP or GPO.

  3. Joe Biden supports the union along with all his friends . The unions seem to think Biden will bail them out . That’s why they want you to vote Democratic This is a important issue that needs to be fixed by congress on this social security unfairness act . Only 16 states have this mess in place .share with family and friends and on social media to get out the word. The clock is ticking

  4. I’m in the same boat as Jim and the sad thing is this has been going on for years and nothing has been done to give us our full SS benefits that we earned. I want my full SS and all back SS the government has stolen from me and all like me. This government can give benefits to illegals but steals from Americana citizens

  5. Just MORE BS as always!!!! Neither party will do anything for us…they have proven this in the past!!!!

    1. Bill the BS may be true but more and more people are demanding change to resolve this issue . Can’t give up without a fight for what’s right .

  6. Scott Johnson says:

    We don’t have a friend in the Democratic Party in the hope of WEP/GPO REPEAL
    I was a loyal Democrat for years hoping they’d prove to us who devoted the best years of our life for public service. They’ve proven their not going to come through on the WEP/GPO
    They talk a good game to hoodwink us into believing they’re for working people
    I say bull they’re for themselves and their lobbyists and for illegal to garner votes.
    Their big money donors are their real constituents.
    It’s time to WAKE UP and realize both parties especially the Democrats.They’re the ELITE living behind gates and having cocktail parties.
    They’re part of this lying cabal, along with the mainstream media and the with help from the CCP control and to LIE to us. They’re not going to do a damn thing on the WEP or the GPO.
    I haven’t voted Democrat in 15 years
    Their not for us, they only want power and control.
    We’re on our own.

    1. Linda Windhorst says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more.
      My parents were married in 1930. They had no money to pay the rent or put food on the table for my two older sisters. Dad refused to vote for a Democrat his entire life and taught his children to do the same. He said they were good liars and only wanted your vote. Before he died at age 90, he came right out and and called them evil. I think they have proven my father correct!

  7. Linda Windhorst says:

    I am soon to be 76 yrs old. When I retired was the first I’d ever heard of the WEP and the GPO laws pertaining to Social Security benefits or lack thereof. The money that I have lost because of these unfair laws is a travesty.

    I have written letters, made calls, and signed petitions, all to no avail. Seems this is dead in the water, again. No one cares except those of us who are penalized. It seems to be permanently doomed to failure.

    Wish things were different, but I have no hopes in my lifetime.

    1. Never give up in this matter. As a retired person I too wonder why ARRP as big as they are hasn’t gotten involved with helping the seniors fight for this cause shame on them wake up ARRP get involved .

  8. Lee Moore says:

    It is imperative that there be Social Security fairness enacted in the United States. I was a career teacher in CT, and I lose more than two thirds of what my Social Security allotment should be and to which I contributed, and still do, since I was 15 years of age. I am now 74 and working still with Social Security deducted each and every week, and, yet, I never reap the benefits of my over 50 years of contributions. This is ludicrous and absolutely a disgrace to a country dedicated to democracy and alleged fairness to all. How would you feel if you are good enough to make the contribution from each and every pay check but not good enough to be compensated as others? This is all because I chose to be a teacher. Disgusting.

  9. I see you remove my posts because they might not be to your opinion…..YOU ARE A JOKE…as is the congress…they haven’t help a little bit…they are BS!!!!

  10. I wasn’t informed of this miss-carrage of justice until I applied after retiring…As I said ALL BS.


  12. ????

  13. Tadeusz Andruczyk says:

    I am a retiree who worked for 16 years in Canada and getting Canada Pension Plan benefits.
    Because of this Canadian Pension my USA Social Security Benefits are also reduced by Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).
    Only the USA reduces my hard earned Canadian Pension – Canada does not have such an unfair legislation to reduce my Canada Pension Plan, because of the US Social Security Benefits.
    It is a shame that the USA is the only country reducing benefits for its citizens.

    1. Yes it’s sad to retire only to find out they reduce your social security even while working in Canada . Don’t know what state you reside in but this affects only 16 states that has this . Make sure you sign up and tell others to sign as the clock is ticking hopefully we get enough to force a vote on the floor .

  14. It’s important to also call your congressman or women to cosponsor HB 82 social security unfairness as some have not signed on there is 220 that has magic number is 290 call them out on this issue

  15. Looking at these comments, I really wonder about sone. Democrats are lesser of two evils. More Democrats are supporting repeal than republicans! I have repeatedly emailed the republican lawmakers in Arkansas with no response as to why they won’t support this bill. What a joke !

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