Alert 7/22/21 The Countdown Begins!

We now have 193 co-signers on the Social Security Fairness bill, H.R. 82 (the repeal bill). We need 97 more Members of the House of Representatives to co-sign the bill to force a floor vote on the measure. 290 is the magic number! Last year we got 264 votes of the 290 that we needed. You can help right now!


  1. Check to see if your Congressperson is one of the 193 who have signed on.   (48 Republicans have signed on–Repeal is a bi-partisan deal.)  Here is the link to the list: Cosponsors List for full repeal
  2. If they have already signed on–call or write them a thank you note.(If you haven’t set up a direct link to your Member of Congress, here is a link to find their official webpage:
  3. If they are not on this year’s list, check to see if they signed onto the Social Security Fairness bill last year. Here is the list of co-signers from last year: 2020 Cosponsor List

Remember:  you can use the tool on the upper right right of the list to sort by state or alphabetically to find your Rep.

IF THEY SIGNED-ON LAST YEAR, but not yet this year.

  • Call their office. (the general House number is 202-224-3121. Or call your House Member directly. Put their office numbers in your phone’s address book)
  • Say to them, your version of:  “Gee, I know you are really busy and things have been crazy, but Congressperson_______ hasn’t yet co-signed this year’s Social Security Fairness bill, H.R.82.  S/he signed onto the bill last year, and I know the Congressperson is really supportive of teachers/police/seniors. Can you please remind them that we are expecting/hoping for their continued support.”


  • Thank YOU for continuing to remind them that we need their assistance!
  • Enlist family and neighbors to write letters.  
  • Try to get an appointment with their staff, if not with them, and plead your case.
  • Show up at a town hall, and listen to the gasps in the crowd when you tell the legislator loudly across the room that you are losing nearly $5,000 in Social Security benefits every year. Tell them that you paid for those benefits when you sold shoes in the summer to supplement your teacher salary.   Tell them about your friend whose husband died after 42 years of marriage and who gets no widow’s benefits that her husband paid for because she taught for 25 years.

We can do this!