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The Ways and Means Committee is asking for input on Social Security NOW     

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The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security is putting together a bill to improve Social Security benefits.  There is a bill proposed to modify the WEP (HR.2337) and another to REPEAL both penalties (H.R. 82).  We need to tell them to REPEAL BOTH penalties as part of their wide-ranging reform.

Your letter should:

Request total repeal of both the WEP and the GPO!

Identify yourself– They require:  Your name, address, telephone. Also say if you’re retired (or not) from what kind of work and where.

Explain your penalties, let them know your:  approximate years of a pension, years of SS, years being married and/or dependent spouse.

If you wish:   How much money you lose per year or have lost.

Added comments, choose a couple of these:

  • Employers never were required to tell workers that their pension would affect or eliminate their earned Social Security benefits until 2005.
  • Women are less likely to have the “substantial earnings” to mitigate the loss from the WEP.
  • Your pension was earned separately from Social Security and is taxed differently than Social Security in different states.
  • 83% of the people affected by the GPO are women. 
  • 71% of those affected by the GPO lose ALL their Social Security benefits.
  • Both offsets penalize lower income workers more than they do those with higher pensions–reversing the the intent of Social Security to support lower income workers.