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The Ways and Means Committee is asking for input on Social Security NOW     

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The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security is putting together a bill to improve Social Security benefits.  There is a bill proposed to modify the WEP (HR.2337) and another to REPEAL both penalties (H.R. 82).  We need to tell them to REPEAL BOTH penalties as part of their wide-ranging reform.

Your letter should:

Request total repeal of both the WEP and the GPO!

Identify yourself– They require:  Your name, address, telephone. Also say if you’re retired (or not) from what kind of work and where.

Explain your penalties, let them know your:  approximate years of a pension, years of SS, years being married and/or dependent spouse.

If you wish:   How much money you lose per year or have lost.

Added comments, choose a couple of these:

  • Employers never were required to tell workers that their pension would affect or eliminate their earned Social Security benefits until 2005.
  • Women are less likely to have the “substantial earnings” to mitigate the loss from the WEP.
  • Your pension was earned separately from Social Security and is taxed differently than Social Security in different states.
  • 83% of the people affected by the GPO are women. 
  • 71% of those affected by the GPO lose ALL their Social Security benefits.
  • Both offsets penalize lower income workers more than they do those with higher pensions–reversing the the intent of Social Security to support lower income workers.


  1. Jeanette Scanlan says:

    You all live in beautiful homes. You don’t worry about your bills and yet you say you represent the people. You don’t. Right now this government is spending Millions of Dollars for people who have never worked a day in their lives. What about the good guys who went to work and paid their taxes.


  2. SS is a joke my wife’s sister has a bipolar son who never put a dime into SS and collects SS disability. His parents can well afford to take care of him yet he gets SS disability. They own 2 houses and travel extensively. I who worked and put into SS can only collect 1/3 of my SS due to some BS law passed in 1986. I have been getting these SS Fairness emails for years and nothing ever changes I still only get 1/3 of my SS And I paid into the SS for years. SO WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS???????

    1. Clifford A Nash says:

      John, besides your nephew receiving SSD, there are spouces that never worked 1 day nor paid FICA taxes and they receive a monthly SS check based on their spouce’s employment. This is the problem and why SS will go broke. Government needs to stop paying benefits to people that do not contrbute into the system

  3. Donna J Smith says:

    Folks: If you want to try and help, do this: email the GOP party head: Elise Stefanik, a woman. Folks: without an Executive Order from the Biden Administration OR Republican support, any “Bills” for repeal are Dead in the Water. We should all know that.

    If you want to try to be proactive as an individual, please email this woman above and especially if you are a woman or a widow.

    Otherwise, we can forget about any kind of repeal via any “bills.” Republicans WILL NEVER EVER LET THAT HAPPEN. Thank you.

  4. Mary Anne Urry says:

    I cannot live on my State Teacher’s retirement alone. It is $1,600 a month. I should also get $1,000 from SSI but it’s taken away because I’m a greedy double dipper! That’s what Regan thought! So much of that $1000 is taken away that I’m not able to pay my Medicare Insurance completely so I have to pay $51 a month out of my $1,600 STRS pension. Gaah

  5. Lee Moore says:

    I am a 74 year old retired CT teacher who is being fined because of WEP for all the years I have worked since age 15. My pension is deficient to support me in retirement, and, thus, I work all the time and contribute to SS and yet I am fined so that the amount allotted me by SS only covers my Medicare plus a 23 dollar amount sent to me monthly. That is an American disgrace that a hard working female, still working well into senior years, should be fined outrageously because of an archaic law. If the government has the right to still charge me and take SS from each and every paycheck, I should be able to collect from SS a decent amount. To call me, a hard working educated woman, a double dipper is the height of ignorance. Please help the teachers, particular the females, who are suffering so terribly.

  6. robert nevulis says:

    yes i am going on 79 years old add lost all those years i was cheated out of those years i worked how are you make that up. thank your. robert .

  7. Please arrange for me to collect my full amount of Social Security that I am entitled to. Right now I receive 30% of that amount. My mistake, choosing to switch to teaching in the public schools. I paid into social security for 29 yrs. Even with my pension, my income is barely above the poverty level. I can’t imagine how you could characterize this as other than a law against women, as most teachers are women. With the economy undergoing inflation, I may be living in poverty, something I thought my hard work and education would prevent. i cannot understand why my country would steal from me.

    1. I taught 13 years in private parochial schools (at a low salary)and paid into SS
      I taught 13 years in Los Angeles City Schools and paid into STRS.
      Now in my 70s I need my social security, but it has been drastically
      reduced due to WEP.
      I am not asking for something I did not pay into, I am asking for my FAIR Social Security payments for which I paid!

  8. Diane Schilling says:

    I will be 79 in a couple weeks, retired from my full time university job, paying $17.00 an hour after 20 years, in Jan. 2021 and am still working part time. I can’t pay my bills after the WEP and GPO reduced my Social Security by 2/3. I may be selfish but I don’t understand how we can pay 7 times more for lawyers, housing and expenses of illegals than it would cost to repeal WEP and GPO would cost. It would really be nice to fully retire.

  9. william f mcnamee says:

    This is MY true story.

    I was employed by the City of Phila, 4/12/1965 as a surveyor until 3/06/1978 where upon I entered the career paid Fire Dept until 12/2003. the first 12+ years paying BOTH SS AND pension. I entered the Fire Dept in March of ’78; three(3) yrs before the institution of the UNFAIR SS WEP/GPO and NOW BOTH my wife and I suffer the reduction in our SS benefits!!
    I needed to work Two(2) jobs to make ends meet for my family paying Full SS as well as the employer but only collecting partial SS. THEN after retirement it was necessary to take on a job to make up for the short fall of SS payments. Eleven (11) + years doing that job paying FULL SS as well as the employer…What is UNFAIR is I had to buy medical insurance and that reduced me to below “substantial” earning years so I could not reach the thirty(30) years so as not to suffer the WEP reduction.

    Additionally my wife will suffer a reduction in survivor benefits as well as having to suffer only receiving one half (1/2) my pension with NO COLA …VERY UNFAIR

    All payment adjustments need to be retroactive!!

    Thank you for your attention to this matter!!

    William F. McNamee, Sr (74yrs and wife 73 yrs)

  10. john russell says:


  11. john russell says:


  12. Gary hannan says:

    My wife worked her entire life, years old 62, early retirement… like I said worked her whole life.. only to receive $ 202.00 per month… SHAMEFUL AND DEFINITELY SLAP IN FACE… I LOST 1/2 OF MY BENEFIT….. PLEASE REPEAL the wep provision and gpo….. retro for both of us… thank you for helping..

  13. Donna Jarman says:

    I am a retired Texas educator who must work. I have paid more than 40 quarters social security. I receive a very very very small amount of what I paid — enough to pay insurance. My husband died; I get none of his social security! I am a 76 year old educator who must work to pay my living expenses. I have followed all rules—worked and never received any assistance, I always worked two to three jobs to support my children. Please check my employment records; I have worked since I was 16. I worked to raise my children and stay in education — yes, I chose efucation. I should not be penalized because I chose a profession of service
    I know of many people who “get a check” and have never worked. I have worked over 50 years and do not get what I earned or what my husband earned. Please help me— I have earned the money for which I asking, I work!!!! Please held in my senior years. Please make this system fair.

  14. Marcelite W Rodriguez says:

    Married for 17 years and cannot get a dime of my exes SS because I am a retired state employee. I have to pay for Medicare because of being married for 17 yrs. If I don’t pay it myself, my health insurance that I have with the state will be cancelled and I will have no health coverage! $455.50 every three months when your salary is not much too start off with hurts the pocketbook.

    Come on folks give to those who earned it.

  15. Bonnie M Hoffman says:

    29 years in education but always worked nights and summers/breaks to make ends meet. Paid in to SS and pension is like putting money into 2 separate banks but only being able to withdraw out of 1 bank because the government wants to keep/controld the SS monies. This is so wrong and one should not have anything to do with the other. We are being cheated out of what is ours. We need politicians that will stand up for the average citizen.

  16. Marie L Brand says:

    Please repeal these laws that cheat those of us that are retired out of a decent income. some people get more money than I do in total, for their soc.sec, I worked for 50 yrs I’m Nearly 71. am still working.

  17. william f mcnamee says:


    1. SS Fairness says:

      It’s there now. Sorry for the delay.

  18. I’ve been contacting legislators, current and former employees, and anyone else that might be interested, for years now. Bottom line, the government stole the money we paid into Social Security and will never give it back. I’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery.

  19. Bennett Johnston says:

    117th Congress (2021-2022) WEP/GPO.
    Please continue to urge fellow Senators and Representatives for their support.

    “MY” story…

    For years I have made trips to Washington urging our representatives to support the Social Security Fairness Act, which would repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO).

    From 1983-2013 I worked for the USPS for a total of 33 years. I am now retired. I worked in Law Enforcement from 1976 till 2000 for 24 years. I worked for the US Air Force, Foster Township Municipal Police, Smethport Borough Police & Multi County Drug Task Force. I was paying into SS the entire time, I had more than enough quarters in for SS prior to starting work for the USPS. I was working up 32 to 40 plus hours a week in Law Enforcement at the same time working 40 to 72 hours per week for the USPS. I felt/thought I was being productive and setting a good example for my family of a strong work ethic. True I was not home much while my wife and 4 children were growing up. But I felt I was doing the right thing.

    Because of the WEP and GPO I have not been treated fairly since I started drawing SS. I now receive $118.80 / month of SS benefit after Medicare is taken out of it. In addition, my wife will never be able to draw on my SS if I die prior to her.

    My pension was earned separately from Social Security and is taxed differently than Social Security in different states.
    · 83% of the people affected by the GPO are women.
    · 71% of those affected by the GPO lose ALL their Social Security benefits.
    · Both offsets penalize lower income workers more than they do those with higher pensions–reversing the intent of Social Security to support lower income workers.

    I dedicated my career(s) to serving our communities, in addition I have been a Volunteer Fireman/EMT from 1980 to the present in two different departments. I am being punished, and my wife will be punished when I die, by the existing unfair system which you are in a position to do something about.

    For being a productive member of our society, over a lifetime of working 45 plus years, this is my reward???

    REPEAL BOTH WEP & GPO penalties now, as part of your wide-ranging reform.

    Bennett Johnston

  20. Fred Wilcox says:

    This law was never fair to the SS participate. I paid in just like everybody else and

    expected to get what was due to me. Just because I was in the La.St. retirement

    system , should not disqualify me from full benefits. I should be getting $1000/month but

    get only less than $500/mo. I feel I am being discriminated against.

    Thanks , Fred Wilcox

  21. From: Larry Hamilton
    To: ;
    Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 11:27:51 AM CDT
    Subject: WEP Assistance

    I am Larry Hamilton, Former member of the Alabama Air and Army Guard Technician Program. As Technicians’ We were paid under the OPM monies instead of Title 10 military pay. This caused us to fall under the WEP when law passed in 1983. You know that in Federal District Court 8 in the midwestern states sued the government, they won their case to be exempted from WEP. When we asked to fall under they same case issue we were denied. All other guard technicians are in the same boat. On retirement we lost approximately 55% of our Social Security Retirement monies. Can you please correct this for all Guard Technicians. Most units are now changing slots to fill Jobs to AGR positions to correct this injustice. Please correct this for Technicians who retired in the middle. Thanks. Larry D. Hamilton, 905 County Road 1196, Cullman, AL 35057, Ph. 256-339-0738, E-Mail

  22. With the actor Reagan in office, the powers that put him there, (primarily of the Koch brothers ilk), fast-tracked the Powell memorandum through their orgs, i.e. the Heritage Foundation, The US Chamber of Commerce, etc. This assault on the middle class for the benefit of the <1% oligarchy has been relentless since then. I didn't learn that I would lose my SS benefits until I signed my exit papers with a gov't entity that recruited me without any mention of sacrificing my SS entitlement. Now I live under the poverty line. Instead of the retirement I planned, at 764 years old work (volunteer) early mornings setting up a restaurant in exchange for gift cards, without which, I'd go hungry. Instead of $1,600 in monthly benefits I earned, enough to lift me out of poverty, I live in fear of winding up homeless. The wealth members of Congress haven't a clue what struggling to survive is actually like. Who's country is this, anyways…?

  23. Hazel perron says:

    I have worked almost all my life. The last 13 years I worked for the state n the court system. I had paid all my quarters to SS before I went to work for state. Because I was retiring with a state pension, SS took right at 2/3 of my benefits away from me with just a meager amount each month, all these iilegals get everything free , never worked n don’t intend to work cuz government gives it to them free, take care of us first, not the ones that sit home n don’t work. We should get our SS no matter if we have a pension, it’s our money.

  24. Cheri Hinkley says:

    I am certainly confused as to why both my husband and I are penalized with the WEP. We both worked and payed into Social Security and then went into teaching in the public schools. Since we did this later in our lives, we did not receive a full pension and our social security was reduced. This seems a bit unfair . Especially considering how much we worked as teachers and how we devoted our lives to helping students achieve success socially and academically.
    I hope a change can be made with this policy.

  25. Bill Hansen says:

    What did William say? Do we have first amendment rights? What could be so offensive that his comments would not be posted?
    If I don’t like something, I choose not to watch, listen, read, or participate. That is my choice! I served in the military to defend the liberty of the Republic, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
    Did William write something so reprehensible that he needed to be censored? Please enlighten me because I don’t understand.
    Bill Hansen

  26. My dead husband paid into ss and never saw a dime. He was a hard worker and died at 45…I was married to him and helped him . I am qualified for 1500 ea mo but because of the GPO am barred .

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