Action Alert #43 – Add Repeal the GPO/WEP to the Debates!

We need all of us to FLOOD THE COMMISSION ON PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES with requests to include Social Security questions— and especially the NEED FOR WEP-GPO REPEAL.

Please send your comments as soon as possible today to:

The Commission on Presidential Debates:

The first debate will be this Wed, October 3, at 9:00 PM EDT (6:00 PDT), with Jim Lehrer from PBS moderating. (Go to for more information.)

Please URGE the moderator and the COMMISSION ON PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES (CPD) to include in the debate a Social Security question that addresses the need for repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.

Please use this sample email letter today or write your own:

“Mr. Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Mr. Michael D. McCurry Co-Chairmen,

Please include this question to the two Presidential candidates.

How would your approach the reform of Social Security? The last major reform in the 1980’s left many public service employees horribly penalized by the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision, which President Obama promised to repeal in his last presidential campaign! These provisions reduce or eliminate retirement benefits which these workers have fully-earned in other work or as homemakers. They affect even low-income government employees such as school bus drivers, part-time teachers, secretaries and librarians. There is no protection for people who have had two careers, and widows are often left without a cent of their husband’s hard-earned benefits.

The cost of remedying this vexing problem with Social Security regulations would be less than 2% of what Social Security pays out in benefits each year.


The topics currently scheduled to be covered in the debate do not even include Social Security although it is an extremely important economic topic for large segments of the American population!

Thank you for keeping up on the possible political changes that the Nov. 6 elections could bring us all!